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  1. Speed Hax pots, manu, craft

    like i keep saying i am happy to charge 10% to make them, and the ones on Odin for 4kgc each is just for some fun and to finace some events and get ings to make more. So saying I pay 5k for leonard fur and price the flowers are at 1gc each that will still make the cost of a Pot at 975gc with out me makin 1 gc But i still have to find someone to sell me the flowers for 1gc each and i dont know who would harvest them for that price. I know i would'nt. It would be great if they were only 500gc each and yes they would be used but I wouldnt want to sell something that is costing me more gc to make So far the Hax pot have cost me over 30000 gold coins so i would need to sell 300 if i got 100 gc profit off each one i sold to break even. That is 25 leonard furs with out fails Handy
  2. Speed Hax pots, manu, craft

    Like i have said i have put some pots on odin and yes they are expensive just so players can have a bit of fun with them. Also so i can make some gc to buy in some more ings and to help finance some events as all i do is mix for free most of the time and if you want events the prizes need to come from somewhere. normaly out of my storage. But as stated in the rest of the posts I have shone you now 2 different base prices to make the pots I have also said i am happy to make and sell them with only a 10% mark up on the cost of the ings. So does anyone want to sell me the ings to make them. I work on a make 2 loose 1 formula i will put 10 % on top and sell them on odin for that price so i guess its up to you guys to put your ings where your mouth is lol The cheaper the ings the cheaper the Hax pots and i make 10% Now how is me making 10% ripping anyone off ????? So its up to you what you value leonard furs at not me and if you want to work on getting some ings. Sorry ProHibited If i make any then they will be sold through Odin at an agreed price so all the server has access to the fun. I wont be makin them for individuals. Just because i have alts it does not mean i should spend all my time using them and makin stuff for others with out earning anything myself. I think now its on you You work out the price you want me to sell at then work on my make 2 loose 1 forumula then take off the 10% i want to make them. Then you have the value of the ings. Handy
  3. Speed Hax pots, manu, craft

    You find me someone who would harvest those flowers 1gc each when they can make more gc harvesting other items Just because 1gc is what the shop buy them for does not mean its their value so if i want someone to harvest them for me it would cost me probably 3gc each unless you are prepaird to do it for 1gc? And if so that would reduce the base cost to 2800gc + the price of a leonard fur say 5000 gc to make 1 batch That works out the base cost of 650gc per pot . Now work out say i make 2 out every 3 that would put the base cost up to 975gc each That is with me still putting in alot of mixing work and with out adding any profit. So with you harvesting for me its reduced to 975gc with no profit unless you are also willing to sell me leonard furs at a cheeper rate? And no im not expecting players to pay for the time i have put into lvling but like always people want everything they cant make themselves for nothing. DHT if you want to gather all the ings needed and sell to me at a good rate Using the 2 out of 3 formular i am happy to add 10% making fee to it. But if i have to go out there spend the time to gather and make these pots then im not prepaird to do it all and make a loss just because someone wants something for nothing. Handy
  4. Speed Hax pots, manu, craft

    DHT if i reduce the price by 10x that would make the pots cheeper than the price of the leonard fur alone. At 5000gc for a fur divide by 12 = 416 I guess the main question is How much is a leonard fur worth Do you realise the work involved in making these potions First i have to work hard to get the levels to make them in the first place I need to harvest (these items take longer to harvest than normal flowers) Daffs 200 Gypsum 30 Wheat 400 Valeriam 200 mugwart 200 ogre toes 200 tree mushrooms 200 white chanlerelle 200 Feran horns 20 Vials 15 Then mix the ings into 5Wheat - Daffodils - Feran Horn Extract 5Wheat - Valerian - Mugwort Extract 5White Chanterelle - Ogre Toes - Tree Mushroom Extract from this i get 1 mixture of power Then i need to make the speed hax 24Air Essence 12Empty Vial 1Leonard fur 1Mixture of Power Because you need such a high level to make these i get fails in the extracts and the Mixtures of Power and the Speed hax potions I will let you work out how long it would take to gather ings mix with out fails and produce the item At the moment its just a bit of fun for players to try and using the gc raised from that i might be able to buy most of the ings i need to make the extracts then i can drop the price. If players decide to use speed hax on this server i can then buy in the flowers at a good price making them worth harvesting and come up with a fair price of speed hax for the server. If i buy in the ings i worked it out as base cost of around 6000 gc + the price of a leonard fur say 5000 gc to make 1 batch That works out the base cost of 916gc per pot . Now work out say i make 2 out every 3 that would put the base cost up to 1370gc each That is with me still putting in alot of mixing work and with out adding any profit. Handy
  5. Ok will be trying a new event soon It will be on a smaller map and will have ReMus high on speed hax potions Now try to catch him Watch this space details coming soon Also if you have any other ideas for regular ReMuS events then post here also any event donations excepted (more donations more events) Handy
  6. Fixing the server

    This is the same question again and i guess i have the same answers (1) If you want to find out what it will take to get players over here. Then you need to post on main server forum under general chat asking what would need to change to get players to join. (2) Feed back we already have got from mains players. The main points were char copying and cooldown to be put on srs's and rings (3) The main way to get more people playing here is to make it a free server But apart from that i dont have a clue. We have tried to promote this server ourselves now for nearly 2 years. Yeh we might get a few new players from time to time but then we will get a few more leave. So i guess it boils down to this (1) we dont have a high enough player base to attract more players (2) no one wants to pay to play an empty server (3) Most mains players dont want to spend the next year or 2 lvling another char (4) Pker's dont like no cool down on sr's and ring Ok so that is the neg parts time to find some positive ones because i have run out of ideas Handy
  7. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    I still like the idea but i think what most players want to see is some sort of steps to stop the possible abuse of the idea
  8. leonard (alpha)

    I have seen and killed Lenny in bethel more times that any other map. Red moon comes second he always seems to visit there of a night also Ep Best thing to do is station alts in his favouret places well you go about your normal business. I have never had much luck hunting him on my own I just go semi afk in Bethel that way i can also get drops off desert chims anything below them dont attack me anymore. But its best if there is a few of you Hunting him and as he keeps going invisable and keeps dissing all the time Question does he have Camo perk or something or does he use invisability ??? Handy
  9. buying some st00f

    Odin now sells ring c1 and c2 rings but catch me in game can make to order Handy
  10. no grief day

    As my gear would not break i decided to go yetis and artic chim killing. After killing loads of each i didnt get any drops so i thought i would go visit the Big Guy I killed 21 Giants in AA and i got 1 drop camoflauge cape I killed all these mobs just with my js and i had bad astro so use some boost pots I just wish the day had been at a better time as it was really late here in the uk and i needed to go to bed so only used 1 hour of a great day Wait for the next no grief day Handy
  11. Instance time!

    we dont have enough players yet for either instance
  12. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    All the time but at its peek you are right 30 players including Bots = 16 Alts not players, also take into account there are some people that are afk and most players have at least 1 alt some have several, I use up to 5 when im on. So break it down to most evenings there are 5-10 people playing with some afk. Next time you are one just say Hi in channel and see how many respond There are 5 Players Online:</FONT> Antio Backslasher dht Ironfist Rogue34 There are 14 Bots Online:</FONT> Canned Donkeh Gossip Odin PkAnt_1 PkAnt_11 PkAnt_12 PkAnt_14 PkAnt_19 PkAnt_2 PkAnt_20 PkAnt_3 PkAnt_37 PkAnt_Queen Most users ever online was 90 on Sun Dec 30 20:42:06 2007
  13. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    There are 1 Players Online:</FONT> Handyman There are 14 Bots Online:</FONT> Canned Donkeh Gossip Odin PkAnt_1 PkAnt_11 PkAnt_12 PkAnt_14 PkAnt_19 PkAnt_2 PkAnt_20 PkAnt_3 PkAnt_37 PkAnt_Queen Most users ever online was 90 on Sun Dec 30 20:42:06 2007 Says it all really
  14. Instance time!

    dragon kills just with sword I cant kill the Red dragon easily in one go that is with out restocking or dissing from the combat and i have even killed black dragon in one go, But with bad astro i might need to restock once and to kill the ice dragon, I Have never killed it in one go i do need to visit the store and restock the one time so we either need harder mobs on this server or cool down on srs. That would make us team up and have more fun, at the moment there is no challenge. Handy
  15. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    some ways to limit abuse 1: only 1 copy per char from main can be made (easy to monitor) and will save mulitple copies of the same char. 2: Instead of up to 90 a/d chars between 60-90 a/d can be copied. Most a/d players dont wont be high end manuers/potter/ rangers/mages. (this is just and idea that will need to be worked on) 3: limit other skill levels more work for radu 4:only copy in batches ( say 30 players have to sign up for the idea like originaly when the server started 100 players have to sign up before radu started it) this way its easyier to monitor what and who is being copied also Ent would get $450 every batch at $15 each copy which would pay for some monitoring or even more $$ is copy price was higher. 5: some rule against abusing this idea. ok again it takes time to monitor but players would soon inform on any abuser and then its just a case of checking logs i guess ( again abuse rules would need to be looked at ) Any other ideas and yes these are just off the top of my head ideas all input welcome Handy
  16. OK Yes i know more discussions First let me say i have send Ent a mail about this idea and waiting a response so this is just an idea that i want your views on, nothing set in stone or agreed on The proposal would be to put cool down back onto potions and rings only. Leaving food still with no cool down. The reasons for this Bring back the fun in Pking Back to using strategy Would attract more pkers from main At the moment there is no skill to pking its just who runs out of srs's or he's first or who has the most dis rings. All the mixers wont be effected because there would still be no cool down food the idea is just Potions and rings. OK it will mean i wont be able to kill dragons on this server on my own anymore but still could with help from others I want to know your thoughts and ideas on this matter the pros and cons Handy
  17. Instance time!

    Hey leave them alone its ok to be obsessed with me No seriously Chris this game is not about winning its about having fun enjoying the fight achieving the goals getting the adrenalin going. otherwise we would just buy loads of giant stones stand back healing them as they fight for us. On the other hand having someone geared up for defense that can tank is a good strategy Handy
  18. Instance time!

    A list of so called active players might give us some idea of who would be able to do an instance and at what lvl Patriot/Talon18 Bkc56 Goot/Bromber Chris Requiem Petroc Rogue Cyprom Shadow Spike Theno1jackass Andi_ROX KoDdy Piggy ProHibited Rotation Yaser Area Dht DarkGuard Lewis carrol Handyman Prohibited as this is your thread why not start putting them into instance lvl's i can be in 80-100 and 100+ will a boost pot There might some still to add Handy
  19. So forget about a PK server and have a team event server you need players to make the teams and that is the problem low player base on this server. I suppose me and Bkc could have logged on to our alts the other night and made a team because we were the only two online. What radu said was he would not start the PK server until 100 players signed up for it From the beginning it was said the server would evolve and some changes have made, some have even been reversed. We are still not there yet otherwise the server would alive with players. no 1 loads of people know about the pk server, big question why don't they want to be here? no 2 what makes you think its the lack of events that makes them leave the Pk server? sooner or later they get bored or RL or another game comes along. All of this has been tried and tried you might get 1 or 2 join or borrow a mates old char for a while Talk to players on the main server and ask them why they don't come here or stay i did and one of the main points was no challenge to the pk side of it the other was were to lazy to train a char for a year or two to be able to compete here. That is why we came up with the copying idea and no cooldown idea Yeh we can carry on as we are but with more and more players reaching the 100 a/d cap pk is out of the window and we turn to learning other skills and the player base still stays no existent DHT if you can find anyone to help promote this server then go for it anything will help mean while we will come up with new ideas and ways to get this server busier Edit: Sorry just read this through and i didnt mean to sound harsh but the ideas you sugested we have tried serveral times even put our own $$ into it. If we want a busier server we need to listen to why people dont play or end up leaving here. Handy
  20. It's possible we're all (us and Entropy) are too limited in our thinking about this. We asked if we could get cooldown on just some stuff and Entropy said: no, all or nothing. OK, so what if we had cooldown on everything, but changed the duration of the cooldown on food to something small (1 or 2 seconds). After all, shrooms are listed as having no cooldown, which may mean 1 second like everything on PK (Ref: CEL site). So Entropy could enable cooldown on everything and change the duration on fruits/veggies to 1 second. That would take care of all the pots and rings, but still permit the mixing friendly environment. If that is possible would be great This server isnt far from being perfect but if can iron out these few things then more players would want to come here But we really need some Admin feed back in here Asgnny reads through these forum and we are greatfull for his wisdom. You have played this game from day 1 you know all about pking and what makes it exciting feel free to post any thoughts. Handy
  21. Instance time!

    I can play 80-100 instance Sunday evenings GMT is best times for me
  22. Problem is i dont think this server would want cooldown on food as its one of the great things about this place. Thats why i proposed cooldown just on srs's and rings it would get interest from main and still keep us different Chris this thread is not about you pls keep on Topic make you own If, What, Maybe thread but pls keep this one on topic Handy
  23. Sorry for the off topic Chris have you gone completely mad or what???? The answer is yes if you live in a dream world But if you had them instead of the 26 pp's they cost then no because your set up would be different, its like saying i would have won if the cap on my char was 200 a/d and i had reached it I think you are getting confused if you had all them perks then you would be 26 pp's less off your currant build Just for you info i don't have all of those perks anyway and also i have not taken all the neg perks i still use scotty and have never taken Hellspawn and in fact have spare pp's still to be used. But would like say after not playing for nearly a year its nice to fight someone that can give me a run for my money Handy
  24. I can understand no cool down on food is great and does not cost as much as it does on main, over here we have no need for feast pots. we lvl craft manu e.c.t just with friut and to me that is one of the good points to this server, great if you are a hard core mixer. But with no cooldown on srs's and rings Pk just wont work at our lvl's. Someone metioned about makin sr's no stackable but then you will still have the 2 ring option (click dis then tele ring) to excape getting pked because no cool down on rings. This server was always about trial and era and we knew things would have to change as the server progested to get it right in the end. This forum has played a good part it the transitions that have occured on this server. We have had alot of ideas and intresting discussions on here but we still need to find a way to get the interest from the main server if we ever want to increase the player base on here. And yes not every one will like the suggested changes but where do we go from here. We know a free server is out of the question. we know the copying option is on the table but not sure What Ent is prepaired to do with it, or if as it stands if would even increase the player base. We know that just adding cool down to rings and srs's is now out of the question it cooldown on everything or nothing and i dont think that is even an option. We have tried running events on main giving away free char's that we have even paid for ourselves. To be honest with you i dont have a clue what to try next Cooldown just on srs's and rings would interest players on main along with the copying option. Maybe what we need is a thread on main forum titled what would need to change on the pk server to get players from main interested in joining then see what idea's they come up with Handy
  25. Ok when i asked for sugestions i was talking about Pking not harvester or alt killing Chris, prohibited, DHt if you all group together and attack me it wont make any difference my setup is for multi attacks like i said i can handle 6 yetis attacking me. The only skill that might help is a powerfull ranger one that can hit at least 150 hp otherwise forget it. I will just keep wearing red clocks and using MI And whats the point of not attacking capped players stupid suggestion come you im still waiting for your Tac tics on how to pk someone on the pk server. All i am hearing is what to do instead of pking on the pk server. I would rather join forcess to attack high end mobs rather than sacrifice pking. just rember all i have to do if anyone does find a way to put me under pressure is click a dis ring followed by a tele ring and im out of there still no pk because off no cool down on rings. Handy