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  1. RP group #1

    I will be there even if I have to walk with 0 fps all the way there lol.
  2. hey guys need a hand

    Thanks Kek, I will DL those and then I will edit this post and let you know if it worked.
  3. hey guys need a hand

    Operating System is Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Intel Celeron Processor 498 MHz 384MB RAM Nvidia 256-bit GeForce4 MX440-8x GPU Video-198PCI-64Twin And the card is distibuted by Jaton Co. Thats about all I know lol.
  4. hey guys need a hand

    Well Kek I aint the smartest person with computers. I can build them, fix them (parts wise, not internally other then basic stuff). Which drivers, where are these drivers, lol.
  5. Nvidia Cards

    You misunderstand, I need to know how to fix it myself to fix it and if it is a driver I need point me in theright direction, otherwise I will just quit. I mean I like the game but if I cant get it to work then whats the point right?
  6. hey guys need a hand

    Yeah I made another post related, figuring maybe it has to do with my video card, I switched as well and its 0 fps lol, no idea what is wrong.
  7. The Wake of A Child

    This will be just a at the present 5 minutes lol. As I see what we are doing, but not entirely sure how or what we do to remove the blindness Lolen has aquired. _________________________________________ Arafin helping Geelef set Lolen down and putting on his red cloak, "I am going to get something to eat I will return shortly. By the way my name is Aafin, good to meet someone of your calibur once again." Shaking hands and Geelef returning greetings Arafin darted off back into the town. The pain of the wounds Arafin recieved started to kick in and he fell over into a wall and used it to remain standing. A sharp pain shot up his right leg. Sitting don he removed the armor gaurding the front of the leg and cut his clothing to see his leg more clearly in the early morning darkness. Looking at his leg it seemed like nothing was wrong with it, must just be a bad sprang. Arafin hoped Geelef would remedy that right up quick. Picking up a stick from the ground and returning his armor to its rightful place he continued his trip into town. There was hardly anyoe out, vendors selling their wares were few and far apart. Arafin wandered till he approached a fruit stand. It seemed to be the only food anywheres in the market at the time. "Excuse me I will have some of those and yeah those too." Shortly after buying the fruit he decided to sneak a peak at the inn for his sword and helmet. They were the more expensive of the armor and they completed his set of armor so he had to find them. Sneaking up to the back he found the rubble that would have been where his room stood if the building were still intact. The coals were still hot and the flames were still in a few places while others were still smoldering and hot. He carefully moved things around and he found his sword. He removed Geelef's sword from his scabbard and replaced it with his sword and took a rope to tie Geelef's sword back to his belt. He left the buidling with only his sword. He could not find his helmet, it did not matter much as he always found himself removing it when batte began as it reduced his vision. "I got some fruit. It was all that was open in the market. Still too early for much else." Geelef nodded. "Come over here and sit down Arafin. I can't completely heal your leg, but I can almost, and it doesn't help it to walk on it." Arafin sat down and Geelef worked his ways, and in minutes it felt as good as new and he wrapped it up in some type of cloth. Arafin felt bad for Lolen who appeared to be blind, but the only sign on the outside was that she hardly blinked. Whatever it was it had to be able to be fixed, and if anyone knew it would be Geelef who would fint out. Arafin watched Geelef closely, and realized he was also an elf. However, Lolen and he were both elves, but she looked different in too many ways to be of any relation. Arafin thinking drifted off.
  8. Bones to Gold

    Does the amount you recieve deal with both alchemy and magic, or just magic? As near as I can tell its not really worth it lol.
  9. What was that about lol? I gave my opinion...if you don't like it thats your choice. I never said you had to. That was just rude to say that lol.
  10. Mods & NH's

    I here people complaining about people in the newby channel and such andMods seem to be lacking lately. They are playing the games and are usually in other chats uch as guild channels and market channels and such. Also same thing with market channel, its a general chat now. People are complaining about people leaving the general chat. Lets see last night there was no less then 45 peoplein the market channel talking, selling, and arguing. Then there were less then 25 in the newby channel, and not many people helping out (it was late but still). I am in newby channel helping when I can and am happy to. I can not stand it though when people start calling new players idiots or when the new players call vets idiots just because they do not like the way things are going. I am willing to help out maybe be a NH at the most (as I am sure there are much better candidates, but I am on a lot at the later hours when most mods/nh's are never on, and I am trustworthy). I lookthrough first three pages in this place and did not see anything that looked like what I was looking for so I posted it anew. Sorry if it was brought up before but I htink it needs to be looked into.
  11. Equipment

    I don't really care fi this has been suggested before or not, I did not see it on the first page so I am remaking, or renewing, or creating it. Equipment needs requirements. Thats final. At level 12 I had the money to buy a tit serpent....(lots of cacti lol) and it should not be allowed to be worn at that low of a level. Heres a few examples I am sure it will make people say NO NO MOMMY NO PLEASE DONT TAKE IT AWAY!! Weapons Leather gloves: no requirements Wooden Staff: level 3 attack, level 3 combat Studded leather gloves: lvl 5 attack, level 5 combat Chainmail Gloves: required level 6 attack, level 6 combat Steel Gloves: lvl 8 attack, level 8 combat Wooden Hammer: level 10 attack, level 10 combat Iron sword: lvl 11 attack, level 11 combat Quarter Staff: lvl 13 attack, level 13 combat Iron Broadsword: lvl 15 attack, level 15 comabt Steel 2 edge: lvl 18 attack, level 18 combat Iron Warhammer: level 21 attack, level 18 combat Titanium Short: lvl 24 attack, level 20 combat Titanium long: lvl 30 attack, level 25 combat Titaniumn Serpent: level 35 attack, level 30 combat Armor Leather boots/pants/torso: none Wooden shield: level 5 defense, level 5 combat Enforced Wooden Shield: level 8 defense, level 8 combat Iron boots/pants/torso: level 10 defense, level 10 combat Iron Shield: level 12 defense, level 12 combat Iron Helm: level 16 defense, level 16 combat Steel boots/pants/torso: level 20 defense, level 20 combat Steel Shield: level 25 defense, level 23 combat Titanium boots/pants/torso: level 35 defense, level 30 combat Medallions Unicorn Medallion: level 5 magic, level 10 defense Moon Medallion: level 10 magic, level 15 defense Sun Medallion: level 15 magic, level 20 defense Stars Medallion: level 20 magic, level 25 defense By doing this it causes players to have to level their stats differently. I feel it would add more interest in the game, give them something more to look forward to. I mean most people will make money (fighters, potetnial pkers) and then buy the best equipment and all they did was harvest, so their stats are like basically just in 4 main stats. They later try other things to make more money when they realize that pking can be costly, as well as the trip to get there. It could bring the market back up, give the players reasons to level up other skills.[/b]
  12. Equipment

    True about all that Duran, but when they pk they dont go naked (well some of the higher ones can but I highly doubt they do). As for people saying they gain levels quicker by fighting naked....I don't I have always fought with full equipment regaurdless and I get same amount of xp as everyone else does. I prolly gain levels quicker too (although I am still 19/19/19, I do not fight much lol). But the requirements are highly needed. So if they fight naked let them, I for one hate seeing people that started not even a day ago and they have all the best equipment and are wearing it. I got my first serp at like I said level 15. I used it once, killed a goblin without losing any life at all, and I decided to put it in my safe. There is has sat since then. Thing is people complain in the channels about they have all the best stuff and do not have any reason for money anymore....they are usually no higher then I am now. By causing them to have to gain levels, blam they have no reason to complain about it. I feel if they complain about how stupid it is they have to gain that much to get there, think of other skills. They arent easy to level, but people do it.
  13. Mods & NH's

    Not saying you arent doing your jobs well, I am saying that there are slackers, as in Aerowinds case, yeah your guild channel if funner, and yeah it is funnier too. That is because the n00b channel is not made for general chat, and also you know the players in your guild chat. As for you Sativa, I will not doubt that you do your job well and/or seriously, but where are you? Hmm, I must say since seeing you post that message, and looking for you online in the n00b chat are...well...not adding up. So maybe you are afk, or your lieing.
  14. Can't really complain about the name lol cause the idea is cool. (Not sure, but I invented both races...lol, I ead through all the posts and I did not see one mention of a gnome, and the dragon-types all were too non-humanish. I said make it look more human. Oh well I could care less if its not lol.) The name....errr.....I read lots of books and that is the worse name I have seen lol. Makes me think its the latin word for dragon, or some other language. I feel it should sound more authentic, or more relative to the creature. That anme just makes it sound totally dragonish whens its actually more human then dragon. (not complaining lol, jsut pointing out the obvious) I say maybe make its ound more humanish or a mixture or something lol. Maybe Mandragoran (<--this is a city out of a book written in the roman times. Maybe earlier, but it sounds better then the other name lol.) But good name for coming up with it off the top of your head.
  15. Racism

    I got a screenshot of where he was being racist, should I post it? I think it might be enough to ban him....?
  16. ...

    Ivanowitch, I am not a member of the Dragon Council either lol. ___________________________________________________________ Arafin munching on a piece of bread caught a glimpse of a soldier from the corner of his eye, and quickly drew his sword. Crouching in a fighting stance behind the rock the soldier stopped short. As Arafin was about to engage himself rather then let the gaurd call attention, the soldier slightly lifted the helmet, and to his suprise it was Melantha, "How did you....," she cut him off with a silent hush. Nodding Arafin offered a peice of bread, she took it with a smile. "Thanks you. Now be quiet and follow me." She ran to the forest with Arafin closely behind. She seemed to know where she was going despite the pitch blackness of the woods. Hoping they did not run into any bears, but at the same time hoping they did. Arafin was still a little hungry and a big bear might be just the thing. However, killing a innocent animal in front of a lady was not on the top of his list of things to do. It was a good thing she did aquire some armor, one she might need it later, and two he would have lost her by now had she not. Arafin had ran into a few trees already, and also had to swaver around to find Melantha gain after losing her. "We will sleep here for the night. Gather some water for tomorrow by that pond over there," Melantha set a pack of something on the gorund and then another. "There if food in that bag there if your hungry. Do not touch the other bag it has my things in it." Not knowing what she ment he grabbed the bag of food and alked over to the pond and sat down. He filled his canteen and crouched down to sip from the water. Pulling out a few pieces of bread and some cheese from the bag he ate it willingly. When he returned to the camp he found Melantha fast asleep. He found a blanket not far from where she lay, and he unrolled it and covered hr up with it. Arafin felt too tired to even sleep and he wondered back over to the pond to lay down. Not too long after he fell into a deep sleep.
  17. ...

    All Arafin could hear were the noises of heavily armored men walking about the camp. He could not see anyone, but he did know that there seemed to be quite a few men. Wishing he could have seen as he was being brought to this empty tent, more for seeing the layout then wanting to know where he was. Still working at loosening either hand he decided to try to get his legs out as well. Maybe if he got get legs loose he could use leverage to remove the rope from his hands. He worked his hands and feet hoping, when his left hand slid right out of the bind. "Hmm, that was simple enough." He did the same thing o his right hand. "The idiots can't tie things up very good." Revmoving his sword from its case he cut the ropes binding his legs and stood up to peek out the tent. Men were stadning all over swinging aroud swords-it looked to be a large training exercise, either that orthey were preparing for war. He seen two men heading for the tent and he decided to stand to thesie of the entry flap. AS the first man walked in he was looking at the second man, adn neitherseen him to the side. Arafin swung his blade using it as a club instead of a lethal weapon. Knocking the first man out he jumped back as the second man drew his sword, "They said to kill you in the moring but now iwll be a pleasure." The man charged, and Arafin noticed he was obviously inexperienced because he had no shield or armor. Arafin easily swiped the blade aside an again useing his sword as a club knocked the second man out as well. "Lets hope that those were the interogators," Arafin stated to no one in particular. Looking back out the flap he planned on how to find Melatha and escape with both of their lives. Seeing a rock of to the east, he ran for it and rolled behind it. He slowly worked his way to the trees. Waiting for nightfall he sat down and began to develop his plan.
  18. wallydino

    Just curious lol...only bridge I have seen is the rubble of trees and rocks to get to the eastern bank, I have not seen anything close to being a bridge, and I have gotten stuck on that same place because I cant find a good place to click to move along.
  19. Nederlander si teh banned

    Yeah time consuming, but I have played games where there is an actual prison. When arrested or taken into custody everythin you own is taken even stuff in bank. YOu must pay 10% of what all the stuff isestimated to be at, and then you got to pay the fine as well. And until the fines are payed you get no xp at all. The tiems if not collected within the day are thrown away/autioned off by a merchant class player. The player gains nothing but merchant xp lol. Good game
  20. The Dark Crystal idea

    Lol thats why I said it was almost stupid. And if you think that movie is the best ever....err....get help. That movie was soooooooooo boring. And it has nothing to do with tastes either.
  21. vitality

    Question is it 3k each time or starts at 3k then doubles each time after (either way higher players will have it withing the day it is decided) I think a maximum of 5 would be cool. And I think it should be a stackable asset as why pay for it if you got the best armor?
  22. Mods & NH's

    I know all the commands to contact and all that, but for others there they are. They simply do not work. I used the help one when I started I never got a reply. I have used the abuse one about 3-4 times and 1 of the 4 were ansered....by Entropy himself. You mods just are not doing a good job plain and simple. Learner I must say is a pretty fair and cool person, however he is 90% of the time in our guild channel and they other 10% in the market. (%'s might be a little off but cant be by too much). Then Moon....I have never ever seen him in any chat ever. Most likely in the guild channel I imagine. As for reliable people, wouldntmatter if we had 1000 of them, if they are not in the channel to witness what can they do?
  23. Anyone read Dragonalnce books.....anyways think of Tasslehoff. They have a race nam for themselves....no point in posting the name though. This is based on a halfling, you can mix and match stories to make up on for them, but they would be cool to have. Now Gnomes....can I see a picture of these lol. A gnome is described to be shorter then a dwarf, short legs, fat upper body, and usually wearing a funnt hat......that would be hard to design and be playable too....got something smacking a a cyclops feet while the cyclops is so tall he doesnt even feel it nor see it. I did suggest them in this thread though and I think it is a good idea, just that centuars would be kind of cool to have. New race to replace the other there is: Warlocks: you might say that these arejust humans....not if we make them blue lol. Barbarians: again maybe humanish, but we can add a little bit more orange to the skin or something and add more hair, and make them in suits like the Flinstones lol Kilian: you dragon type, let me describe them. You can change the color like humans and such to give a little variety, NO TAIL, hands, feet, scaly appearance. That way its nothing too hard (well not as hard as adding a working tail and such). So a stepped chest with different color then scales. Bigger then normal yellow eyes.
  24. ARTURAS pban

    I feel that feature will be abused by people. Not Learner, but having talked to players in game, some of them friends say 75% of the mods who have the ability to do so abuse it. I would suggest having people vote who gets the ability. Post it in general chat and people vote on 10 different mods. Also about the abuse I was kicked for helping out a new player.....wont say name as I do not want them to get in trouble or anything, just posting it in reference to abuse. (I told him that sigils were bought in grahms village magic shop, and WSC magic shop. They kicked me stating that I was giving flase information.....thats ubsurd lol).
  25. inventory bag for the second time!

    Think maybe it was because of the server resets maybe....?