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  1. This is true fighting a load of bears as well as chris meant nothing i let the take away my mana and then quickly hit 2 srs one after another then restored during the fight Chris even came along with an alt dropped a bag and then jumped on to it to restock. good idea i never thought of that but this means that only Tac tic that works on the pk server is to use and alt to restock during the fight. When i got down to 3 srs i dropped 4 bear stones dissed and moved to a safe area. we were fighting what seemed to be over Half an hour i don't know if anyone got the real time. My char is set up for multi attacks and with no cool down on srs's i can handle 5-6 or even more yetis at a time. as long as i keep my mi on at all times i don't see how anyone can pk me in a fight. Chris did kill my Char at the store after when i went afk he said is was exploiting a bug. Apparently if you set a load of mines near someone then jump on them yourself in activating them you also kill players around you with the one perk. So to sum this up if you fight wearing a red cloak and use mi i cant see anyway of killing a player in PK on this server no matter what stones you have or if its multi attacks So all you that keep saying the pk server has different tac tics now is you time to share How do you propose to pk a top player on the pk server who is wearing a red cloak and using mi? On main i remember how we would have another players next to the fight so as the person you were fighting dissed the other player attacked them then they had to fight and wait till the cool down came back to use another ring this worked well to kill high end players but we dont have cool down on rings so its useless over here, Handy
  2. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    I am still up for the copying idea I just think more needs to be looked into it. What we need is Ents views on this and what he is willing to do, a clarification of what will happen and what wont. there still many questions un answered Like i keep saying unless 30+players want to copy there chars over then i don't think they will stay anyway and as for getting pkers over here then we will have to listen to them and what they want. What i think would be the best idea at the moment would be for Radu or even Asgnny to make a post in the main forum if he makes it then it will be taken seriously. Asking mains players what they would want to come over here or to be copied over here and what would make this server more attractive to them. then see what they come up with. From that Radu would decide what would be for the best for both us and then and put the proposal to us. But if either of these guys are prepared to put some time into this we would probably have to have some give and take if we want to make this place a busier one Handy
  3. Some times I ask myself where do some people come up with these ideas. Either I'm drunk to understand it in a way that I consider it another stupid idea, or someone else was drunk when they typed! Yes I can be aggressive with words some times. Why on Teh God's Realm would anyone want a PK server resembling the Main one? If we did, why go on the PK Server one? All those who like Pking on main do it because they know when they are going to do it. They just can't stand the idea of being PKed without a full inventory and uber weapons and armor, otherwise the PK Server would be full already, but it's not. Having a different server, with different aspects, was what made me change after 2 years playing a character with decent skills and start from scratch. But, I'm probably not setting my point or anything... Like you have said many times you are not a pker and never wanted to be So I guess you never really understand the excitement of actual Pking. On the pk server There is no real skill to Pking no real excitement to pking and to be honest its plain boring. At the beginning when levels were low yes everyone was going around killing each other and the excitement was there. But now there is no such thing on this server unless you like going around killing harvesters. Its not about High end weapons and armor its about tac tics and actual player set up making use of what is available, quick reactions, Its about getting your Adrenalin going. This server was meant to have all that and to get to that stage still needs fine tuning and can be achieved. It will always resemble the main because its basically the same game. But even you call it the PK server so surely it should resemble Pking? If you want a mixing server or a walk in the park server then maybe the main server is better suited to you. I want the PK server to become what it was meant to have been a PK server no just a walk in the park server yeh great i can kill a ice dragon with my 100 a/d, I think i was in my 70's a/d when i killed my first one just by click them srs one after another LMAO I'm Da man what is next for me to fight'. Where is the challenge? Anyway the cooldown Idea, i had a response from Ent and he said either we have cool down on everything or we keep it the way it is SO cool down just on rings and pots is not an Option at this stage Handy
  4. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    when i voted yes this is what i posted And i think that is valid What am not sure about at the moment is how many people are actually interested in this idea from the main server I personally would have liked more feed back from them and get some sort of idea of how many would want to come over here and play if any. What i dont want to happen is for this to go ahead and find out all we get is some players copying chars just to make some $$ and ending up with no higher player base than we have now. OK some of the people that play here now are more likely to stay if they can copy a higher lvl char over. But I'm not sure its worth the risk. Also the idea of putting cool down on pots and rings (which would help pk also bring more interest to this server from main) I got a reply from Ent and respect his decision. we could have either one or the other as it is now or cool down back on everything which would include food so that is not an option So i am changing my vote to No Unless the stipulation i have mentioned was in the proposal At least 30 new players were to be copied over in the first lot Handy
  5. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    Ok the tally so far reads Yes: = 14 No: = 8 Abstain: = 1 so i guess its last chance saloon if you either need to vote or change your mind or come up with a better proposal Handy
  6. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    KoDdy and Piggy both been added to the vote total Handy
  7. Return of ReMuS

    Ok guys will try to remember ReMus's password lol If i get chance with hold a ReMuS event Sunday evening GMT Will update this post as soon as i have a time Handy
  8. Return of ReMuS

    Ok guys today sunday 1st Nov 21-00 GMT Thats the time my ReMuS event will start Handy
  9. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    I have taken that as a NO ans edited the post accordingly Handy
  10. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    up dated Handy
  11. non stackable pots

    As it not worth me putting these on odin i can still make if you need but there will be a minimium amout Manu 50 pots for 2000gc summoning pots 50 pots for 5000gc Craft pots 50 pots for 7000gc Engine pots 20 pots for 6000gc forum pm me or catch me in game thanks Handy
  12. non stackable pots

    ok will make sure i have 100 when i get back from work mate catch you online Trade done have fun
  13. Another idea to add people

    The main worry is players that already play just copy over their high end mixers from main of maybe fighter so yes more chars but no more players that is why i posted the following when i said yes to the proposal It says 20 but maybe it would be better at 30 and instead of chars it should of said new players i.e mains people that dont currantly play over here Handy
  14. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    Votes for PK Char Copy Proposal Guys i know this is a very importaint step for the Pk server and loads of discusions are still going on. So below i have put a summory of the votes so far. If you are having second thoughts you are still able to post and change your vote Bkc will run this for a little while longer for you all to make sure you are all sure on your votes. Yes Patriot/Talon18 Bkc56 Goot/Bromber Chris Requiem Petroc Rogue Cyprom Shadow Spike Theno1jackass Andi_ROX KoDdy Piggy No ProHibited Rotation Yaser Area Dht DarkGuard Lewis carrol Handyman (Unless minimum of 30 new players were copied in the first batch then it would be a yes) Abstain Segor Im not going to go on again about pro's and con's just make sure you are happy with your vote and post if you want to change it Thanks Handyman
  15. Buying

    Buying Ok all the normal rare stuff .... b/stone, serp/stone, enrich/stone, nexus removals/, all enriched ess etc Buying GOLD and SILVER rings and GOLD and SILVER meds If you are at that lvl where you want to make some gc and lvl your skills then mail me here with how much you want and we will see if we can work out a deal or if your a guest here then catch me ingame TY Handyman
  16. Buying

    will talk to you in game Handy
  17. Hi I am looking for players that want to alc and craft for me and raise your lvls Alc .... i will supply the ings you supply the food and mix he's and some other ess also silver bars.. I will pay 2kgc per 1k of ess and 3kgc per 1k of bars Craft ... I am looking for plain silver/gold rings and meds also possible polished saphs. so if you want to lvl craft i will buy this stuff from you contact me in game or send me a forum mail to discuss pricing Ty Handy
  18. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    Chris you have posted your vote so you have no need to come onto this thread any more Its not a place for flames and arguments so stop commenting on everything posted Please guys keep this clean or no one will take us seriously Votes only pls Handy
  19. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    yes it is a copy so your mains char stays the same just like if you were to copy to the test server Handy
  20. dont need rayjack we have manu/potters/crafters in the 70's pushing 80's already over here Loader made a dragon blade and saving stones over a year ago before I left so the makin of dragon armor is not a problem its the Binding stones. I personaly prefer the cooldown idea rather than making srs not stackable, dont forget rings
  21. For those that like Pking having cool down just on pots and rings would make pking alot more skillful and would put the excitement back into it For those that dont like to pk and prefer mixing it wont effect them as as would still be no cool down food and if anything they would end up busier if the player base increased One of the reasons why we dont get players is because what is the point when pking of standing there for an hour until someones srs run out there is no challenge. And if this idea was agreed on by us and passed by Ent before the copying from main started i feel it would bring alot more players over. The whole idea of the mains copying wasn't so players already playing could bring the mains over here to It was to get more people playing on this server Handy
  22. Main Server 2.0

    like i said put cooldown back on pots and rings i would go for that
  23. Main Server 2.0

    I do agree for more skillfull pking you need cooldown on srs brs and rings. and i personaly would sacrfice being able to kill icy and all the other high end mobs for better pking over on the pk server Handy Took on the whole server once that was with rangers top fighters and mages and summons if you want skillful pking you need cooldown. The only way to loose at the moment is lagg or run out of srs's/he's Handy
  24. Trade Bot Donkeh

    Odin and canned also keep to the same prices helps set the prices for the server Although Thor dont do allies at this time we are happy to keep to set prices with Donkeh Forum pm me any concerns or price changes Handy
  25. Main Server 2.0

    Thie reminds me of a few years ago every one was fed up and wanted changes so they came up with the idea to have a second server I would just like to say when this server was first talked about, SL7 asked me to come back to EL to be a part of a great new sever with loads of old school PKing. At the time is was what everyone on the main wanted. Like the discussions is see you are all having now over here. But most of them missed their high end armor and weapons and all the work they had to do to build new chars. If the new proposal go's through This could be a great opportunity for many of you to play both servers and the Pk server already has many of the things you are talking about. but this time you will be able to copy a char over so no need to spend a year or 2 building one. Handy