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  1. Rituals and Burnings

    Arafin had been chasing the two for atleast ten minutes. He had gone around bends, curves, stairs, pillars, and water. He was becoming exhausted. He was chasing after them and they were slowly pulling away. However, Arafin knew their was a door that was locked at the end of the hallway, and not many people had a key to it. Knowing they had no here to hide or go he slowed to a walk, and pulled out his sword. His right arm already held his shield inscribed with the kings crest. He was one of the only left handed knights the king had, and was proud of the fact he was very good at welding his sword. He had won many tournaments and b doing so had landed him as head of the gaurds. Only five people had more authority inside the castle then he did-the king, queen, princess, count Ishbar, and the head of the Kings Gaurd. As he approched the doorway he knew he would have to fight as they did not look like the type to give up easily. When he arrived at the locked door, there was no one there. Arafin reached out and pulled on the door and it gave way. Reaching down to his side to retrieve the key he noticed it was gone,"Those thieves stole my key. I will have to inform the king right away." Racing off to inform the king of intruders, he started to race down a set of stairs and tripped. He rolled the last few feet of the stairs and stood up. His head was pounding and he started to spin..."ooomff"...everything went black...
  2. ...

    Arafin d'Arc sat once again alone in the White Stone City Inn. He had been there many a night when the day seemed like it would never end. He sat there not a soul in the room...and even if there was he had way too much to drink to know anyways. He was the Captain-General of the White Stone army. He had just got off duty of protecting the fellow citizens in Lakeside from Gargoyles. He rarely went anywheres without his sword and armor these days. His armor was of ancient design, supposedly created many years ago by Aluwen herself. Well dwarves always were the typeto make things seem better then they were. Arafin being human did not have much use for dwarves or elves. In fact White Stone City disliked any type of race other then human. It was rare to see any dwarves or elves in White Stone these days, and the only ones that did come wee to buy flowers or sell items made in the mines. Arafin had long blonde hair to his shoulders, and trimmed facial hair to go with it. His armor was blue and shining silver...even after many battles it remained dentless. It was famed to be mithril as was his sword. He acquired his sword from his father who claimed he had bought it from a very old dwarf in a forbidden city he had stumbled across. That wasludicrousof course as no human nor darf he knew had set eyes upon it, and those who went searching neve returned. He eventually drank himself to sleep, and one of his seargents ended up carrying him back to his room in nothern White Stone. This happened more often now then normal. Arafin had been highly relgious and followed Aluwen strictly but lately he had slacked for unknown reasons and the city was thinknig of removing him from Captain-General of the guards because of it. The next morning Arafin awoke with a splitting headache. "Ooohh, what did I eat. Must have been those potatoes, they looked a little too brown." As he was getting out of bed he fell and hit face first on the floor. "Grr, stupid feet. You act like your over 100 years old and I have not even reached 23 yet." He moved over to the washing stand in his room and washed up and placed his armor and sword in the respectable places. "Today is the day." Arafin had planned on moving away from here for a long time now. He thought maybe to Kilaran Fields and find himself a place in thier military. He went outside-the sun was just rising-and he found his horse Twilighter adn set off to Kilaran Fields with only a letter to his second in command.
  3. Fighting formula

    Hmm, all I can say is geat idea.....but noobs and bunnies.....lol thats funny Change it
  4. The Wake of A Child

    (hehe, tht was funny. Dont have time to post right now but I will anyways. I remember you said to make it as descriptive as possible, but I was short on time and did it up quickly. Prolly ha a few errors as fast as I was tying it lol. I also think I forgot to add a few choice words as to who I was and such. I am a human, I was the Kings military advisor. And I am about 28 years of age. Having been around soldiers since 5 thats ho I achieved my position. Anyways lol.) Waking up that morning and walking down the stairs to the common room he heard the voices already htis early. He had a busy night and was still pratically sleep walking. The stairs being old as they were creaked and gave a little to his light wieghted body. As he stumbled out into the common room, a maid looked at him wierd and he didnt quite know why and did not really care at the moment. He had taken the money the innkeeper Trelen had given him and went out in the dead of night to try and place it in the man house. With no luck of finding a way in, which was highly unlikely considering his skills in such areas. So he left it on the doorstep and hoped he would find it the next morning. On his way back he lost his lucky charm that was tied to his neck by a thong, and it must have come loose in his wanderings. "I could not believe it." Arafin looked up to se that the man he had take nthe purse from was sitting at the table right in front of him. Arafin jumped up and made the table shift causing it to atract attention. Arafin jumped to the floor and pretended that his leg was hurt, and he had one of the maids help him to his room. His room was filled with a high backed chair, a table, and a lumpy bed barely fit for a human. But he called it home for now till he could get back on his feet. Th maid left an he drifted off. When he awoke it was well past noon and thee was a plate of food on the table in the room and a cup of what looked to be dirty water. After he finished eating the bread and water he shoved the bowl of soup aside and returned to sleep again. He really did need to stay in at night.
  5. The Wake of A Child

    (took me close to an hour to read the entire story up to par lol, jumping in somewhereshere I guess lol. ) Arafin had arrived in the town a few days earlier, in the dead of night. He had to sneak into the city to avoid notice, ash e was taught long ago to be noticed is to be remembered. He wore red breeches and a red shirt under a red coat. He had bought a red cloak just 5 minutes earlier and was just now getting it on. He liked the color red as he had once been a soldier of a large kingdom, sharing the same color. He had been one of the last soldiers alive in the castle and while trying to protect the king was hit by a stray arrow nad taken down. When he awoke, nothing but blood and bodies everywhere. The arrow had struck the chain mail he as wearing. The arrow was designed to pierce armor, but they didnt think of checking to see that he was dead, really no point. The attackers were hideous looking humans...atleast he hoped they were human. He tossed the ruined armor adn chain mail, and bought got some clothing from a nearby room to travel in. He arrived in this town about a month after the raid on the castle. He still had his longsword-it had a red handle, and the blade had a red line running through the middle ofit to the tip. He was looing for a decent set of armor, when a little girl caught his eye. She was headed for a bread vendor. He wasnt sure how he knew, but he did know he would run into this same little girl in his near future. He turned away from the little girl and continued his search for some armor. He found a complete set of armor, but it was a little more then what he could afford. He took a look around and found a person that looked to be a noble. Arafin bumped into the man and secretly took his money pouch. He knew this was wrong but somethings just had to be done. He returned and bought the armor, and began to pu it on. Even though the armor was tainted with guilt from what he had just done he followed the noble and planned to replace what he had stolen. He went to the inn he had bn staying. "Good sir, would you happen to have anything that needs to be done that I can make a little extra rubbles?" Arafin put on a pouty grin hoping the innkeeper would see his desperation. "Well, I've recieved a few commentsabout rats in the cellar from some of the cooks. The floors need to be swept and mopped. Oh yeah, and the dishes are piling up. If you do all that I think I can come up with a little something to give ya." The price for thievery was endless, but what had to eb done had to be done. He went ot his room to remove the armor adn his sword, and change into some plain brown wool, and went to work.
  6. Rituals and Burnings

    Grabbing his helmet he began walking to the set of spiral staircases descending down into the inner walls of the castle. As he reached the bottom he was met by the guard that was meant to replace him lying on the ground sleeping. "Get up you good for nothing knave!" Arafin kicked him hard in the gut. The man coughed an heaved but he managed to get up after a little scurrying around at seeing his commander. "Yes, sir. Right away, sir." The man darted off up the stairs. Arafin started for his sleeping quarters. After being in the sun most of the day he was beat and wanted to get comfortable in his rooms. As he entered the gaurdsman door he heard a crashing sound......
  7. Rituals and Burnings

    Arafin watched as two cloaked figures rode through the large iron gates on in a wagon. As he walked the narrow walkway of the astle walls he kept his eyes on the growing fire. Two more hours till my shift ends.... He stroked his sword with his right hand and hoped for some action that he knew would never come while standing on the walls of such a mighty kingdom. He longed to be sent back into the front lines. His intricatly designed armor handed down to him by his father-a once rich and powerful noble now long gone and forutes gone-was starting to take a toll on his body. It shined blue brilliance in the afternoon sun. His chest plate line with chain mail underneath a layer of mithril armor. He had his helmet resting on the ledge of the walls to give him a better line of vision. His leggings were also a thin layer of mithril over top of lether breeches. And to top it off mithril boots with wool lined thickly inside to give comfort. His long blone hair flowed in the afternoon breeze as he watched the horizon and longed for the love of his life.....war.[/i]
  8. The OFFICIAL Storyline decision...

    Izzy unlike you I read EVERYTHING. In games when I come into a town I talk to every last being in the town/castle just to mak sure I dont miss anything. Thats why its called an RPG, o you CAn go and read about things like that and so you CAN enjoy yourself without having to be #1.
  9. D1

    Nice I am liking it. I dont really like the name Aegies though.....but its not my decision lol.
  10. People who want to write stories...Read this first

    I have a few questions: 1. I have written some quests (not about what your talking about but its a question lol), and I dont see the point in posting it here because its a waste of my tiem as well as yours seeming as quests are being put on hold, and prolly wont start being reintereated for atleast a few months. 2. I could write some stories and if thier liked so be it. But it would take me like 3 days to make it to my likings making sure its not drag, and then if it isnt excepted, thats over 5-10 hours of my time for nothing lol. Yeah that is the way life is, but I want to atleast know if we even have a chance before I do anything lol. 3. Hasnt oja already poste an announcement?
  11. Yeah freedom is good to have, but in RL can you go ANYWHERE you want. heck now you cant. In every RPG, there are places you cant go. As this game is still in beta I am not really able to say what I like and dislike because I dont know what it will hav or wont have. But Duran I understand it might not take much coding thats not what I said. What I said is if you add it to the creatures people iwll complain about it not being on players as well.
  12. Kilaran fields

    I only suggest because people level 30 and below very rarely go to pk maps because they die a lot, and lose good stuff. By having it organized you make people interact more like..."so and so I need you this saturday can you be there?" I mean if they arent there then they cant go in can they lol? 20 players total, last man standing gets the pot. Doesnt even have to be guilds, just 10 people sign up pay the price to match, fight, winner takes all. Its just simple, and have three qualifications: Three levels. 15-25, 26-35, 36+ 15-25 can only fight in that category so no large party can go and make good money in the lower ranks. just ideas lol, good ideas. Make a place to go see the winners of that day and what they win. Its be really cool and I am sure others agree they just dont read forums.
  13. Iron Bars

    I am making Iron bars, until I can use them in manu, I will be amking them. I will have about 200 for sale, first come first serve. 1000 gp each, or 175000 gp for all 200 lol. You got 2 days to reply here or I sell em to the shop.
  14. another interesting buggy

    So your the Gargoyle tat killed me lol
  15. jumping

    If all 6.5 billion people on this planet wer eto jump in one spot all at the same time.....nothing would happen, heres why: Based on the mathematical equation povided by Grum, all the people on Earth couldnt be in one cnetral location to be able to move it at all. You would actually have to have all 6.5 billion people within a range of 5 square kilometers. Now that is physically impossible to do, as the mass of each person based on the average person, woulnt be able to fit in a 5 sqaure kilometer radius. So you question JJK, it wouldnt be able to move no. And as for the "String Theory", the communication of those elctrons or hatever you said has already been explained in other theories such as: 1. They travel faster then the speed of light and therefore there is no humanly possible way to find out. 2. Their connection is still linked through electical currents (or something like that it said), and share information. 3. Their is no actual connection, but a similarity and therefore events happening to one happen to the other, adn their similarity tells them that All that is mumbo jumbo, the eason its not been discovered is because their trying to relate it. Heres what I think....the nucleus of these atoms share information by radiation and or light (both based on same spectrum anyways lol), they inforamtion travels through by radiation.light to project the information. Or maybe its because it works through othe atoms lol or something. And about the money.....he will be rich, bu he will become very important and be placed in lots of danger. So yes rich, worth it.....hell no.

    Sam yours moves, mine shines!!!
  17. myotonic dystrophy/Reality

    Sam are you a doctor or just a good internet researcher or both? I having just studied this two years ago still had it fresh at hand, and I was hoping you missed something.......well you didnt lol. Somethings that I didnt even know lol.
  18. If you lose your items, you lose them thats final, that mainly why you do lose them, you DIED. You ought to lose them all. I think if you lose all items then yeah make a matter essence body or whatever, but its not, o you lose your items. I have died plenty of times with full armor and weapon, and guess what? All I lost were my gold and potions, all my armor was still intact. I have also died and lost all of it before and only had 1 needle on me. Total I have lost about....1 million worth of items, not very much, but I have lost an equal amount of coins. I think the death penalty is TOO low. But if it were higher youd still complain so whats it matter.
  19. New sword

    I find how iggnorant people are in these forums (no offense to you Leeloo just funny that you didnt bother to say or know that Aluwen holds lots of peoples interest because of the tit chain). BTW Leeloo, love the name, the movie, and she is by my standards "perfect"
  20. I think people are to into Diablos game. Think outside the box. So you dont like classes fine dont have to be a class. Maybe make a Secret of Mana approach where if you train with a certain weapon you get xp for that type of weapon. Meaning you use a sword you get sword xp only. What you guys are asking is a lot. As for multiple killing of creatures...GREAT IDEA. HOWEVER, people will want it to be added to the killing of players which I HATE. No one person should be teamed like monsters could be its just not ethical. A group of 3 level 50+ players could take out every player on the map quickly fighting at same time. Maybe make a comman such as #join (player name). That way if you are fighting crearures, the xp is equally split between the two players, and if you get to far apart the junction is broke after 15 seconds. So if you want to team to kill say a.....Cyclops, 10 people can take turns running then attacking and after the creature is killed, you get 50% of the actual xp reguardless of the amount of players OR just equally split the xp between the 10. I kinda do ike the noble thing, but it shouldnt be based on levels of combat itd have to be balanced, thats why the game had CLASSES. If you were a fighter, your level in fighting had to do more with your rank then not. Then Mages more of magic. Other classes had certain onesa as well. Then they ranked people who CHOSE TO BE CLASSLESS based on all attibutes. Simple, make places only those whove reached that rank can go in out. And I think churches need to be made, and religions be made lol, might make game more interesing, and these churches provide nothing but your nam in a book at the altar lol. Nothing else. Just something fun to do lol.
  21. History of the lands: final edit

    Good. Edit that, I notced a few words were mispelled, people dont like that. And the more potic the better lol.
  22. Vermor Castle

    Thats pretty good. But I think by evil dude a dark mage, and by most insane dude ever you mean very powerful mage, and by brilliant man you mean highly experienced mage :lol: I like hte idea, but I think the Vermor Castle need be a Castle owned by a powerful mage at one time, other then that, any storie is fine wth me. I was thinking along the same lines, but more of a battle took place and the ogre was turned because he was greedy with power. For instance: 1. A powerful Mage was experimenting 2. The people were afraid and ecided to remove him (natural human impulse) 3. The Mage notices this, and decides to conjure up the most powerful thing he could make, and fought these people with his creatures, his only mistake they cant fight during the day and the castle was eventually overtaken 4. The Magic god (cant remember his name) felt he was abusing his powers given to him by the god 5. The god turned him into an ogre The Gargoyles having lost their great powers because the loss of their master being turned into an ogre (unbeknown to them because they were sleeping beauties when he was abandoned by his god), they search the land of WS in search of their master.
  23. D1

    No offense to you personally Izzy, I think the idea is wonderful. But I must ask, you ever read and of th Dragonlance books? They are based on the realms and such of DnD. I believe in the oboks they are called Draconians (which are described as half human/half dragon) In the Dragonlance Chronicles, I believe the 2nd book of the series, has these Draconians being created by strong and powerful mages from baby dragon eggs. Now how would you make these Aieges look? I will definitely be one if they are created as I really like evles, but you just cant beat a half Dragon. As for the storyline sounds good. But I also noticed that if someone got into looking REALLY hard, they would fins that pleigerism (think I spellt it right). I mean in the Dragonlance books, they also have a race called the Irda who are similar to your idea, which also made me ask lol. They arent close in very many ways, but they are similar enough that if they arent changed someone might be filing a law suit. I suggest not linking the two together but maybe have a war of sorts against say.....13-14 races, and the existing ones are the only to survive the onslaught brought by the dragons. The last line of defense the remaining Dragons grouped together with the races that joined these powerful creatures, and they were all turned into half dragon hybrids, and fought a long war where many of the races were destroyed and are no longer even heard of, and the dragons eventually lost and the half dragons surrendered. I like your idea better Izzy, but maybe come up with something al ittle more.......not able to be sued for by lol. The Irda were unheard of by all but Raistlin in the books for the longest tim andthenother powerful mages leanred of them because of such powerful magic they posessed. And the Irda were the first of all the races lol. Jsut wierd that it is so closely linked. I figured I would wanr you if you havent read the books.
  24. Well, I can think of a way to limit the way that people after they hit certain levels try to be the best. MAke it to where you HAVE to choose classes. I mean you guys keep saying that clases ar a bad idea yet you keep starting more and more posts where their are no use for them. Start with the basic 3 classes: Fighter, Mage, Adventurer Fighter specializes in fighting, and manufacturing, and magic and summoning and alchemy are brought down in ercentages or you cant learn them at all (I think some p should be given, but if people keep posting nonsense then do it) Mage specializes in magic an summoning and defense, other attributes llike manu be brought down, and their combat, attack is as well Adventurer doesnt specialize in anything, and gets no bonuses or anything. By doing that, eveyone can be happy, because then they can be mages and people ho dont want classes can just shut up and b an adventurer cause it has no class. I was also playing another game a while back, and they had it to where when you start you start off as just a common person. As you gain more xp and such you become something new like: lvl 0: commoner lvl 50+: noble And they also had classes where you could stay normal, or you could go through series of events in the game to become a fighter, where your stats are brought up in certain areas and others brought down. For like the fighter, you start out fighting weak things, and the further you make it the stronger you become. For this game I think you shouldnt lose xp for being a certain class but you ought to get extras in that: This is what I propose: You can join a class maybe enlist somehweres. Once you become one, you start gaining xp for everything you do that pertains to THAT CLASS. Then when you go back, you can...spend these points on things. Maybe for a fighter you can buy like +5 to your health or something. This gives motivation to become a class, but doesnt mean you have to, and make a place for jut like adventurers where they can do the same so that way they arent losing anything really. Fighters: 1000 points-+1 health 5000 points-+1000 xp to attack 10000 points-+5 health 15000 points-+5000 xp to maunfacturing 20000 points-+10 health 25000 points-+7500 xp to attack Mages: 1000 points-+1 mana 5000 points-+1000 xp to defense 10000 points-+5 to mana 15000 points-+5000 to magic 20000 points-+10 mana 25000 points-+7500 xp to defense Adventurer: 2000 points-+1 mana, +1 health 5000 points-+1000 xp to combat 10000 points-+2 mana, +2 health, 500 xp to combat 15000 points-+2500 xp to potion, +2500 xp to alchemy 20000 points-+5 mana, +5 health 25000 points-+7500 xp to combat That way no one is getting jipped. Or better yet make it to where you dont have to choose a class but have the option to proclaim yourself with like a tag in front of you name with a F for fighter, M for mage, and nothing for anything. So if you choose to be a mage and level up skills in magic and summoning, you get Mage points. Or when your defense goes up you get Mage points. Then if your attack goes up or you lvl up in manufacturing you get Fighter points. And if you level up in Alchemy or Combat or Potion, you get Adventurer points. Not really fixing it, but if you got someone who is a mage, then they have leveld up in the mage abilities and more then likely have more mage points they have distributed. As for a fighter same thing. As for no proclaimation, they can be good anywhere. Sounds good way to fix things, then your looking for someone low to hep them level a skill to join your guild so they can be good.
  25. New sword

    You say you dont want items like that stuck to a god but.....isnt Aluwen the only way to BUY the Tit Chain?