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  1. Use-click Equipment

    Yes the client doesnt support it, however, perhaps redesigning the client to make it available would be a great idea. I know its not easy and its very time consuming, but if your looking to expand your horizons seems to me like a remodel of the client is in order. It was done before when the idea of the quickbar was decided upon. And the border didnt always use to be there, and the compass wasnt there, all of these were added later into the client, now they arent as difficult as say a double click feature, but perhaps the design once again needs to be tweaked.
  2. player mail

    has been suggested about...maybe 2 years ago or so but was said not to be of high priority
  3. The Story of Fingolfin

    I have been reading, an I do not see any pieces on the Gnomesin any way shape or form.....thats kind of....an discourtesy. Gnomes are placed in time everything since the begginning cant just leave them out lol. I would not know where to begin with gnomes, but if no one else is willing I am more the willing to take it on.
  4. Yeah topics kind of long here I go: When you die, you have a chance of losing items... Now here is what I suggest as it might make the game a bit more stable and balanced...if not let me know lol. You have 10 items in your inventory... 0-10 items you have same loss rate, but a 1% chance of the item to break/disappear forever 11-20 items 3% 21+ items 5% Basically it removes money from the economy because not only can you lose and not be able to get your items back, they may very well just break/disappear. __________________________________________________________________ Now let me introduce the break/disappear I figure if the item to just break beyond repair (aka disappear forever), maybe make item that are breakable have the chance to break when you die...or maybe just the equipment your wearing. Just an idea of game balancing...again this idea can remove money from the economy, and also rare items from the economy which in time removes that much more from the economy. And from what I have noticed, this is still quite a big issue.
  5. Maybe this is an insanely bad idea but I thought it would be nice. First off I swear there was a tutorial before when you created a new character...back in the day when I made mine atleast...seems it has recently been removed for whatever reason. I think the return of this would be very helpful to new players, and perhaps add to the old one and put forth new changes...such as make an npc that teaches you how to read lol (yeah I said read). When I started it helped me out tremendously and I always wondered if some of the newbies skipped over this altogether or something, but come to find out it has been removed for quite some time which explains the odd questions like 'how do I fight?' which is a rhetorical question had you read in the tutorial mode. Perhaps bring this once good idea back?
  6. What Once Was?

    Hmm too bad...they were helpful lol
  7. My El Predictions..

    Hmm, planned on coming back to play for a bit till p2p came about, but not even 5 minutes into the game I was already pissed off at the world and starting spamming the channels worse then ever which was bad lol, but hry what can I say, snotty little kids will be snotty little kids. Overall some people need to grow up. As for the old days, I start December 2 years ago...back when tutorial was still up, and tropi was only in the high 30's in stats I believe...if not then it was before december lol. I liked those days, friendly community, Yoshi was almost always in the general chat channel...well sometimes anyways lol. Jevik was being Mr. Ego in VotD. And Tirnwood Vale wasnt called by that name. Played for a long time, become well known then coming back today very few, and I mean very few people even recognized my name. Learner is still the rockerz, and his ants rockerz. To bad to see the community has changed from the old atmoshpere to one that almost rivals RS.
  8. How about amking the lings at the bottom and top so I dont have to scroll all the way to the top to get back to the main page of the forum.
  9. Forum Change

    I had to try...figured it would be a no lol
  10. The Story of Fingolfin

    AHHHHHHH!!!!!! *starts pulling out hair* Hmm...seems the cities which I had used before....well....they no longer allow the story to be placed in any form in any way or form into the storylines. Any suggestions on that would be good but suggestions to what is beyond me...I guess if I were to make it a myth it would work but it would definitely be an untrue myth lol.
  11. The Story of Fingolfin

    Curious if still interested in my finishing of this, still got all the notes on it on how to improve it and I got a fairly good idea of how to spice it up a little better as well. I will most likely base it in legends/myth form so as to make it focused on one person and not so much 5-10 people as it was before. Basically slim it down to a short story of his life his adventures and how he came to be a legend and the dangers and obstacles he faced getting there. In case your wondering, I finally found freetime on my big schedule so I will do it and finish it within next two weeks three weeks max lol. ...it might even fit into a quest...and speaking of quests still got like 15...90% of EL wont be able to finish them because they lack roleplaying skills, but still good quests...long and hard as well.
  12. Work

    I am not a certified anything, everything I learned was from books and internet e-books I have downloaded. As I dont work for this game either, I do a little html and sql, and php for a few websites when and if they ask for my help. As for the programming you all do here at EL I am not to interested in getting employed as a programmer of any caliber. Also since my last visit to the forums, I have learned about 175% of what I knew before which was mostly just html, sql, php, xhtml. So I learned a little bit more on programming of othger styles. ...I thought about rewriting some of the files that I downloaded from EL and unzipped...but I can see roleplaying hasnt become anymore interesting to players then before so I think I will save my comeback for later. Now about the energy...Leeloo, I never feel like writing any kind of text for someone else, and when I write if for myself its usually just to goof off and see if I can get something to work. And if I had the money I would most likely make a game based on the darkages...prolly would be 3-d, kind of like a ffxi style of graphics, and I would wait till I had a battle system up and atleast 100 different styles of weapons and 25% of the magic system finished. Total it would cost me 45k for the first year and if I managed to get it large enough to start charging $5-$10 to be a member while still keeping a server open for free-members I etimated a profit of 15k for the next year....of course assuming I had everything I needed and wanted...such as a develiopment team 5x's the size of ELs....maybe bigger.
  13. The Path Of A Healer

    Curious as to what this post is in relations to...ingame out out of game, cause in game I have met every last requirement.
  14. Does Anyone Roleplay Anymore?

    ....I think lack of roleplaying was what made me 'stop' playing. I tried to roleplay and on several occasions I was laughed and looked down upon, and when I stopped roleplaying the game well...I found it extremely old fashioned. This site is in the RPG section at mopgd.com and I e-mailed them saying they need to move it from that section because it is a joke and a lie. They were having RP meetings each week, and everytime I wanted to go either the game was sooooo lag I couldnt move, or by time I got there nobody bit maybe 1 or 2 people were there. I think the one good RP meeting had 7 people max...maybe 10 lol...not many thats what I do know.
  15. More weapons

    Well Kat lets linger it down shall we? He said 'magic weapons' Ok lets rule out the obvious... No swords No armors No new unheard of weapon That means its a hammer or staff and unless you a battlemage your not gonna be carrying around a hammer. ITS A MACE DUH!!!!! j/k but a mace would be a cool weapon So unless he his wording was not entirely accurate its a staff.
  16. My turn to leave...

    Good lol, guess I oughta to finish my stoy finally then. Its now teh summertime so I will have very little time on my hands, but more then the past 3-4 weeks I would say.
  17. Shrek 2!

    Does that mean you like Finding Nemo as well? Or is it strictly Shrek?
  18. Fastest connection you've ever seen?

    Wow it looks more like a vending machine.... Anyone ever been to the Corning Glass Works in Wilmington? They are makers of fiberoptics. Then the Corning Glass Works in Corning, NY is makers of glass sculptures, plates, cups, lots of other things like ornaments, lights, lamp shades. Really Really neat stuff. They have the largest connection I have seen...I do not remember, I think it was like 250-500 mb something like that.
  19. My turn to leave...

    I totally understand where Lyanna is coming from. I set a few deadlines of stories that I was going to post so that they could just be read such as the Gnomes background and the finish of Fingolfin, but personal life takes precedence at all times regaurdless. However, I feel we probably do need a new editor in chief we will call it lol. I am up to the challenge, but I feel it will just lead to the same as in Lyanna's case. If I may suggest, maybe their be more then one editor, one for Histories, one for myths/legends, and can not emember the other category, but you know what I mean.
  20. Cost to create guild

    -thas not fixing the problem only prolonging it, eventually we will have as many inactive guilds as now. If we make it so you MUST pay 10-50k somewhere in there each month, the inactive guilds would be deleted and problem solved. ____________________________________________________________________ More in depth look at my idea: 1. Have an NPC where you must go and pay the guild fee for the month, you can pay for as many months as you want so long as you have the money. 2. If you do not pay the required amount you will have 10 days to pay the fee in full plus a 10% late fee for each additional day you were late adn guild is more or less still there till the end of the 10 days then all members are removed and guild is destroyed 3. Any member of the guild with a level of 15 or higher can pay the fee, that way guilds have to more or less keep an active leader afloat. This will solve it, I am 100% sure.
  21. Nederlander si teh banned

    I havent seen anyone block a bridge for money in oohhh a really long time lol.
  22. Remove the antisocial perk

    Yup I am with Eldwen wouldnt work. 1) You wouldnt be able to pick up a bag you just dropped (might but the way your saying sounds to me like you wouldt be allowed) 2) You could log out and log in as you chracter and pick up bag from mule in a secluded unwitnessed area of he map 3) Not every guild has member like CO who are willing to stop what they are doing and buy something for an antisocial. I admit I do not mind getting stuff for an atisocial whether they are in my guild or not 4) I think it should stay in the game, but be reduced to 5 pps and make it to where you just cant sell anything to them, I think that would be a much better solution the to take it away completely
  23. Trik

    True Aepox, I will admit fighters are very rich indeed, look at Next. Hes 70+ stats in fighting and he gots more money in his bank then I have made since I started on the new server. I could care less that fighters make more money, just the fact that when new server came, the higher level players in fighting went right out and did exactly that, they fought and they got. Level 30's players had serps within first 3 days of new server. That is just wrong. Atleast in the old game, the market was flowing with osmething. Yah the prices were low, but people were constanly buying things. Now when I try ot sell anything, theres no one buying at the price I am selling it at. Steel chain should be worth ATLEAST 1.5k regaurdless and they are going for 500 gold. I got 9 steel chains in my storage and I cant seem to sell a single one. I got about 6 steel 2e in my storage that again wont sell. I dont really need the money, I just dont want the items in my storage, and I would sell if for cheap, but no one is buying anymore so its worthless. ITs not even good for pking cause I got tit chains for that.
  24. Cost to create guild

    I agree with Sabaka on the #remove and #member commands I agree with Lyanna, there does need to be a fee I agree with Aero that it cant be amount of players in a guild *Idea for Solution -10-20k each month from any and every guild (will get rid of money and help with the economy, not much but some) -or give some type of benefit from being in a guild, one that wouldnt give a bigge advantage to the more populated guilds, while still giving reason to join a guild rather then build one -last but not least, make it so you must have 10 members willing to join into it
  25. pretty sure this falls here...

    lol it took me 5 minutes to do that. I can name 4 things you didnt list there that was wrong with it: 1) The river on side with buildings, the edges for river are not touching so it shows a little green bewteen. 2) The roads flickering are because I did not alterate the heights of each before overlapping it Everything you just said was wrong with it I know how to fix lol. Oh yes and the manual....if thats whats its called....stinks, and it doesnt talk about heightmapping either just for the info. Figured I would let you know so maybe add it in somewhere miht help too lol, took me about 2 hours to figure the heightmapping out and I still think Igot it wrong lol.