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  1. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    I would just like to say when this server was first talked about, SL7 asked me to come back to EL to be apart of a great new sever with loads of old school PKing. At the time is was what everyone on the main wanted. Like the discussions is see you are all having now over there. But most of them missed their high end armor and weapons and all the work they had to do to biuld new chars. This could be a great opportunity for many of you to play both servers and this server already has many of the things you are talking about. but this time you will be able to copy a char over so no need to spend a year or 2 building one I have read all the comments the pro's and con's of this idea an do understand the concerns of some of you. Yes it will change the server maybe for good or maybe for a while we would have to see and yes ProHibited we have all worked hard leveling our chars for someone to pay $$ to bring an already leveled char over (one thing i will say that char would have had time spent on it to get it to that level on main). My Vote is YES for the proposal One stipulation i would have liked to of added and maybe Radu will take into account This would be no good if only a 1 or 2 players got a char copied over from the main server so maybe a minuim to start it off. Similar to when the pk server was originally started we needed at least 100 players interested before Ent would start it At least 20 char's needed to be in the first batch to come over here to start this idea then individually after that Handyman
  2. Who knew SPAM had an expiration date?

    gratz to you all hurry back you guys Handy
  3. Another idea to add people

    Yes its a copy so the mains player still has its origanal char on the mains server and the copy on the PK server just like when they are copied to the test server. We understand the change it will have on the PK server this is why the decision is a hard one but with under 10 active players on here now and no idea's left on how to get more people over here to play I guess this is the best option left. The server has seen changes before. The so called community rules. the main one was no attacking during invasions but this was when The_piper was doing regular invasions and it was the highlight of the server. I personaly think this will give the server the chance to become what it was meant to be in the first place a PK server If not what do we have left and where will we be in another 6 months? Ok this is my views but i think others share them too. You might want to check with the powers that be first But any form of advertising this must be a good idea If not a vote at least a thread players can say yes on the thread but that is up to you. Handy Bkc will clarify when he loggs on as he is the person that has had discussions with Ent on this
  4. Bot payments

    PK Server Bot .......Odin Owner....Handyman I had thie bot placed just over 1 year ago on the pk server and got it double blessed at the same time. Reading back through this thread has just got me confused. as it was double blessed does that meen 3 years before renewal? I guess all i need to know is do i owe any money if so how much so i can get up to date if not a possible date for renewal would be cool thanks Handyman
  5. Another idea to add people

    I don't even know 10 active players on here at the moment alone 19 so don't go by that at the moment. As we have discussed this through there will be some changes to the original post and a new vote will be made but it will be a post vote i.e we will all post are votes on a new thread with the new advised proposal that Bkc is working out. That way we can see who is voting and see who is active and who is not i can get 8 people i know right now that are able to vote how many do you know. so these type of vote are never true. But i do agree a thread on the main server forum would be good to spread the word about this idea maybe as you are mains player you or one of the other's could do it. Handy
  6. Another idea to add people

    I am happy with the roll back idea but!!!!! How easy is that to do? what does Ent have to do to find when the char was at that level? is it a click of a button or does he have to search through a load of stuff? The roll back idea is out of our hands what you need to do is get enough players that want it then aproach Ent about it yourselfs. we cant keep bugging him about it. So that part is up to the mains players now. Also like the pk players have said it would not be 100 a/d it would be 80-90 a/d at the highest so mains players would still have some work to do over here. So any other possitive stuff Handy
  7. Another idea to add people

    agreed Bkc also its nice to have some comments from mains players nice to here from you guys I dont know if i read this wrong, but just to be sure char's would be copied to the pk server so you would be able to play both servers and not leave one for the other. All you main server people talk about this in your guilds and to your guild masters if this did take off they might want their guild represented on this server too. keep up the good work guys Handy
  8. Another idea to add people

    Chris my main reason is magic levels where on the pk server the a/d cap is 100 and we stopped training on mobs our magic levels have stayed around 60-70. If you have levels of 100+ in a/d then your magic level is going to go higher. So the only other option would be to reduce magic levels as well as a/d in that case. So 100+ a/d main server players would will have a/d reduced to 80-90 where ever would be decided and magic reduced to 50-60. Is this not getting more and more complicated? and how much adjustment would Ent be prepared to do Handy
  9. Another idea to add people

    I agree with LewisCarroll This is a great idea the initial post could do with refining as we have had a chance to talk about this and discuss different options point out potential problems. 1: I propose no skill to be over 80 not just a/d. for copied chars from main 2: Any proposed changes to the server i.e buying more stuff from the shop like enriched ess, binding stones, bringing back weapon and armor npc's and so on can not be put forward for the first 6 months 3: Mains chars arrive with storage wipe and 0-20 o/a 4: Maybe a time limit on how long this offer is open to the main server to see what response we have and how it effects the server. (like a trail before its open completely) We still need to generate interest on the main server so maybe if this was approved then a post in the main server section about this would be good if possible This way like lewis said players that dont have the time to level or are to far out of reach of the top guys on main could come over here and be a top player also even top players from main could get a friend to copy a lower level char over to here for them. feel free to comment if you think anything needs to be added to this proposal or if you disagree with it Handy
  10. Another idea to add people

    Which hand did you want me to use to count the currant players on The way i see it all this about halfing players skills and people are still talking about bring 120+ chars over here and reducing a/d. The simple solution would be only chars up to 80 or 90 a/d can be copied over that way everyone will still have some work to do before they reach the cap. If you are from main and your char is to high to copy over im sure you know someome with a char that would fall into the catogry that you could use over here. As for all the other skills, yes we on the pk server have worked hard over the past 2 years raising are lvls players with alc over 100, pot,manu,craft over 70. and its good to be high on the leader bored but what is the point if there are only 5-6 players online and very little resorcess to make good armour/weapons. I would be happy to be lowered in the tables if it meant getting more players on here. having someone to fight with or against. players wanting to buy he's and srs's again. Maybe even turning this server into the server it was meant to be in the first place. Handy
  11. Another idea to add people

    we were talking in channel about all this yesterday and these were the main concerns and question if chars were copied over from main 1: Could they be any level a/d on main? i.e 120 a/d on main but reduced to 100 a/d when copied. The main problem here is magic lvl's as we stop training a/d over here at 100 a/d so then to raise magic levels we have to train magic separately so it does not grow as fast as it would like it does on main. I guess the highest lvl magic over here at the moment after 2 years is around 70. 2: Could their be a reduction on the transfer. what is meant by this is say a 100 a/d or all char is reduce by 10 or 20 % so they arrive at 80-90 a/d giving the new arrivals some work still to do also it would save them getting bored coming here with out any leveling to do. I personally think this would mean alot of work for radu also a more simple solution would be to lower the limit copied to up to 80 or 90 a/d chars. 3: exploiting this idea Players selling their copies to other players if they dont want to come here themselves I cant see how this would effect the PK server as It would still mean more players here also only one copy of any char can only be made so if chars that change hands on main after they had been copied then they would not be copied again. 4: storages and o/a levels Bkc can you just confirm i think in your original post the the idea was that all copied chars would arrive with no storage and 0 o/a so the would have some work to do. was that the idea? 5: Players that have playing the pk server and raising craft, manu, engin e.t.c suddenly have new people arriving with higher levels. also how would this effect the economy. This is one of the main concerns at the moment the bots set the price on here as the 3 bot owners keep to the same prices. so this could change but as it stands when was the last time someone sold some stuff on the pk server alot of players are self sufficient and more players wont effect that if anything with pk rising mixers would start getting some work Handy
  12. Another idea to add people

    Before we even decided to or not to go ahead with this idea i guess we should be looking to see if anyone would want to come over here from main. I know this is part of the vote that Bkc has placed Maybe someone who plays this server and has a mains char to could chat with guild masters over on main about the post and see if they would want to start up their guild over here or send some members over here to start it. I have played many games that have more than 1 server and you tend to have the same alliances/ guilds fighting for supremacy. Also By making the server busier you will start getting some of the old players back here. I just checked the players on line i would say today is a good day there are 14 chars on line so i would say 5 or 6 people playing at the moment. speaks for its self really also wander how many is afk. Handy
  13. Another idea to add people

    Hi Existing Pk server players You all need to ask yourself are you happy with the amount a people playing this server? How many will still be here in 1 month, 2 months or 6 months? For all the mixers out there this would maybe give you someone to sell your stuff to. For all the players with PK running through your blood this will give you more people to fight and win/loose against. For all the afk harvesters Bad luck your world has just changed. If this worked it would really spice up the server, wake up a few players and get them interacting in the game more instead of being afk all the time. Main server players All you 0-80 a/d players who want to lvl fast and be a top players don't forget there is a 100 a/d cap so it can be achieved in a reasonable time. Well all you 80-100 a/d Players want to be top dog or have fun trying for $15 not transfer but copy you mains char to the Pk server so you can still play both servers. This is a great opportunity to have fun playing 2 different ways and you will never get bored. Main server guild masters Pick 4 or more of your best men and send them over Let them carry your flag/guild name onto the pk server and make an impression. Spend an extra $10 and get 2 more chars so you can harvest mix and make gc don't forget mullti play is ok over here trade between your chars and muling is ok to. No cool down is also fun. Things to Consider for present Pk server players if this went ahead. At the moment we pretty much call the shots and radu lets us make a lot of decisions as to what happens with the server i.e. the stuff available to buy from the shop and what some of the npc's sell. This could change with more players being involved in the decision. So maybe we need to say things must stay as they are for now and any new proposals to change the server can not be made for the first 6 months or something like that. At least by then new players would have been playing for a few months and earned the opportunity to vote on such options. I would imagine if I was a new player to the server and had copied a char over from the main then I would want access to all the best weapons and armour. ( you do still have the instances which could help new players from main server) Things to consider from mains copied players Turning up on the server with no inventory/storage. How will you start over here? (is it possible for all players have a starter storage basic armor some he's e.t.c you know what i am talking about) or in the transfer deal they also get 1 new char so they can get started. Makin gc is easy especial if you have some alts. I Think everyone will have different views about this idea You have the ones that play on a day to day basis, some maybe once a week, some maybe as a get together once in a while, others just sit here afk, and you have the players that don't really play anymore but will want to have their say just encase they ever decided to come back. I say anything that spices this server up and turns it into the server I wanted to play at the beginning cant be a bad idea. since I came back I have started lvling again but most of the time Handyman sits in Bev on c2 afk whilst I play another game and I just check him and heal him every 20-30 mins sometimes longer and see what drop I got from the d/c. Bkc mentioned about pk server players that had worked hard lvl and then someone from mains coming and threatening their No1 slot I say competition is what makes the game fun. Also i think you can lvl faster on pk server than you can on the main server so i dont see how it would work building a char on main just to take over to the pk server. Handy
  14. Auction for Cutty

    Chris we are only having a joke and messing around we all know there is no auction You really do need to take a chil pill go beat up a yetis or a dragon it works for me chill out bruv
  15. Auction for Cutty

    hey my 30k is still winning the auction that aint on so there
  16. Auction for Cutty

  17. Auction for Cutty

    20k when does action edn ??
  18. Auction for Cutty

  19. I Was asked to make this post

    Hi guys I'm back not 24/7 but will be on most days if only for a while. The reason for this post 1 To get up to speed with all the changes 2 Because i was asked to start and old discussion off First thing on my return I was bombarded with messages do you have? can you make? have you got? Before anyone says i dont have the right as i have just returned. I just want to say everyone that was on today ask me to make this post. Same old thing its about Binding stones, Efe's, great swords, Today the players on were talking about the usual stuff like how things could change and how would it help the server and maybe get more players here I ask you before you do comment maybe talk about it in game first then make your post as clear and sensible as possible, what i meen by this is if you just want to slag off the server or complain about someone then pls dont. This is a chance to have an adult discussion about something on the minds of most of the players. Binding stones should the finding rate increase or should the be available from the shop? the same go's for enriched essences. Great sword seller should he be returned? Please share you views and ideas also how you may think it will help or even make things worse. If you dont play the PK server is it because of these reasons? Is there alot of questions and ideas? then this is the time to share them Be productive people Handy Thor
  20. I Was asked to make this post

    Well there you have it 1: If you want the higher percentages then get year ass out there and mix more or harvest more and increase your chance lmao. 2: Take the arti perk on your mixer or wear a cloak if someone has one, increase your chances. 3: For Ent to increase the rates As for buying them from the shop and or npc's its not what majority wants And the buying of tit armor and great swords from npc's will just upset all the manuers that have worked had and leveled their char to be able to make the stuff Handyman
  21. Attribute Removal Stones

    The idea is to build your char the way you want it to be. I didnt cut any corners and have worked hard to keep my char the way it is. For those that buy already lvled chars then by a decent one that does not need change or allow the time to #reset. The idea of buying a char then buying a load of stones of Ent to change it the way you want i think is wrong. I know its a pain not having all the stones you want and yes they are hard to get but thats what you get when you buy char and dont lvl them yourself You are lucky there are stones available to change your char When i took the perks i have, i did on the understanding that i would not get anymore exp for a/d fighting and the found out i still get the o/a exp. so now i would love to get rid of the glow in the dark and mirror perks and get back to training o/a but those stones are not available and #reset is not an option for me. Have votd NO!
  22. I Was asked to make this post

    Ok i was going to post last, but seeing what your guys are saying and talking to other players this is my views on the matter. If you want good Armour or weapons then you should either work hard lvl your chars then make the stuff your self or you should pay in game gc's to someone that has already leveled in that field to make it for you. Just to buy from a npc would be to easy What is the point in working hard and getting the high end levels if someone can just go buy the stuff for next to nothing. The only other way is to make the items really expensive from npc's so it would still be profitable to make them, But i still think you should have to work hard or rely on another player that has worked hard to get these items. Or what is the point we just as well sell everything from npc's for 1gc and we will all stay at lvl 1 in every skill. The main problem is the rarity of enriched ess, Binding stones and serp stones. This is what holds us back on here. How can we get around this? 1: Make them available to buy from the shop using $$ / but then players with $$ will have an advantage over the players that dont have $$. 2: Get more players playing the Pk server and you will get more rare items in the game / This also wont work because the more players the more high end gear they will want and it will never balance out. 3:make stones and enriched ess available from an npc / This will keep their price the same but then they are no longer rare so this wont work. 4: increase the drop rate of the stones and enriched essence / This seems to be the most popular of all, but how much would you want them increased? 5: what about making it more random make is possible for any mob to drop one of the rare items. This can be adjusted to keep up with demand and even new players killing rabbits might get a chance. Ok there are a few ideas and possible arguments I mostly like the ideas of No 4 or if possible No 5. But has Radu any ideas on this - It his server and he has to make it profitable for him (It costs real life $$ to keep these games going) and also all the hard work with up dates and constant monitoring. This is the other arguement about buying from the shop for $$. is there a happy medium? Handy Thor
  23. Selling Cutlass

  24. PK Server Ranking/Online Pages

    i voted 1: yes 2: all skills 3: no Handy
  25. buying and selling

    Loader is doing lots of lvling pots craft manu He wants to get pots to creature food lvl so selling lots of sr,s 15gc each If you want to place an order then do so here or see me in game will complete it asap can make craft manu summoning pots to (price to be arranged) same for any other items you might want craft / manu / Will make all things Do you want 20 aug sets or 10 steel chains for training how about Diss and damage rings, even mmd rings Mols, special swords, good armor Loader can make it all but you might need to supply the rare items as these are hard to find Also buying Water ess from 1k to 20k all animal furs meat and bones ele's,efe's,eme's as many as i can get Stones enriched,serp,binding and nexus removal Pm me ingame or leave a gossip message I will pay well Also if you want to alc for me i can supply the ings and will pay you to. (we's he's silver bars needed) As i supply the ings i will pay 2kgc for each 1k ess made and 3kgc for each 1k bars made Thanks Handy