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  1. My buying/selling thread

    did you sell the serp stones ?? # if not i will buy them Handy
  2. Selling a few items

    catch me in game i will buy jagged saber 85k crown of life 80k steel cuisses 40k steel greaves 40k 245k pk server gc Thanks handy
  3. PK items from Shop

    That's probably true, but I think it's in Entropy's best interest if the information is easily accessible (rather than having to search for it). Also, weren't the invasion meters 2 for $1 (http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...st&p=504307)? The break a bit to easily for $1 each. This has now been granted by radu Items available from the shop so far Rosto $1 Invasion meters $10 for 20 Vial molds $1 Arrow head molds $1 Alembic's $1 Name changes $10 also posted this before on this link http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...49894&st=20 Handy
  4. GC Buying & Selling

    If the problems are with black market trades then make the El shop available to sell players gc and make certain item's and services buyable using in game gc's Ok this would have to be monitored at first and balanced out 1: you will be trading directly with Ent (no worries about getting scammed) 2: If you want to power lvl you can but with Ent making the profit not other players 3: This would stop so many Char buyers (Buying up chars stripping their assets and then reselling the char for a RL$$ profit) 4: This could be good for Pker's as some shop deals could be set to help them 5: This system could also be monitored and adjusted to help the economy in EL A certain amount of black market trading can be monitored. Large amounts of gc passing between chars / char buying and selling / Multiplay. I know I would rather Ent make a profit out of me playing this game than other players, especial if it helps to improve the game and keeps it going Just my 5 cents worth Handyman Edit by Aisy: Normal font please, that was a pain to read, bigger pain to edit and we have a rule about that: Rule #7 here: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=13949 (next time i'll just delete the post)
  5. Graphics driver keeps crashing

    Hi can anyone suggest anything I love playing this game but my graphics drivers keep crashing I keep getting different messages sometime its open GL other times its Nvl The last message was this NVIDA OpenGL Driver encountered an unrecoverable error and must close this application Error 14 It only happens with El not any other programs I am running a single nvidia GeForce 9500gt pci express sli graphics card (pcie2.0 dual-dvi sli hdcp hdtv) 1024mb 128bit gddr2 directx10.0 I have tried loading the latest drivers from nvidia, also tried runing drivers that came with the card, also tried normal windows update, i have shut down other aplications when playing but nothing seems to work. Any one have any idea's am running vista 32 bit home o/s have phem amd quad core pross 4 gigs ram Thanks Handyman
  6. Graphics driver keeps crashing

    yeh tried that poor man didnt seem to make any difference the pk server runs ok no issues with proformance but every now and then the driver just crashes and it dont seem to make any difference if i have 1 or 4 windows open does not seem to be any pattern to it. It might happen when i open storage or if i just leave afk harvesting or the worse time is when im fighting high end mobs lol today i have tried loading the most recent drivers again will see if that helps
  7. TY Entropy

    Yeh thanks Ent we have a happy server Even got a new player yesterday Thanks again Handy
  8. Hi Ent any chance of our own update section Pls Came on today to find out we had an update last night but aint got a clue what we did or didnt get. read through the more recent updates that the main has got, and I see we have some more recent but not some of the older updates, i.e. we got the ip storage dated 11 may on main but not gathering meds dated 28th april I know it takes a while to sort out but it would be cool to know whats happening or when we are getting stuff like on the main server. Also rumurs on here is that we might be getting merc spawn back and the mini events removed would be nice to here it from you thanks for your time handy
  9. PK Server mini event bug

    Sorry didnt know where to post this as its a PK server Problem But when my char has a mini event the special effect he gets when harvesting still carries on even though he does not harvest anymore Not sure if that is meant to happen or if its a bug Ty Handyman
  10. Ent can we have our own game update section pls

    If you read the post from the begining its not complaining All i was asking for was a section so we know when and what updates we get. and i was told to put my money where my mouth is. If Admin or Ent want to make more $$ from this server its up to them to promote it and find ways of getting more players on here. A lot of players would buy second or third chars here (or get someone else to buy them for in game gc) especialy if mini events were removed as muling and trading between char on the same ip (multi play) is aloud over here. So i still think having the first char free would be the best way of promoting the server if not organising events on main and giving away free chars it has worked in the past.
  11. Ent can we have our own game update section pls

    ` That's not even covering additional work he has to do for what you have now, much less any updates or changes The only way this server would make Ent $$ would be to allow the first char free then $5-$10 for every alt after that. This would also bring alot more players to this server which in turn meens more $$ for rosto's and other shop bought items. But i do understand the more negitive posts here. This is a pay to play server and for that reason alone we should be kept informed about whats happening. Its not the players (that have paid to play this games) fault its not making the owner $$. More players more promotion more $$ for Ent
  12. Ent can we have our own game update section pls

    I dont understand why you want us to pay for update info ? All im asking for is a update section with the odd post saying udate you got this ,this, and this, will try to sort this and that out over the next week or so. just so we know what is happening I do understand our updates will take a while as this server does not bring in much revenue and it is very time consuming. It would just be nice to know what updates we have been given and if there will be any changes made Handy
  13. I want the mercury back

    This topic was about buying vial,arrow molds and alembics from the shop This has now been granted by radu Items available from the shop so far Rosto $1 Invasion meters $10 for 20 Vial molds $1 Arrow head molds $1 Alembic's $1 Name changes $10
  14. buying enrichment essences from shop

    must admit the better the spoils the more eager i would be senzon
  15. buying enrichment essences from shop

    The server is already flooded with high end stuff mainly from instances and the reason why tit and great swords were removed from npc at the begining of the game was to stop players gaining a cheap advantage and to keep the Pk alive. At the begining a cutty would rule now it would not make much effect I can understand both side's of this But the main question here is would making enriched ess available from shop help the server grow in numbers. Some players have left because they are unable to get the ings to make these items even the new players asking for Iron plate cuisses and greaves are told no sorry because we dont have any efe's to make them. The days for sticks and stones on this server have long past. Maybe some changes are now due on this server. Anyone who has left because the can get items made be you good or bad if you have the ings Loader will mix for you. Handyman What are the negetives about having enriched ess available from the shop ?
  16. Pk Server strategy

    I Have started this thread so people can ask advise about Pk server strategy and also share their wisdom. Message for Admin It would be cool if we could have a Pk Server strategy section under pk server on the Forum so the thread wont get lost as a section like this could help new players and old Master Pitters A/D training post would be good here Important Point to note When you reach the A/D cap you wont get anymore exp for A/D so in theory you wont get O/A exp for it either so if you need to reset do it now as reseting near the cap means you wont get your O/A back up The best way to raise you O/A after cap i guess would be with Alc. 1: What do you all think of this? 2:Will you still spend hours killing Mobs with no exp just hoping for a drop or will you spend your time looking for players to Pk ? Just something to think about Handyman Thor
  17. I want the mercury back

    I have had a pm reply from Radu saying "If others agree, sure" I asked him if he had made a decision about selling vial,arrow mold and alembics via the shop for $1 each. If so i would get 10 of each for the server So i guess its up to the server now No point in a vote thread because they always go wrong so i suggest just post here yes or no and we will see what the majority want So if you play the pk server then yes to buy them from the shop or no Thanks Handy I say yes
  18. Pk Server strategy

    As far as I know I am the only one on the server that has reached the cap so I will try to make it clear to everyone. I am 98/100 a/d and when I leveled up to defense 100 I stoped getting defense experience. This means, I can train 1 hour and get 200k+ attack xp but 0 defense xp. As you all should know by now, Over All level is the sum of all experience gathered from all other skills, not getting any attack/defense xp means there is nothing to add to OA. When a player gets 100/100 levels in a/d they will have to get experience from other skills to be able to level up their OA. I was a bit frustrated at first, but I tend to like the result in this. People will level other skills, they will have to think better how to distribute their pick points and above all, since farming for items with no xp is boring, there will be even more PKing between high level characters. I don't have much time to play anymore, but I believe that people could even train more characters from scratch to get a "better" build after knowing this server better. I love this server Shouldn´t the same logic be applied here? http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=37454 Is the PK server a special thing? If you read my thread u come to the conclusion that even if u hit the cap u still get OA exp... But in your case that doesn´t happen, as i said, maybe it´s a special definition on PK server? Will that happen if we hit the 180 cap here?? Radu said i wouldn´t. This is an old thread that needs up dating . Now we have reached the A/D cap we have found out that we do still get over all experience. The attack and defence exp stops at 100 but the over all still go's up. Which would have been nice to know before I took mirror perk and glow perk (looking for mirror and glow perk removal stones) lol So some advise when you reach the A/D cap don't do like I did and set your char to kill Hi end mobs and Pk, keep it set for training. That way you will still get good O/A exp which means more Pp's to spend on att's. So Recap: Yes you do get O/A exp from A/D training just no more A/D exp when you reach the 100 cap on the Pk server It is different from main in many ways (Rules, what you can buy from the shop, updates, moderation and more) Handyman
  19. I want the mercury back

    I think the idea of the merc in kf originaly was to help with pking, on main players faught over the resorce. When kf was turned into a no drop map there was no risk in getting the merc The idea of vial molds arrow molds and alembics is so we can harvest and make our own stuff. Which does not happen on this server because of the ings to make these item are so rare and expensive also the break rate don't help. Having them available in the shop will get them being use like they were surposed to be in the begining I still like the idea of a low lvl mobs dropping merc like gargs were suggested Handy
  20. I want the mercury back

    cool can we buy the arrow head mold too pls This way we can use the items to make are own stuff like it should be Handy (saving my $$ )
  21. I want the mercury back

    pretty easy to buy other stuff we make to But whats the point of having stuff in game if we cant/dont use it.
  22. I want the mercury back

    Easy make Alemdic buyable from the npc along with vial molds and arrow bolt head molds. Or make them available from Radu's shop at an affordable price. Pk server is different from the main server. The ings to make these items are more rare and are no way cost effective How much gc is an efe worth on main server ? On the Pk server they go for 10-12kgc Also on the main server players buy enriched ess from Radu's shop which keeps plenty in the game So the best options are either buy the Alemdic, vial molds and arrow bolt head molds from Radu's shop like we can now have invasion meters or have them sold on a npc (this way you still need to read books and have lvls to use them) Merc spawn was to easy and made even easyier in a no drop map Another idea make a MOB drop merc just like spiders drop thread. Handy
  23. auction

  24. auction

    85kgc my bid Handy
  25. Ant School Hi guys I'm sorta back lol I think it's time to get the ants to work for the server. The ants are pretty much the same as us they train and read books just like us Check out the info site http://el.other-life.com/pkants.html On this site there is a section called Knowledge Some of the ants have read some books and here is where you will find what books they have read. The idea is to work as a server and get these guys trained up. It's no good everyone buying loads of books, we will have to organise it a bit buying selected books for different ants otherwise they will just drop them. I know this post is my Idea but I need some ant teachers that can over see their training. Players that live online would be cool. Job vacancies: Ant Headmaster / Head mistress Teachers / Trainers Education Grant Odin will help fund the ants education but donations will always be excepted Learner: do you have any input on this, your knowledge of the ants would be good. Is the idea even feasible? Ok that's about it So if you are a hardened pk server player or want to get involved then post you name and any ON TOPIC comments that you have Handy