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  1. Selling A Physique Removal stone!

    Heya my ingame character is Mango_warrior and im selling a physique removal stone. any offers?
  2. Server Port [SOLVED]

    Thank you.
  3. Server Port [SOLVED]

    Hello, I was changing Server ports from the test server to the real one and I accidentally clicked twice and pressed Alt+x so now i can't log on. Any help pls? (Mango_Warrior)
  4. =( I can't log on to Eternal Lands

    Ok, I'll try Thanks!
  5. =( I can't log on to Eternal Lands

    I know..............But I don't know what it has to do with my new Char. (Mango_Warrior) I kind of learned my lesson, and this game is fun and all. I try not to do anything bad now (againt the rules) Everybody can't be perfect someone sooner or later might break some rules...
  6. =( I can't log on to Eternal Lands

    I don't know what's wrong.... When I get into Eternal Lands it says: Couldn't open the book: books/races/Human.xml! Couldn't open the book: books/races/dwarf.xml! Couldn't open the book: books/races/elf.xml! Couldn't open the book: books/races/gnome.xml! Couldn't open the book: books/races/orchan.xml! Couldn't open the book: books/races/draegoni.xml! Couldn't open the book: books/knowledge/book_of_botanics.xml! Couldn't open the book: books/knowledge/book_of_metallurgy.xml! Then it says I can't log in and press alt+x I keep trying over and over Again, Pls help in anyway...
  7. Solarabyss banned?

    I don't know why Solarabyss is banned im sure that char. didn't do anything against the rules and if so what???
  8. THis is CrAzY!

    Fine im gonna stop now even though the game is so addicting might as well not buy stuff then. Ill go to another game.
  9. THis is CrAzY!

    Can I be pkable instead of banned?
  10. THis is CrAzY!

    I'd rather be pkable instead of banned.
  11. THis is CrAzY!

    But before you get banned dont you like become pkable for a last warning?
  12. THis is CrAzY!

    Yeah but then you said you suggest that I don't do that again and I won't.
  13. THis is CrAzY!

    when i type my user name and password Lunarabyss and my pass it just sits there i cant log on it wont let me log on why not?
  14. A new Spell - The Spirit Dimention

  15. TMK_WN

    While me and littles1 were harvesting bluelupines in PL he dropped lupines in the bag then i sell it, well when little1 got off the bag tmk_wn just got it and sat and waited (might want the bag to dissapear).