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  1. Buying Iron set or peaces of it

    get yourself a efe or an enrichment stone and loader will make you some iron greaves
  2. ReMuS the speed hax runner

    Ok Thought this would be fun Was given 2 speed hax pots by Grim to use in an Event The idea would be the same as a Find reMuS event but with a twist It would be on a smaller map full Pk as usual. I would be running around everywhere and the first to kill me wins what i drop. How fast can you click Only 1 rule is ReMuS is the only one alloud the advantage so no Horses or speed hax pots to be used by other players. What do you think ?
  3. auction

    So you agree cheating has gone on but as far as you are concerned your gona let it happen ??? Why? Handy
  4. auction

    hey he edited his amount rather than putting a new bid in he was 80000 gc lol I had the last winning bid changing an existing bid should make it void Should be a re auction i think
  5. auction

    80,001 gcs come pk me
  6. auction

    I see things dont change on the forums I bid 75kgc
  7. auction

    15kgc and a bag of mint imperials
  8. Buying Iron set or peaces of it

    I dont know how many sets are in game because of efe's being rare But if you dont have any luck, then get on to fe makin and save any efe's or enrichment stones you get. When you have enough Loader will logg on to make you a set.
  9. Weapon auction

    #1 22kgc #3 32kgc
  10. Weapon auction

    #1 18kgc #3 22kgc
  11. Weapon auction

    Odin asked me to bid for him #3 the Scythe 30kgc He said his magic sword is getting boring Handy
  12. I am quitting EL

    Ok Guys this might be a shock for some or a happy moment for others But I have decided to quit EL It's been a great year with all you guys good and bad and I will miss you all Reason for leaving : I need to concentrate on my RL business and I have a lot to do around the home. Why not just take a break ? you might say Well anyone who knows me will tell you, I am addicted to this game and as long as I have accounts I won't be able to resist. I will be around till the end of the month to settle all my affairs But as of February I will no longer be here I Have enjoyed my come back to the game and seeing the birth of the PK Server. It's been fun levelling all my chars but it's all you guys that play regularly that I will miss the most . I might try out Stargate Worlds in the summer when it is released Handyman Thor
  13. I am quitting EL

    I Have already quit I did on this date Jan 17 2009, 03:04 PM Its only a recent post that reactivated this thread I Have only come back twice to help the guys out with the instances and ReMuS has done a few events when i have got board I guess i should think about getting rid of my chars but have just been to busy building my business (which is going great) Pooks nice to see your alive and kicking I still remember the fun we used to have Handy
  14. Monarchy in the PK

    Ok i dont play anymore But that was part of the problem for me on here no one to fight/pk Maybe the server needs more than two factions and this would make pking more interesting At the moment its just Woodehs gang against the rest of the server or atleast have guild wars There you go the future King could create his own days. PK is law day is you see another player be it friend, ally or enemy then you must fight them. and bring the spoils to your King (he will pay you as he see fit) Guild wars day hold events and computions to test his minions abilities If woodeh or segor were to be king would you all follow their rulings or plot to over take their titles Role play can be fun Handy
  15. Monarchy in the PK

    Well what an interesting thread I see you have not taken your pills or did you just take to many This might actually be a good idea for the PK server You have put a lot of thought into this and I can wait to read some responses. In Days of Old the Queen / King would select a champion from there court to fight for them They would joust even have archery contests fight hand in hand to the death Using their evil and good mages to make things interesting Maybe there should be more than one kingdom in this PK world of yours. Does not your Community govern its own set of rules? Forces of good and evil come forward and unite for the day of reckoning is apon us. OK maybe a bit over the top What do you want form your new elected King/Queen of the PK server ? You don’t have to be the strongest player if you have a champion or your own army. But what do your minions want from you ? And what will you want from them? Man I love this shit Have fun guys Handy
  16. Dragon Blade

    I wont be bidding mainly because i dont play But will take a share of the proffits, if its ok And lets plan another instance i will come back for them from time to time Hope yopu are all having fun Handy
  17. I am quitting EL

    i am cool for auctioning it within the group and splitting profit with the loosers Handy
  18. Selling some stuff

    Damm and i was going to Bid on the last day I was going to use B/Stone to make a special sword for a special ReMuS competition Shame bidding ended early Think you guys should make some sort of ruling for these auctions because they never run true to form and always seem to let people down. If not have a buy it now price aswell Binding stone auction starting at 10kgc or 70kgc buy it now (something like that) Handyman
  19. a/d and attribute cap READ B4 U VOTE

    Its good to see you guys have not lost the way on the pk server Would I have stayed if a/d was removed ? I probably would have kept training from time to time But the whole idea of this server was to make sure single players don’t streak ahead, and for those of you that are still training, 100 a/d is not as easy to reach as some of you thought. To kill the larger creatures it takes team work and I felt this was a plus for the server Basicaly on this server you all need each other when it comes to killing high end Mobs, other lvling is for when the server is quiet . As for dragon armour I think the real problem there is the shortage of ings ( Binding stones mainly). I had most of the ings for full red dragon armour before I left which I turned into swords for you. Dragon scales are not a problem with team work Maybe the question here should be : Now that the server has evolved passed the sticks and stones lvl, is it time to open radu’s shop ? and if so what restrictions would still be needed. You have players with the lvls to manu/craft/summon but no ings and you all fear breaking the armours you have maybe it’s time to make them more readily available. Just my 2 cents did not vote Handy
  20. Nothing New?

    If it was for the good of the server and no personal benifit then maybe it might Hi Guys Even though i dont play anymore (RL Calls) I still read the forums and try to keep up to date with things. We have talked and typed about Ideas and ways of promoting the PK Server many times The server has everything that players were asking for on main over a year ago (the reason for its existance) Except the main thing (a high player base) It has evolved since it was born just over a year ago, small changes have been made, levels have increased stronger weapons / armours have appeard We have all tried to promote the server in our own ways but most players say the reason why they dont stay is because it does not have enough players Maybe its time for Admin to post some ideas Im sure the PK community will help anyway they can The problem the pk server players have is what they are aloud to and not to do in the way of promoting on the main server. Maybe a big promotion drive from Admin, the running of some events for the new players to get them started Please dont take this as a dig against Admin its not meant that way, But the pk info bot seems like a good idea so why dont Admin place their own info bot on main this way it would be offical and after the initial set up will be low maintanance. To sum everything up PK server palyers are willing to do what ever they can But i feel a big promotion drive from Admin and them both working together is the only way Miss you all Handyman
  21. I am quitting EL

    Thanks to all those that were able to show up for my final day I will miss you all Take care and keep building them lvls Remember its only a game but the friends we make are for real Handy Thor
  22. My last day in Eternal lands

    Thinking of my final day here in Eternal Lands Who's up for a party ? It will start around 21:00 GMT on Sunday 1st February I will hold some events with good prizes Only rule i ask for is no Brods If you turn up with brods then some players wont join in / also its a good time to forget about alliences Everyone PK Handy : This will be in KF so no drops you won't have to worry about Rosto's and can keep coming back for more. The idea is you all attack me I will be guild less so everyone on the server can attack If you die then come back for more When I die -- well just attack each other Those of you who don't want to fight can take some pics for the forum Finding ReMuS: yes the old favourite will be back try to find him as he runs around the map and kill everyone you see on the way . He will be stacked full of goodies as usual. ReMuS will be loaded with all kind of goodies and what he drops is yours For the new players ReMuS is the weakest player in the game so he's easy to kill even if you have only started playing today you can still kill him Bag Jump Handy : Back by popular demand. Everyone loved this event and I will have alot of goodies to give away This is another good one for new players and strong alike Might be an idea to buy some rings as the tele room will be a dangerous place I will give you the cords to handy's bags and you go find the map just watch out for other pkers Prizes will include mols armor stones gold coins and watch out for a cutty or maybe even better (was going to make full red dragon armor before leaving but thought some more swords on the server would be better) Make sure you are here for 21:00 GMT events will start at 21:30 GMT Also we might have a guest apperance from Kill Kaldoon see you all there Handyman
  23. My last day in Eternal lands

    Had a great time now the server has some more cutlass, orc slayers, mols and lots more stuff The events went on well into the early hours for me But managed to get 3 hrs sleep before getting up to sort my kids out for school Hope you all enjoyed it It ended with us doing the first instance in the game and this time it worked lol We belive we had 1 mob to go well half a mob think it still had 10k hp left But manage to get over 30kgc and a dragon blade out of it Loads of fun and a great way to finnish my time in el Ty Guys Handy
  24. My last day in Eternal lands

    Ok have updated this thred so get making those he's and srs and we will see you there Handy
  25. PK server now has Dragon Blade

    Wanted to leave with a bang and Loader has come through again Today with good astro he made the first Dragon Blade Pic Below