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  1. Backgrounds for Cities in the P2P version

    Man thats horible who would name a bread company Gardenia lol its the perfect gnome homeland name lol. Do not fret, I will name the homeland something intriguing or extremely boring...not sure what I shall call it at the moment.
  2. Trying to pull all the major stories together

    Hehe touch up? I thought it as perfection lol...j/k Exactly what shall I touch up-grammar, add more to character figure to give a mental image of the warrior(s), add dialogue? Just curious, I can just make the current more descriptive of the event and leave the characters features to the imagination of the reader. I can also extend it by about another....oh I would say 7-0 paragraphs by just adding a few things here and there. Lots of stuff I can do and not do to it, just curious as to what the touch up of it you want lol?
  3. pretty sure this falls here...

    I sent a 16x16 map, did not take long, I was kinda thinking if I make a few 16x16 maps till I perfect it I might be allowed to create the Gnomes homeland lol. I got a pretty good picture of what it is going to look like, and if if I can't I will still build it just to do it lol.
  4. Backgrounds for Cities in the P2P version

    Gardenia-city of the Gnomes muhahaha lol Now thats original, Garden with an added -ia suffix meaning territory or country....isnt that the coolest thing ever lol. Took me like 7 seconds for that one and it is actually a wonderful name lol.
  5. Trying to pull all the major stories together

    Hmm a war between all the aces, or all the racesfihting together? I think the idea of them fighting either other intriguing lol. We could all write a story for a set race or something. Depending on the time and age it would be set it we could make it incredibly accurate or vaguley accurate with a general idea of the battle. Ok heres the Gnomes who are taking place in this 'spy' business lol-Corydo, Loopo, Daerwocket. (I love the last name of the Gnomes its funny sounding). Only thing I need now is who they are working with and I will make a story web and branch off the better of my ideas lol.
  6. Random Story Ideas for Beginner Writers

    Got a list of 10 ideas one a sticky note lol, I will choose the ones I am writing and give the oens I am not here.
  7. Spells

    I think those last four spells should work for 5 seconds regaurdless of the spell, and you wouldnt be able to cast any other spells for 10 seconds after you cast those ones. As for the teleporting person to you, that would never work. And I think you should keep the earth, fire, wind, water, and spirit factors, not making up new names. Fire for first four Water for the next set Sirit for the healing Wind for the Protection Earth for the status effects And for the teleporting, a mixture of all elements.
  8. The Destruction of the Centaurs

    Whoa lol. Anyways, I have read a lot of stories as well, not just Fantasy novels. Quite a few Sci-Fi books have them in their stories as well. Not saying that some stories do not portray them as other things, but hwat I am saying is that the "best authors" prray them all the same. Every best-selling author isnt neccessarily a "best author" so to speak. What I mean by "best authors" is the ones who are of high note and have been writing for many years andhave written many great and wonderful books. In my opinion the best writers of all time are #1) Robert Jordan, and #2) JRR Tolkien. Nothing you can say will make me change my mind on their quick deaths. Whats the lifespan of a Centau that we are speaking? Now as for you thing about Orchans being "not evil" is interesting to say the least. Of what I have read, they follow Mortos which I believe is evil correct? Also is you have read the Dragonlance Chronicles series the enemies in that are a) honorable, evil, c) very heroic, d) diciplined. Now if the Orchans are all the same whos to say that they are not evil? And besides, if you write a story on Orchans they would be the good guys and the people their fighting would be the evil ones riht? So the statement that they are not evil would be on how your point of view is.
  9. Trying to pull all the major stories together

    Hehe if I knew you wre going to do that I coulda saved you all the time, I wrote or read in every single thing you posted lol, but yes thanks for your time. Few more 'P' words: Philosophy (would be good if the Gnomes did something interesting, will see what I can do) Pansophy Perspicasity Prudence Potential Predominance Provision Paramount Principals Precipice Peril Panoply Thats all for the leeter p for now. I wrote a little history of discovery for the Gnomes, not very long maybe like 4 paragraphs max. Gonna post it after I look over it for mistakes. I like the idea Kayli came up with about voting on the stories for each race and such that sounds kinda cool. For the different sections for stories, maybe Ent can make it so that the Storyline thread hen clicked goes one screen ahead and gives you another 4-5 sections for you to choose which one and a General Purpose Storyline thread as well for those who are not sure where to post there story. Was gonna write something else, but my thoughts have escaped me so I will post later.
  10. Never said they had to, just stating ideas. If they can not be destroyed, then this is an obsolete way and we will have to move on otherwise make a suggestion, not an unwanted state of fact.
  11. Trying to pull all the major stories together

    It is because your a incopetent fool. As for the creation of the world, I say maybe take 2-3 good ideas and combine them lol, maybe ask some people to post suggestions in another thread of a few starter pieces and ask the best three to write it out a little fuller or something. 'P' words for the age: Pretense Paladins Pride Pain
  12. History of the lands: final edit

    I did read through the entire story, back into January about Grum not seeing any misspelled words, it did not matter that they were there, just I have spotted 17 different spelling errors in the already implemented part of the game from the NPC's. I find that particuarily annoying. I figure if I ask for Saii to be careful not to incorrectly spell when they are finished there will be few and hopefully none. The most common mispelled words I make are when I am typing and leave out a letter or something. The words I noticed were mispelled had extra letters and tagalongs in them lol. Oh yes nice story.
  13. Trying to pull all the major stories together

    For starters, I think Killerlamb ought to smacked lol and his post removed, secondly I am going to read the stories you mentioned then reedit this post. Also congrats on the 'Compiler' position. Thats a lame name if I have ever heard one, but I guess it is what your doing so I wont argue on the name lol. EDIT: Just so all know Killerlamb edited his post ^^^
  14. The Story of Fingolfin

    Is Glorfindel from LOTRs lol....I honestly had no idea. I pieced together Elven words from the Elven dictionaries to make every single name....guess I better pay more attaention lol. ________________________________________________________________ Ok as for the Gnomes, I was thinking many things, I will break something out in Works and post it in this as an edit like I did the last one. Dang thing timing out lol that sucked....ok I will whip it up and post either tonight or tomorrow.
  15. I am making a suggestion to your idea: I do not think it should be a damageed hp count or attacked hp count, thats just a waste of time I think. If your fighting a person nad you swing your sword just right, does the other sword not have a chance of breaking? If your armor is hit with a sword or weapon, does it not risk the chain of being piecred and rendered useless or broken by shear force? Wheyou get an item from a creature is it going to be perfect kike on out of the store? So I propose this: if and when you strike a a blow to an enemy, you have chance of it breaking. Wood being the weakest, Titanium being the strongest. A wood shield is hit by a rabbit....lol yeah right the rabbits going to break it right? Wrong its not. Now a wooden shield is hit by a cyclops club....yeah you guess it broke and the user is now probably dead if hes using a wooden shield lol. Wooden Shield break chance: -rabbit=1/10000 -cyclops-1/10 Steel shield being the strongest sheidl at the moment is like so: -rabbit-1/1000000 -Cyclops-1/1000 Thats pretty much my idea but let me do some swords too... Gloves seem to be armor now so....we will go to the Iron sword (coolest looking sword if ya ask me lol) Iron sword: -rabbit-1/1000 -cyclops-1/10 Titanium Serpent Sword: -rabbit-never -cyclops-1/1000 _________________________________________________________ Ok if like Elpargo was saying is done (I just modified his proposed durability idea), it will make economy more steady. We all know when NeXt goes hunting Cyclops he kills atleast 2000 a day, so if he does that, he will waste 2 swords or more depending on mo many hits it takes him to kill the cyclops. e.g. It takes 10 hits with serp everytime to kill cyc You kill 100 cyc your sword breaks You no have to buy a new sword, and if you unlucky, you will have lost your armor as well and need another set of armor
  16. Diary of a common man

    This musta been burried in layers and layers of stories lol. Goodness Lyanna you dug this great story out. by the way Geelef I read every last day and overall it is a great story. I can not really say much negative about it, which lets face it I love to do lol.
  17. The Story of Fingolfin

    It said I couldnt edit my own posts, so I htink I timed out....I have to rewrite this is notepad (I already did but just saying). It screwed me lol, it was fairly long and it wouldnt let me scan back either the danged thing so I lost like an hour of my time lol. Oh well thats life. ______________________________________________________________ Ok I am taking head and writing upon which Fingolfin lived his life. Fingolfin Telemnar was born on Mortosin of the 3rd day of the 15th Quartet in the year 2293 in the Forest of Shadows. He was the child of Curufinwe Telemnar and Eldalote Nenharma. Fin's uncle, Aegnor Telemnar, taught him basic magic when he was young so he could then later teach him advanced magic. Fin hunted rabbits with his father at the age of 23 when he pull the string of his bow back enough to actually accurately shoot it. At the age of 42 Fin won the seasonal archery contest. It was at this point he began to influence the elven people. When Fin turned 45 he was asked to join the ranks of the Elven Sharpshooters, which he regretfully declined so he could finish his last few years of school. Many of the much older elves who had been practicing for years to become part of the elite few became jealous and treated Fin with much disrespect. However, the younger elves looked up to him and were inspired by his greatness. Fin finished school at the age of 55 and became the only elf ever to finish before the age of 70. Once again the elders became jealous at his accomplishments. Fin's father was highly proud of his son and the community wished him to lead the people. Curu worked his way up the totem pole and finally was second in command under the Elven leader Finrod Tiwele. Finrod died 5 years after Curu took Vice Commander and then Curu took over. Fin was proud of his father, but by the age of 75, Curu had pretty much abandoned his son. Aegnor began to teach Fin magic again and eventually became the main influence in Fin's life. At the age of 80, Fin had mastered the art of magic and he had surpassed his uncle in most of the art. Aegnor was proud and told Fin so. One night when Fin was out hunting with his uncle a lone dwarf came into the city and killed Eldalote. When Fin returned home to find his mother killed he wept for over a week. Fin wanted revenge and asked his father to appoint him to Captain the Elven Gaurd. Curu denied his request and told him it was for his own good. Angry Fin gathered everyone he could rally to his cause and left the Elven City with over 300 highly trained elves and another 100 adequate training. They moved through thick forests and stopped near the piedmont of the mountains. He set up for the winter here and set duties to each elf. They sturggled through the winter, Fin lost half his army to the winter and made a many more sick. He decided that if they were to survive they must find better shelter and so he ventured into the mountains with his remaining men. They stumbled upon the city of Mynadar. For two weeks the hid in the cover of the mountains and planned to take Mynadar with as few deaths as possible. Fin's two head generals, Glorfindel and Daeron, spoke of a night raid and leave no one alive. Fin argued for another week before agreeing to the horific idea. So the next day after their ecision they crept down the mountains an silently eliminated all the guards watching over the city. They swiftly moved in and killed anyone they seen. When they came upon the main keep a dwarf horn sounded and immediately they were surrounded. Fin drew his sword and rallied the elves to find small alleys and defend themselves in a tight spot. Fin had learned in school a small coridor was the perfect advantage when outnumbered. They fought throughout the night. The Dwarves were losing great numbers as well as the few elves. Slowly the advantage moved to the elves and the Dwarves realized it and retreated from the city with the remaining men, women, and children. Fin and his troops remained here for the rest of the winter. When Spring finally arrived, Fin sent 50 men back to the Foest of Shadows to bing anyone who wished to live in freedom from his fathers cowardly ways. The 50 men returned with over 500 elves. More women then men adn they began to make rebuild their lives in Mynadar. When Fin was 150 he had an army of 2000 battle harened elves at his command and the city had well over 10,000 elves. Fin increased his land throughout the mountains and into other continents. His city grew and he became a force to be reckoned with. At the age of 200 he was wed to the lovely Elemmire Telrunya. Elemmire was 235 when she was married was also a great warrior. Howeve, she never had fought in a battle as elven women were not allowed to fight in wars. Fin and Elemmire had three kids-Finrod, named after a the great commander of the Elves Finrod, Aegnor after Fin's uncle, and Morwen their only daughter. Fin taught his children to never abandoned your kin and to only fight if absolutely neccessary. Both Finrod and Aegnor became great archers while Morwen was only good at magic, but she was a one of a kind in the art just like her father. When Fin reached the age of 290 he began to hear rumors of a powerful army moving in from the south. Fin began to mobilize and sent a few regiments to the south to scout out the area. When his men did not return Fin began to prepare for war. He immediately gathered his strategists and his generals. Glorfindel had the idea that they were ging to swing to the west and come in through the roughest part of the mountains. Daewon felt that if they had a large army theu would attack head on, not take months to move though the mountains. Fin took both ideas into consideration and set up men at both points that his strategists cam up with. Four months passed and still no sign of threat from any direction. Fin was starting to become nervous while his soldiers were becoming jaded. Fin decided that if nothing happened within the next week he would pull his troops back. The next night Mortos attacked, not from the front nor from the mountains, but from behind. Fin having listened to his most decorated strategists and generals clouded rational thought. The rear was left ungaurded, and the Orchans easily over took the land around the castle. Immediately as the attack began Fin sent a lone troop into the mountain paths to gather the men there and have them return. They closed the stronghold and lined the walls with archers. The battle had begun and the Orchans outnumbered the elves five to one. The battlements of archers were soon shot down and the Orchans breached the stronghold. Orchans poured throughthe gates and killed anything, even themselves if they got in the way of a kill. They were relentless. It seemed as if for every one orchand killed 2 took its place. Fin fought with vigilance and allowed his family to escape into the mountains. Fin was down to under 30 elves. He got a report that themen in the mountains appeared to have been dead for a number of hours. Knowing there was nothing more he could do, Fin took his remaining troops and headed back to the Forest of Shadows. Though they moved swiftly, a number of Orchans followed Fin and his men back to the Elven city. Upon Fin's arrival he found he was not the only one to escape-Glorfindel had cuts all over him that would never heal again, but atleast he was alive. The rest of the faces he did not recognize. Curu immediately emprisoned his son and commenced him to death in the morning for the slaughtering of his kin. Fin woke up to the sounds of screaming andthe blazing of fire. Looking out at his surroundings showed his entire city under attack and Orchans all over. Fin angered as he was broke the prison door and took his sword and bow. He ran as fast as he could shopping any Orchan in his way as he raced for the Elven Palace. The doors to the Palace were locked and he knew there was no way in. Fin started fighting at the gates of the Palace; if he could not get in himself he would atleast keeo the Orchans from obliterating the Palace. As the battle raged more and more elve began to fight alongside this brave warrior. The Orchans slowly closed in around the Palace an the elves who were locked out. Fin no longer fought for his own life, but for th lives of his wife, children, and the generations of elves to come. Fin swung his sword with ease and flowed about more like a dance of death then a fight. The Orchans numbers dwindled to fewer then a hundered and they soon began to recede. Fin still fought gallantly and flowed his sword about the battle fieldredering the Orchans useless. As the battle came to a close Fin fell to theground in a panting heap. He had been fighting for hours, and the cuts on him were deep. The doors to the Palace opened and Curu ran to his son and cupped the cadaverous body in his arms. It was on this day Fingolfin Telemnar passed away. The Elves revered him every since that day, even the elves of the present know the name Fingolfin. *yawns* ok thats a rough sketch, I can add dialogue to it and embellish on more characters, or go into more detail of a cahracter (which I plan on doing in final draft if accepted, cause Fin has no deatil other then name and his story lol). Just there it is tell meh whatcha think and I will tak it all in.
  18. The Destruction of the Centaurs

    After reading over the story, adn looking at the timeline....they were wiped out INCREDIBLY fast. I like Centaurs (if what you mant by Saii's mistake in the Centaur's, Centau's then I spellt it wrong as well and am not going to change it). Centaurs are commonly known for the great strength, their explicit war traditions, and their knowledge of war as well. Everything I have ever heard on Centaurs proclaims them great strategists, and even though they have short tempers, they think clearly most of the time. They are not easily frightened, and like most races when threatened and thye become scared they do not fight at their full potential. However, Centaurs being as braves and powerful as they are should in no way be wiped out in a period of under 50 years (I believe it was). If your trying to be original then so be it, but your making them sound like pacifists who would rather die then pick up a sword to fight back. Their quick thinking would have automatically made atleast one of the tribes successful in their endeavor and warn the other tribes and eventually band together to make a last stand. Also Orchans being evil and all, I see no reason for the Centaurs to have fought this battle alone. Otherwise nice story
  19. Trying to pull all the major stories together

    Like always I did not read everything down through, mostly just suggestions and questions about already written pieces. Ok, number 1 the ages just like...lol...completely scattered my stories. I wrote a few quests (not that they coincide so much as the stories), but what I was doing was keeping them lined up base on what I thought the times were. So the 5 uncompleted stories that WERE coniciding just got thrown from one age to another lol. My 1st story was thrown to the 2nd age and my second was thrown to the 1st and part of the 3rd lol. I will just have to fix them I would imagine, but its just kinda odd. I will have to read through the stories and piece mine back together. Pfft....also curious as to how you got the title Lyanna? No offense meant just curious. _____________________________________________________________ Just read a few more posts and I found it kind of.....arrogant of you to pretty much say that all other story writers are bust at the moment. _____________________________________________________________ 3rd Edit: Ok hears just some things I am going to offer as a work in progress: Fingolfin Telemnar, married to Elemmir Telrunya, born in Mortosin on the 3rd say of the 15th Quartet (can not name a year as I want to place him somewhere in there as a famous elf, and no I do not want anyone to writ him into a story either I have plans for him lol). Now #1, I need a date he can be place to be at war so I can then determine his birth year and make a story for his following years. Also another suggestion about weapons; Dwarves should be makers or iron-based equipment, humans steel-base equipment, and elves titanium-based equipment . Reasons for this are: -Dwarves were known more for axes an hammers rather then swords of the sorts, and as the hammers are (atm) wooden and iron I figure who better then Dwarves to have that field. -Humans for steel because lets face it, no dwarf is going to make s sword taller then he is right lol. -Elves for titanium, because it is the lightest ore in the game and as such elves should own the titanium equipment because of that fact. Oh yes lets not forget, they are the most knowledgeable of all the races as well, minus the gnomes who are by all standards smarter in most every way. Another suggestion is I am not sure if the great war is meant to be war between the races or what, but it is based in the Age of PEACE lol. And also if it is the war between the races then that is the perfect spot to place my war hero, and I will have to work it into the storyline of Tumaros. Plus, I can only find a handful of the stories talked about in this thread, and I have read all of Kaylian's stories, and 80% of Tumaros, but Airas and Saii's are a little harder to find for me. Last but not least, I think that the 1st age needs its ears shortened. Heres my thoughts on it: 6000 B.G.A-Creation of the world 5985 B.G.A.-Creation of Dragons 5975 B.G.A.-Creation of the Elves 5950 B.G.A.-Creation of the Dwarves 5925 B.G.A.-Creation of the Humans 5920 B.G.A.-Creation of the Gnomes 5910 B.G.A.-Creation of all other Races 5850-5650 B.G.A.-Extermination of the Dragons 5600 B.G.A.-Orchans begin to appear throughout the world, Mortos is sent to the underworld 5300-2300 B.G.A.-Mortos begins to corrupt the Gods 3100 B.G.A.-Mount Polan Erupts 1800-1100 B.G.A.-Mortos teaches Unolas & Selain 1395 B.G.A.-Unolas promoted, Selain declares his own godhood & the beginning of the War of the Gods 1050-300 B.G.A.-Destruction of the Centaurs 150 B.G.A.-Mortos escapes from the Underworld and goes into hiding 38 B.G.A.-Glilin and the Dwarves enter the war 12 B.G.A.-Battle of Portland ~Signing of the Great Agreement and the end of the War of the Gods~ 1 A.G.A.-Elevation of Glilin 213 A.G.A.-The Land of Grubani 412 A.G.A.-Battle at the Gates of Whitestone (a big gap is here, if allowed maybe I can fill in about 200-300 years with Fingolfin maybe, just curious, let me know) 2583 A.G.A.-Mortos comes out of hiding and takes City of Mynadar from the Elves (this is here in case I am able to fill the gap) 2795 A.G.A.-Gondric Mithrilfist leads the Dwarves of Mynadar to reclaim their homeland from Mortos 2795 A.G.A.-Mortos fleas from Mynadar and goes once again into hiding 2796 A.G.A.-Gondric Mithrilfist is appointed King of Mynadar 2937 A.G.A.-Battle for Mynadar an the beginning of Great War 2978 A.G.A.-End of the Great War 3rd age is still small, and I feel it needs no date changes at this time. Just think upon it, it has a few more rational dates fro certain events and fulfills the age more. And also in relation to the Gods races, Aluwen isnt a dwarf derivied name and therefore if she is going to be of the dwarf race I am going to highly disappointed as I am sure others will. Aluwen is more of a human or elf name, more human based on certain context of the name, then it could ever be as a dwarf name. I am just curious if anyone even listens in school anymore, if you did you would know a lot more about writing then you do, no offense meant by that.
  20. EL Calendar

    Like the Ages thing, but writing in and coresponding to others stories based on just 3 ages can be kinda hard and at the same time limit people to when and where they can write about what. I just feel that the way the ages set and the stories you have chosen completely ruin others ways of writing within and around others already made stories....catch my drift. I will wait for a reply on this.
  21. Places of EL

    Starting a new post, just so its not confusing. Place town stories here, so I can read them lol. Theres like 4 posts with diferent stories for town backgrounds, and its just confusing to read through an understand it all sometimes. And I really dont have time to waste looking for new stories so if you would post them here. I will be posting a in depth history of WSC or lakeside maybe in the next 2 hours or so.
  22. Runescape....I will take this one guys. 1. The servers that Jagex has are extremely large and very expandable, and if one server goes down they got 35 other ones so viola you get kicked out an a backup server comes on. 2. The design that Runescape is on is not as advanced as EL and therefore takes up that much less of there humongous server carrier. 3. The amount of land that the player can travel is about....25 steps max, and in EL thats maybe, I say, maybe about from the beam point to the tavern, which is about 3 clicks max if you studder walk. 4. So many people have suggested this before and been denied its gotten burried under in the vast expanses of the forums. 5. When Jagex first started most of the designing was done offline for a long time before it was put onto the web, and they slowly gathered players and soon people were paying to be a member for the promised members only items/quests. So why is Runescape able to do it.....well they got lots and lots of money.
  23. The Wake of A Child

    (Been busy, lots of things have happened, life is finally catching up lol or something like that. My monitoe broke, so I had to gather up some of my money and cart it off to either make more or buy a new monitor...well lets just say $125 wasnt enough to cover the cost of the monitor I wanted. Anywho I found a nice plasma monitor in the paper for $50 and I am back to continue. But I am already late for work so I will do it later, sorry lol)
  24. Nvidia Cards

    I recently DL winXP from win98 and now it runs at 0 fps all the time. Is it because I have a Nvidia video card or what? Whats the problem? I havent loged in EL for like 5 days because of it its really geting annoying. I would like it fixed lol. Ya know.
  25. ...

    Ouch....I will try to catch up tomorrow morning.