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  1. Kilaran fields

    I think there should be a place to sign up for things like that, where every Saturday/Sunday, giving everyone a chance, there should be guild wars or something. Say each guild is allowed 10 people, and there are a maximum of 6 fights a day, and each guild fights on a map (KF or in the arena), and the winning team gets a set ammount of whatever. Maybe have each guild pay about 1k plat fo each person up to 10, and the other guild has to match it. i.e The Ones vs. The Twos The Ones pay a total of 20k plat. The first guild comes along fiures HEY WE BIGGER, but cant afford it in time, and The Twos can, The Ones and Twos fight and winning team would get the 40k plat that was up for grabs. And you can make it to where you cant go over a certain level amount. Meaning if The Ones=a total of level 100, the Twos cat get over it. Just am idea, lots of people like it from what I have heard in the PK maps that I have ran REALLY fast through lol.
  2. ~AFK Icon~

    I dont like the idea, but I am not against it. I mean if I see someone fighting anf they are afk, then I would be sure to try and do everything I can to stop him from getting xp, and with the afk icon I could do it much more easily. However, I dont fiht much, I cant even kill a gob yet lol. But I dont like it because it may debase cahracters. I think the Grue is pretty good, just shorten it to about 5 minutes of nothing, so even if the person is on, they can be knocked out. I could easily write a program to make the afk icon never appear, but I never fight so what does it matter if I just go off and stand somewheres? I mean afk icon should only be placed in maps with aggressive creatures that way if I just happen to use the bathroom I dont come bakc with an afk icon while I just was sitting next to harv making potions or something.
  3. about needing a writer

    Yeah lol, its a wierd set up but it makes sense, might take a fe more days....I would say Sunday it will be sent. I will be sending it to you e-mail, not your pm thing here lol.
  4. The OFFICIAL Storyline decision...

    As I plan on posting a lot in this topic (I was going to start a VERY similar one lol), I will make a suggestion for Whitestone lol just cause I can. Whitestone was founded by William H. Stone in (whatever date you want lol, not sure how dates will be presented lol). He grew up in the little town of Lakeside with only his mother. His father left before he was even born off to war in (whatever town lol, I am just going right now for interest and ideas and input, but if I were to get into it....ahh heck he wen off to war at Vermor Castle there lol). Three weeks after William was born his mother recieved word her husband had been badly wounded from a Large Gargoyle and was said to die by the end of the day. William grew up very weak and was picked on at school by his peers because he had no father. (blah blah blah story of his life lol, but got to set a basis for him right?). He thrived to be the best in school an he eventually graduated (not sure if schools ar a good idea really, but I figure we can change it if needed). He soon becamewell respected within the small ton of Lakeside and was appointed mayor. He highly improved the economy within Lakeside and by the age of 21 he was the wealthiest man in Lakeside and decided to build a manor near the base of the mountains for easy silver. He grew rich quickly, and many of his workers began to build close to his home so they woulnt have to travel so far each day. As theyears passed by more and more people moved to the surrounding area and began to ine the silver for themselves. William having been poor at one time, becam greedy and began to lash out at the other pioneers. This ent on for a few months before the townsfolk rose up and ecided enough was enough, and rebelled against their lord and friend. The fighting went on for weeks and William grew tired of this and hired many mercenaries to fight fo him. The rebellion soon ended. William die a few months later from poison being placed into one of his meals, and with no heirs, the town became self-goverened. Ahh that was boring lol. Just a ough draft, lots of small words I can replace with much more appropriate words Anyways let me know, if its bad I will try anothe city lol. As for stories of big battles, I will be writing a piece about the "Battle of Vermor Castle" ofr something of that name lol.
  5. EL Birthday contests

    Could Ent like put down which ones he likes most so far so we can embellish on it or is he just going to wait till the day before and say whos he likes? I mean if people had better ieas of what hes looking for besides the norm we might get it closer to what he wants....ya know? Mine I dont think much coding other then a bucket here a table there to add a few words to it. I dont think that requires much coking if any at all.
  6. EL's drop party for it's big B-Day

    This drop party will blow if it is a drop party. I kinda like the easter egg idea, or just look at the other page at my idea.
  7. NO!!! walk that way

    It is funny, but doesnt really take that much time...what 5 seconds, thats nothing to complain about, but the water thing is, got to beam out to get out of the water. And you guys are trying to get rid of #beam me up, and the bugs where you are locked in rooms are all over (I think 2-3 total). And removing #beam me up will reduce players more then likely (I wont leave but I am sureit may cause others to).
  8. spelling mistakes

    Hehe, thats kinda funny. I think its spelled cyclops' or cylopsi or something....prolly wrong though. Might want to change it though, if I get those quests I will die of laughter.
  9. Auto Harvester

    Good idea Kas, I recall reading it, but I didnt remember exactly what it said so I didnt obther to writ it. Yeah 1-click should also diengage it, and also a command in inv. screen should toggle it on/off But if I had to guess, I am going to say Ent wont add this into game he will require you yourself to get the scripts to do it for you. btw lol, I had to buy a new mouse yesterday, my left click button stopped working....it was about a 5 year old mouse, liked the set-up it had so I have used it with my new computer too....oh well good things arenever meant to last.
  10. Quest Idea

    Man I should really edit that story lol, it really blows, but I aint got time now, maybe later, and I will delete this post afterwords.
  11. Quest Idea

    #1 Story of that was like every other story I have ver heard about such things, needs more spice, but not too bad I guess #2 Ent wants to keep it where guilds arent a required part of the game for people who want to be solo, so Guild must infiltrate (horrible word to use) is a stupid idea #3 You failed to specify anything other then the story, but thats ok seming as post said that and nothing else #4 What kind of name is Asarth? Sounds like a moth lol I would suggest thinking of a better tradgic monster breaks free somehow and plans on ravaging the world. I got a story for it: Long ago, when the first beings were created, many things were growing and building. Humans, elves, dwarfs...yada yada yada. As the humans and elves were working together before the 100 year war between the two back when they werent hated by each other, they summoned a creature too powerful to control, and it leveled the entire city and vanished..... You can fill in the rest if youd like, ust givingit more spice and zing, with a little bit of my history I have written for the elves and humans. I prolly should add lots more into it, but no point in it, its just another silly errand quest. Its all brawn and no brains. I mean wow you go in kill come back and viola your done, it needs more to it, like maybe have to solve a puzzle, or make the demon thing not have escaped yet, and you have to search (without any clues or atleast maybe 1) you must find and and use these to stop him from escaping, and even though you end up getting these he escapes anyways. Lol tragic heo tale but oh well lol.
  12. Auto Harvester

    I really dislike scripts, but if it is implemented directly to the game, then you could more easily monitor the use of other macros. As for the amount of 1-click of the mouse, I think 5-10 max anymore is reason for insanity when trying to move and accidently clicking on the ore or cacti nearby.... And someone mentioned that make the walk only walk fight and use in taht order, sounds pretty good, but oh well whatever is changed updated removed I wil still play
  13. Teleporting Spell

    Well for teleporting, I was thinking have a selected 'gate' so to speak in each map. You can only go from the map your in to a surrounding map no further, and you cant go to the one your in unless you cancel the spell. And they wouldnt have to be out of the way places, make it to wear spells do same thing as rings when you get high enough level (i.e. level 15 allows teleport to IP campfire sitr, and level 20 allows WSC gate enterance teleport, and 25 allows DP teleport, at the bridge in midle of map, and 30 allows Portland teleport to lake in center of map, 35 allows teleport to VotD...etc.) That way if you work on your magic, rings are no longer needed, and teleportation will be come widely used. BUT NO TELEPORTING ALLOWED IN ANY PK MAP, IT CAN CAUSE PROBLEMS!!! sorry for caps...
  14. Several Ideas

    Well, even if cooking were to be used in game, what would you be able to cook? Just meat, would you be able to add vegs after so many levels to make stew, and then add fruit to make a meaty cocktail (eww gross lol)? I mean too much work for just cooking. I think fi your going to make cooking and ad it to the game, no exp should be gaiend for it, unless you gain magic/alchemy. Anything else would be pointless to get exp in, and a cooking skill strictly for cooking? I mean come on, it takes a child to make even the best dishes, where as hunting/killing and magic and so on takes practice, cooking just doesnt. So if cooking is able to be used, no point in making it so fires are where you cook its just STUPID. Might as well have an entertainment skill you use for singing, and you learn more songs as you progress. Just the same thing, just different names. I think if cooking is made you can cook raw meat to make meat and thats it, no further then that or it will just become stupid, no way in my life would it take more skill then level 0 to prepare the finest gourmet meal ever.
  15. EL Birthday contests

    Erm I prolly shoulda just editted last post, but if its big deal delete it lol. Because it should be easy for all I propose: #1 No manhunts as more exp players know maps (like me) #2 No gathering items, same reason as above #3 Something that takes brains not brawn Idea: !st: I figure at the top of every hour on the 14th give a clue (Be the bucket or something) 2nd: Then you must find lots of buckets and examine them and if you find a name (of a mod or NPC or something of the sort) and pm or go to the NPC 3rd: The NPC/Mod will give you next clue (I am easy to gather and not hard to find), and they search things they can harvest with the examine button (I am talking about cacti thre) 4th: they will then get another Mod/chosen name (trustworthy hopefully),and get another clue 5th: Player will give next glue (I say where to go...a sign duh lol), and they examine sign thus getting another name and so on and so forth till 1 player goes through (5-10 riddle), where the contest ends, and they get a prize. I like idea of holding a party somewhere after the contest is won (maybe I will finally get to kill things lol). I say party ideas need to be made into a new 'sticky' post and give a vote with 10 different locations lol.
  16. EL Birthday contests

    Furs of all sorts Potions Hmm two right there lol certain armor....lots o things
  17. about needing a writer

    Actually, Slayton if you pm me your e-mail, I will write one up and send it to you in 1-2 days. Not hard to think up a story really. And for those who have witten or are writing keep it up, you got a long ways to go lol. Considering finding someone to publish, then having pros read it and take your work and tell you what needs changing and such. Thn you got to re-read it, fix the things to THEIR liking, then give it back. So unless your a really good iter (i.e. Robert Jordan, Edgar Alln Poe, Stephen King, Margaret Wies, Tracy Hickman) then be prepared for lots of changes edits and such.
  18. Id ont know how to or I would have sooner
  19. Camera angle

    Or farther up, so its kind of like the GTA 1-2 versions. WOuld help see, and wouldnt require to much extra work (I dont think lol).
  20. Well like I said, I have lots of ideas for quests that actually require thought and wont be easy unless you think A LOT
  21. Eerrmm Wierd

    I find it odd, ho people are in guilds yet no ones hiring/inquiring/allowing people to join. New guild commands and set ups have been inserted, yet no one will allow anyone to join which is smeg. I just dont get it. Anyways, if you want an active player working towards lvl 30 alc, and also trying gain in manu to make swords for whatever (clan wars, new players, pking purposes with reduced prices on weapons). Might take awhile, but I got all the tie in world. PM me ingame, my name is ame in game as in forum (Arafin). or e-mail me at neofan69@hotmail.com

    <-----I like mine . But no one can win they are all egomaniacs lol.
  23. Silver, Alchemy, and money

    I think that the prices are fine, if people can afford to buy thing whats the big deal? You guys just want to pk players eaier lol, thats all. Get over it money making is good. Problem with the RL is that 90% of the entire worlds money is held by about 17 people (no joke, based on research I read 2 weeks ago). This game, wow so about 1000 people have over 1000 plat (1 million gold), look out now. So what so your ideas of manufaturing swords has been cut down on the prices because people are richer, oh well thats life lol, deal with it.
  24. Trading Potions

    I forward this. I mae about 300 today, and I was thinking of selling them all.....well nope cant do it lol, takes to much time. So what did I do lol, I got my magic up, alch up, and summoning up so I can use them myself lol..... Also, I think sigils need to cost more like 5k, not less then 1k lol. Or make if for every sigil you buy, 500 gp is added to the next one you buy and so on, so if you want to use magic you cant buy all sigils at once and then buy the essences (which should be moved up to 500 gp).
  25. Hmm, I can think of some excellent quests if you want Ent. I have had several ones in min,d that would take time to solve and such. As for quests, make it to where any quest item cant be traded while in that quest (if you must keep the errands quest-i.e. you are in grammy quest, then you cant buy ANY type of glove or ANY type of cloak till it is finished). And also, I think you should be able to proclaim yourself soemthing. Maybe like a house in say....WSC where you go whenever you feel to proclaim a new class, say make 10 classes (Fighter, Black Mage, White Mage, Thief, Assasin, Battle Mage, Barbarian, Ranger, Miner, Blacksmith, Traveler). Fighter-Gets 10% extra in xp for Attack, and -10% in defense Black Mage-Gains more exp when using a spell (such as fireball if it is put into game) White Mage-Gains more exp when casting heal, protect, staus changing spells Thief-They get 10% more exp in def, and -10% in attack Assasin-Gains 15% in Comabt, and -5% in both attack/defense Battle Mage-5% more exp for Magic and Attack, and -5% for defense and combat Barbarian-5% in attack and defense, and -15% in combat exp Ranger-5% for defense and combat, -10% in Attack Miner-Gains 15% more when harvesting Blacksmith-5% in harvesting, and 5% in alchemy Traveler-Base Class for everyone, no bonuses or reductions of any ability Atleast this way gives people more of a sense of belonging lol. And maybe set up guilds where you can ONLY go into and ONLY buy thing from these guilds if you are of that class. And maybe have set times of the week where for 2 hous of the day/night, only certain classes can fight, and swich the days up each week, so everyone can get a chacne to attack if they want. NOW, I will e-mail Ent if I can about this next part: I would like to create a hostory for each of the races to be placed in the library. The little bit of hostory in the races link isnt enough to interest me. But with these histories, gives people a way to look at their background/lineage a litlle bit better. I have the entire human and elf races pretty much done...I think each os about 5-6 pages. And I would like them to be placed in the in-game library and/or atleast i nthe races page that has a link to a sperate page for the race history. I am done for now.... For any suggestions on other races hitoies e-mail me at neofan69@hotmail.com (lol best place to send it as my @comcast.com I hardly ever check lol, and my othe e-mails site was retiring lol).