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  1. Goblin War

    The Elven warrior sat on a log by the fire, the flames licking the night sky. He knew the Goblins were waiting at the edge of the wood. The small amount of elven soldiers he commanded was easily out-numbered by the massive Goblin army. The tension in the Elven camp was high. A break of a branch set off a number of swords bieng unseathed. The warriors senses were alert. He should be resting for the coming battle, but sleep failed to fall upon him. He walked to a nearby tree, leaned up against it and looked up at the night sky. He heard something rustling in the bushes. I hope that isnt one of those damn Goblins. Walking closer, he heard the sound of metal. He unseathed his sword and croutched, sneaking toward the mysterious rustle. Goblin menace! reveal yourselves or have your blood on my blade! A small Goblin youngling fell to the ground, apparently starving. It had killed a rabbit, trying to find some food. What in blazes are you doing? The goblin child replied The army, they took my father away. They made him fight. Now my mommie and i are poor. I search for food in the forest. The warrior gave the youngling some food and gold. Go back to your home, tell your mother to hide away, for there is a war. After the child left, the warrior looked into the forest. He stared at every gnarled tree trunk, at every leaf looking enviously green. A wistling seemed to catch his ear. It wasnt a loud wistle, but a faint one. The sound was like something moving at dangerously high speeds. He ducked suddenly, hearing the thump of an arrow onto the tree. MAKE YOURSELVES READY ELVES! THE WAR IS UPON US!
  2. im looking to start a group of people to roleplay as the citizens of cities in Eternal Lands such as White Stone or Portland or a small group of unlicensed privateers on the Penninsula. just wantin a little bit of "umph". i like to get into my games many thanks.
  3. two full iron platemail suits

    sellling two full iron platemail suits, all together, 15k gc each. or in pieces.
  4. The surprise from Radu

    maybe something with the new ores. maybe fun with rabbits maybe fun with goblins maybe chicken fingers.
  5. is this supposed to happen?

    Ok, one of my friends has a regen cloak that does what its supposed to, and also, when you cast the self heal spell, the spell heals 10hp. now im no health specialist, but i dont think thats supposed to happen.
  6. Is It Just Me?

    Monsters seem a lot easier to me, or its just that my a/d went up so fast i didnt realize it. im only 29/29 and i kill all forms of gargs, armed skellies, phantom warriors, and unarmed female orcs.
  7. The search for the Dark Order

    ...im a dark elf, but i dont recall having any conversation with a loud woman. unless you count my mom.
  8. ~SK~ Recruiting

    The Serial Killers are recruiting members, new and old. They must be willing to conduct an interview with either Dunedain00 or GuanDraco. They have to have atleast one skill above 20 and be willing to donate and participate in quests for the guild. For other entry information, pm Reaper, Dunedain00, GuanDraco, Mysteria_long, or Quarck
  9. methinks its a wonderful idea. it'll really change the market and also bring a lot of spider hunters into some money.
  10. In light of the recent additions to hair and skin detail and colours Maybe all the current players who are now unhappy with their current race and appearance could change it just once, free of charge, excluding changing to a p2p race. I mean, i just thought it'd be nice.
  11. since the poll is ~94% for defense and ~5% for weapon, why dont we just go ahead and make them defense and end the poll? we can just re-do the armor ratings to make the leather gloves so where it wont give you as much armor as a wooden shield, id like to see iron chainmail gloves to go along with my plate.
  12. Participate in my PvP matchup contest!

    i joined too
  13. It would be pretty neat if we had enchanted armors that gave us stat increases or invisibility or true sight. just an idea.
  14. Many people ask "What's the best way to make money in Eternal-Lands?" Well, a possible solution to this "Poor Man's Begging" is to have a job, persay. We could have people designated as "hunters" or "harvesters" and they get paid for their services. They could even have thier own shop decorated to thier taste and thier proffesion! I dunno, either way it would be a great way to earn money, rather than harvesting flowers and fruit or selling equipment. Just trying to suggest an alternative is all
  15. Pirates!

    Ok, I read all the time about "horrible" pirates pillaging villages and killing innocents and i think "damn i want in on some of this action". A great addition would be random attacks from pirates on different locations, the pirates can be bots that attack kinda like the ants or players who can be temporarily pkable and pk eveyrone around them. I think it would be a great bit of fun for everyone. A great time to gain experience and also gain items amongst the confusion.... Another great addition would be a 5 or so second respawn time where your body just lies there after bieng pk'd or killed or something. Also, blood would be a great addition, and bloody swords and bloody armor. It would be sweet. Many more people would becoem interested.
  16. Three word story

    all sat down
  17. Citizens

    In addition to the players and npc's, there could be a few animated bots that roam the cities and own homes and such. Just to make the cities seem a little less dead. Even tho going through White Stone City gives you this feeling of population, it would be very cool if we could see the population. I know its probably not possible becuase of the bandwidth, i just thought id throw it out there to the dogs.
  18. The next big invasion in c1 should go like the rest, but in the end, all the monsters and all the players line up on sides in south kilaran fields for a gigantic war. The war would be epic, forces of Mortos fighting the followers of Alluwen and Mortos' enemies. Just a thought, figured it be pretty sweet. It could cause tons of lagg tho. But still with all the participants of the last invasion, we could accually do this, you know. With southern kiliran bieng the biggest uninhabited non pk map, it would be an excellent place for this battle to end all battles.
  19. New leather-iron armor

    niiiiiiiice armor, id love some......cant wait till the update ^_^
  20. War Of Mynadar

    i was just adding to it sheesh.
  21. War Of Mynadar

    After a few hours good rest, he heard a loud yelling and ran outside of his tent to investigate the ruccas. He saw that the dwarven soldiers had capturd an Orc Spie, trying to infiltrate Myndar and gather intelligence for the Orchan army. It was blaringly evident that the Dwarf soldiers showed no pity for the Orc as they tortured and interrogated him. Niburc heard the Orc's painful screams and refusal to answer the Dwarves questions for the wherabouts of the Orchan army.
  22. Proffesions and Titles

    not a definate proffesion, just something to help with the gc flow...know what i mean?
  23. Dwarven pets, get yours today!

    ok. the nice people are going to come and take you somewhere where you'll be safe and you cant hurt anyone else ever. as for the dwarf? he's doin 10-20 for bad dog impersination.
  24. Pest Control Man

    Joeseph walked towards the small opening and reached into the cobwebs, pushing them aside as he entered the cave. Upon entry, the rancid smell of sweat, and death filled the air around him. He heard a noise to his left and watched a small spider crawl from under a rock. He finished pulling on his leather training armor and readied his quarterstaff and progressed through the tunnels toward the large chamber. This was his first journey into Spider Temple and he secretly wished it would be his last for he hated the mass of cobwebs and the random spots of blood on the wall. Hearing a loud scratch he saw a Large Spider inch its way towards him. He slowly crouched and held his staff firm. The oversized house pest lunged at him with ferocious fangs needing the taste of his human flesh. He quickly knocked it away with his staff and rose quickly to see the spider, again ready to attack. Joeseph made his first attack, swinging his staff sideways striking the spider's abdomen, knocking it ajar a little. The spider recoverd and struck at him, gouging its fang into his leg. Joeseph, ignoring the pain, hit the spider with his staff, braking off the fang. He pulled it out of his leg and continued to assault the spider blow after blow with his quarterstaff he had used for almost two years now. In his pain fueled anger he beat the beast to death as green fluid pained the walls and the floor around them. After regaining his sanity, he looked around to find all the other spiders hiding away in fright from the noise. He looked down at the spiders beaten corpse and realized he had triumphed his first spider and knew it would not be his last. He walked out of Spider Temple with his head held high and the spiders fang that pierced his leg as a trophy. He was now the self proclaimed "Pest Control Man"