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  1. very old players

    Hello, This is Teach (from Wolves) I don't remember why i registered this forum name tho xD but I think I did it after I stop playing If there are any old players from Wolves, *CO*, TM or else who know me, if you like you can contact me via email teach.inbox@gmail.com It would be nice to see what are you guys up to Btw it says that my character doesn't exist ^^ Best regards to all
  2. Who Likes Me?

    Pa jebo te za koje si se pare prodao, znachi neverujem... josh sad ovo.. pa ti si skrenuo :-)) Shta se palish na nju pa si za nju glasao? strashno brate... ^^ Znachi ti ameri ti sprzili mozak mada dosta si bio imun , pa dobro bio si imun zato shto si bio sa nama u EL-u... jeb ga sad kada si nas napustio vish shta se dogodilo. Ala serem , mada ima tu neke istine :-)) REGARDS!!!!!!!!
  3. Capa Banned

    U cant ban some1 if u suspecting that he/she cheating, its crazy. U should ban some1 only but ONLY if u r sure that some1 cheating... U made a mistake cuz u love to ban, u cant wait, u could wait and see and get some more evidence if he/she cheating and only when u r sure then u should ban ppl.
  4. Server Rebooted

    WoW, that is really something.. I fucking lost 6month so what? dont bithing
  5. Weapons

    umm, we gonna speak in the game on PM about that.. easyer..
  6. Weapons

    WEAPONs it's boring when serpent is most powerful weapon in game and all ppl use this cuz that.. u can do something about that... like: serpent Damage: +19 To hit: +8 Defence: +4 all "point" is 31 = 19 + 8 + 4 so can make some axe with this skills: Damage: +23 To hit: +8 Defense: +0 all "point" is 31 = 23 + 8 + 0 that axe probably will use players who have high defense and low attack (u can take 2 points of attack and put it on hit) btw i think u can easly make axe, it not hard ;-) and u can put other similar points for other weapons, that will be more fun to see that players use and others weapon for PKing... And we should to know what vitality (ok for that we know already) and instict do. I mean why i want to incrase my instict if i dont know what it do? u should tell us cuz it's inanity if we dont know.. btw i think instict have some stuff with attack Maybe this was but i want ask again what exactly attack, combat and defense do? attack - to make more damage ? combat - to hit ? def - ? harder to hit? or only absorb? Maybe u should put that stuff (armor, shield, pants, boots, medalion) have and defense (harder to hit) no only absorb...
  7. War event idea

    Roja, what u waiting all this time? :-) Thas is the best idea ever :-))
  8. New storage: WHERE?

    I want storege to be 10m of grim :-) and in this area again can manucaturing and shit... :lol: