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  1. PK Server One Year Anniversary!

    Last two events went really well Bag jump Handy placed lots of bags all around C1 just giving cords but not maps Everyone had a great time pking each other running around chasing after the bags Prizes were anything from hydro bars to rostos full training kits rings pots stones Great fun had buy all Then ReMuS Last for over half an hour everyone chasing Remus around Whitestone map trying to find him pking each other in the process Finally Gambit found and killed ReMuS got a mol mm cloak and lots of other goodies Great fun well done everyone Handy
  2. PK Server One Year Anniversary!

    Pk Tournament I am posing this on behalf of Felessan The tournament was held in Dp arena We had some great battles Players were kicked for guilds to compete against each other even real life mother in laws against son in laws Now I wish my ex mother in-law played EL lmao Winners of the competition were First place and well deserved it was to 1 Poot he won a Bp cape and a rosto 2 Kit_gw won a rosto 3 grim also won a rosto So congratulations to Poot your the Pk servers First Pk champion And a big Ty to Felessan for holding a great event well done Fel Well done all who took part
  3. PK Server One Year Anniversary!

    Monday December 29th OK Guys its that time again Main event PK ReMus Supporting event Bag Jump Handy Supporting event will be Bag Jump Handy This Event Handy will give you cords of bags he leaves but not map its up to your to go find the bags This will be a C1 Event so not that hard But Watch out because its full PK PK anyone you see Followed by the Main event PK ReMuS ReMuS has all his slots fully loaded check out his pic below Lots of goodies mm cloak mol hydro bar plus loads more all for the PKing Have fun Game time for this event is 03:00 game time about Midnight GMT First will be bag jump handy followed buy PK ReMuS See you all there Handyman Thor
  4. PK Server One Year Anniversary!

    Monday December 29th 0:00 Harvesting Bingo Prize will be a harvest Medal Ok Harvest competition Won't let on ex what you will be doing until the time All you need to know is meet me in VOTD at the set time Rules are NO PKing and turn up with an empty inventory (you may need it ) You won't need or a pick axe or inorganic nexus so anyone can take part Remember this will be a competition so no PKing please You will be able to fight during the next events Handyman Ok First to trade me the following wins the Harvest Medal (remember no leaving the map) I know all these exist on this map as i picked them all yesterday Good luck Guys GET HARVESTING 5 Tulips 5 Cotton 5 Impatiens 5 Swamp candles 1 Ogre Toe 3 wood Logs 2 Toadstools 2 Blue Berries 2 Dandelions 5 Lilacs 1 White Chanterelle 5 Blue Star Flowers 5 Chryanthemums 2 Red Currents 5 Blue Lupins 5 Red Snapdragons Event went well we had a good turn out I put a bag at everyones feet an in it was a ring to Hurquin once there i posted the list of Harvestable wanted for the event and everyone ran off to harvest. Aphistolas was first back but forgot the lilacs Gambit was next to trade but had amounts wrong Aphistolas was next but rememberd he didnt have tulips Buy this time several players had finished and was waiting to trade me BellaDonna was first to trade me the correct amount so she won the contest Gratz Bella pic below of players Thanks again guys great fun Handy
  5. PK Server One Year Anniversary!

    Our team picks for mob hut Thanks to felessan and Spike
  6. Just an idea If Ent gets time

    Just an idea If Ent gets the time Just a small invasion nothing to big or tough so all can have a chance at winning put a santa hat on one of the invading mobs as a christmas prize would be a cool idea could even scatter mobs across different lands so it would take a while to find them all But as long as there is a prize we will all keep looking Handyman
  7. PK Server One Year Anniversary!

    Sorry we were a little late had visitors at home lol But summoned 100 rabit/rats/boars/gargs And had a great time doing it Started a year ago when PK server was first born Was also on the test server as well Its been a great year lots of fun seen players come and go I started with 3 chars Handyman Loader and Ironfist and later adopted Horvic ans Enius With the help from my alts have managed to reach the 100 a/d cap Loader has made tit plate sets Mols all the pots and today he made a Halberd Second on the server Kit get first prize for that with her Aepox char It must be wierd players on main that have sold or traded their chars seeing them still on here Well just to let you know they are being well looked after Below is a few pics of me and my alts Have fun guys enjoy the rest of the party Handyman
  8. PK Server One Year Anniversary!

    Will get loader making some special stuff for ReMuS to carry around Remember even a 1 hour old pk char can kill ReMuS So who will be the Very Lucky Player
  9. Thor

    Hi Guys Just started up Thor guild on the PK server So if anyone wants to join then PM me in game or leave a Forum message Also if anyone from main server is interested then also leave me a message and we will see what we can do Have Fun Handyman Current members of Thor: handyman Jumpy Grumpy Jay SexyMidgetBoy Cyrus InfectioN Loader Ironfist
  10. Who the hell are you?

    Hey dekke thought you sold all your chars to liquid if you still have one then come back and have some fun handyman
  11. Buying and Selling

    Books that I am buying Thermal sword manufacturing Iron Broad sword of ice Steel Two Edged Sword of Fire Steel Two Edged Sword of Magic Steel Two Edged Sword of Ice Titanium/Steel Long of Fire Titanium/Steel Long of Ice Titanium/Steel Long of Magic Titanium/Steel Long of Thermal Serpent Sword of fire Serpent Sword of ice Serpent Sword of magic Serpent Sword of Thermal Buying Essence Earth essence 8gc each up to 10k of them Water essence 6gc each up to 10k of them Fire essence 4gc each as many as i can get Buying enriched essence Enriched Fire essence 11kgc each Enriched water/magic/life 4kgc each Enriched Death essence 2kgc each Buying Stones Enrichment stones 10kgc Serpent stones 10kgc Binding Stones 40kgc Nexus stones 25kgc Catch me in game or sell to my Bot Odin Selling Tit Plate , Mols, Also have crafting and manu service available contact me in game. I mix for ings on most things armour weapons rings with a little charge for high end items Handyman Thor
  12. Who the hell are you?

    If little is one top account what is the other account you are talking about As far as i Know you only own woodeh,grumpy,tere,elvira,littlestar so not sure what other Top account you are on about LMAO only kidding but would be good if Little returned along with atlantis,Hannible,and even MP to spice things up over here Handyman Question who is playing the santa char over here on the pk server ? Handyman
  13. How easy to kill with 100 a/d cap

    Just letting you all know I won’t be playing as much for a while I am getting busier now Christmas is well on its way so don’t have as much time Also I feel I need a break for the game (will still see me now and then but nowhere as much as I was) Will still be keeping an eye on Odin (you can all leave me messages via him if you need anything made or for any other reason) I have now used my spare pp’s was waiting for a nmt cloak which a fluffy gave to me the other day With my new build and wearing Aug pants/steel chain/leather boots/COL/cutlass and without boosting with pots Forest chims don’t use sr’s anymore because of mana drain Mountain chims I kill with 1 restore, Even those chickens are dead in 20 seconds (without using harm or damage rings) Was even holding my own against yetis and arctic chim attacking me at the same time in Hulda Giants took a while longer with its high HP But still had time to use Harm on them Have not tried new setup on Dragon’s yet but I could heal faster than they could kill me before new setup just now they will die quicker The reasons why I am posting this is just to show that it is possible to kill all these mobs with a capped A/D of 100 And it’s not all because of the no cool down on srs’s Up to giants I believe I can take any mob out with this setup even with cool down on sr’s So cya all around but just not as much as before Handyman Thor
  14. How easy to kill with 100 a/d cap

    yeh Loader has already read one so i put it on odin, check it out handyman
  15. Stats Pages

    Or just work it so a/d only shows when players reach the cap but all other stats show as normal I dont know what work is involved to do all this but if Ent already has a program for stats page it might be alot of work to make to many alterations If Ent has read this maybe he could give us some options on what we have already metioned or set us a poll on what he would be prepaird to do thanks Handyman
  16. How easy to kill with 100 a/d cap

    my a/d cap in action Still looking for that pot book no luck yet Handyman
  17. Stats Pages

    I am up for a stats page It gives you an insentive I think it would be a cool idea would also give people a chance to see how we are doing over here It would be a great way to celabrate end of the Pk servers first year handyman
  18. ReMuS PK Frenzy event

    Been a while since we had any events on here so held a ReMuS event He came out with all his slots full leaving bags all round Whitestone segor killed him the first time But he still had lost of goodies on him so he went back to WS had a few close calls and grim came very close then Requiem killed him But didnt have time to get the spoils before Segor killed him with harm and took them Great fun guys will do again We still miss The_Piper ReMuS `the weekest player in the game
  19. Does anyone want Harvest meds

    I have worked out if i buy matt cons for around 800gc each or seridium bars for 5kgc I will be able to sell Harvest meds for around 8kgc Still making a profit and keeping the price reasonably low Or bring me the ings + 2kgc i will swap for a Harvest med Making Matt con's uses low lvl alc as do earth ess so if anyone want's to start lvling alc and make some gc then get makin cos im a buying Have put some harvest meds on Odin at a higher price for those of you that cant wait, he also has Tit plate steel greaves and loads of other goodies check him out Handyman
  20. Night Visor

    I know me and segor already have night visor's Would be good for anyone wanting worship Engin god though GRATZ on the drop Handy
  21. PK Server 1 Year Anniversary coming soon!

    cool idea's I will help out where i can will get ReMuS out to play Also i will post some cryptic questions /stories/codes Those who crack the code/riddles with get the prizes It could be a time map and cords you are looking for / or even a secret place / hidden hyper bags etc With know one hosting invasions no more sniff sniff :( Mabe a summoning event or archery contest would be cool Handy
  22. How easy to kill with 100 a/d cap

    GL with that lol, killed about 10 now and still no good drop ;/ Segor was meaning from the manu point of view Loader makes Tit armor now and still lvling i think next for him will be a dragon blade watch this space Handy
  23. Spawned Invasions

    cool liquid/woodeh thats the spirit Now all we need is some invaders Handy
  24. Turkey day invasion?

    I will probably be at work but dont mind picking some of the left over bones when i get in Something red hot and spicy will go down a treat Handy