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  1. Locked?

    Solved Sorry, too much time ;-) Macal.
  2. Locked?

    Hi all, long time away from this Land ;-) I was trying to connect but I have 'password is wrong' message. Would my account be blocked? Thanks and regards. Macal.
  3. Manu quest special prizes

    In my opinion: + Nice exp. + Good range of items. + Good implementation. ~ Restriced to higher lvls. ~ Expensive / hard to find some items like bindings. - Reward 'maybe' not useful to multipurpose players (fighters). As Holar said, reward text need to be read two times ;-) Regards. Macal.
  4. Manu quest special prizes

    Quest done, I finished it ;-)
  5. Translate NPCs

    Hi all. A significant number of Spanish beginners leave the game because they don't understand English. A usual question at Spanish channel is 'Where can I do click at NPC Tutorial to do quest?'. Eternal Lands has two software methods to improve this international game. The help system and automatic actualizations. Thinking in a low development cost almost all modifications must be in client program, within next year release. ---------------------------------- The proposed modification is: ---------------------------------- - Client received a text from Server about NPC in English. - Client search a translation in a new folder, similar to help. using the selected language. This translation can be based in phrases matches or indexed if Client has the Id of window and text, but with matches is better imo. - If no text is found the Client shows the original text, if found it shows the translated text. ---------------------------------- Why to do by in this way? ---------------------------------- - Few development cost - Avoid tricks to the new quest - Community can do translate effort ---------------------------------- Is this necessary? ---------------------------------- In my opinion, yes. We lost at lot of new gamers because it, and not only, much non English people don't do quest because don't understand it. ---------------------------------- What about text with no direct translation? ---------------------------------- Always is better have English text, but like we can understand between ourselves, all can be explained, and this more better than don't understand anything. Note: I'm not fan of translate canonical names. Greetings.
  6. Poor man's magic weapons

    Enhanced armors (steel, titanium, dragon) like current enhanced iron set is a nice idea.
  7. The RPing in MMORPGs

    The NPC and quests added fun and playability, but I must emphasize 2 points. * Are not translated, which limits its use to a certain number of players. While not an insurmountable problem. * Some players dont like it. In my opinion, maps without visible NPC gives a nice feeling of unexplored land.
  8. New engine test 2

    75 fps with different options enabled, but CPU at 50% (3% - 8% with EL) #glinfo Video card: GeForce 8500 GT/PCI/SSE2 Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 3.0.0
  9. Hola a todos. Hay una importante votación en curso. Se debate si se han de crear cuentas 'preferentes' con pago mensual. Dado que es un cambio radical para 'un juego gratis' os recomiendo que voteis de acuerdo a vuestras ideas. Yo personalmente opino que no es una buena idea dado que divide a los jugadores y sospecho que pueda incluso bajar el número de integrantes. De todas formas es importante y cada uno debe expresar su opinión. http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=49156 Saludos. Macal.
  10. Bot payments

    Paid renewal fees for Albacea. Transaction ID 01R658525J8642139 Item Price: $20.00 USD Greetings
  11. Bot marketplaces

    No. Bots like real shops need places with people. Bots must be near sto to reload and people need it near resorces at every map. In my opinion the problem is that there are too many bots at the same place. Maybe new bots can be placed at new place like mall.
  12. Buddy List

    Jajohn with Windows XP had similar problem. Buddy list show 2 players or any adding or deleting one, and one was disconnected. His buddy list had an erratic malfunction and he was trying #clear_buddy command and one buddy entry remains. Reboot was solve the issue. Maybe a workaround can be initialize buddy list when open buddy window.
  13. Unable to start

    You can check these points: 'EL.exe' is in 'C:\Program Files\Eternal Lands' The file 'EL.ini' in the same directory contains the string '#data_dir = "d:\Eternal Lands' (with #) And 'My Documents\Eternal Lands' contains configuration files (files *.DAT and others)
  14. Mage class idea

    One way to separate Mages than Fighters maybe a perk that double mana but get half phisique resistance. With this perk the player can do more spells (one per second) and more efficient. To do it more attractive can access to new skill Oracle with usefull spells like: Magical fog (rain and fog at current PK map) Magical barricade (generate wall) Magic reduction / increase (of magic lvl of enemies / friends like a potion) Phisical reduction / increase (of a/d of enemies / friends like a potion) Char clonation (generates more identical characters that no take damage like a distraction) Monster mirror (create high criatures like summ but without a/d) Weather control (change map to normal / cold / hot) This way seems similar to actual role play and dont have perks problems.
  15. About Ppaulosantos

    Hello all. Friends of Ppaulosantos said me ppaulosantos was banned a moth ago. When he wil be activated ? Regards. Macal.