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  1. EL and rl $

    The only way to get money flowing to the shop rather then to gold farmers is to sell needed items in the shop that are exclusively available from the shop. If you start selling raw ingredients, or hydro bars for that matter, in the shop, gold farmers will just undercut the price. an example, if you would need a stone to enter an instance that can only be gotten through the shop, people who invest cash will buy them and sell them for current cash/gc rates at other players. They will hopefully prefer this to buying from a gold seller as their money is spent on the game itself. Make rare stones/essences and all those shop-only items at reasonable prices and gold sellers get cut out. This only works if there is a steady amount of cash spent on the game ofc. but i think that's the case, bigger playerbase wouldnt hurt. For the record, i dont play anymore, so i dont really care, but if things start improving and radu gets the share he should get.. (so he doesnt need to invent other ways to get people to buy his stuff all the time...) well, so far my el-forum visit.
  2. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hey, could i order 10k diamonds (34k) Revenga
  3. Magic insight worth considering

    never heard of a bard, but my point is just to broaden the use of magic, now its almost solely confined to healing yourself, except in pk, where some more (but not that much) variation occurs. all the other uses of magic are to my knolledge just to lvl the skill
  4. Magic insight worth considering

    more spells would be very nice, i'd like especially more spells like remote heal, so a mage can function in a supportive way. a high lvl shield(-other) spell, invis-other, etc spells would be great. also, maybe some copy's of the regular spells, but then with high lvl requirement and larger effect/lower essence cost. high magic lvl should be required to be able to cast the spell, high rationality to increase it's effect (and make it useful)
  5. Fair Market Value Harvest Shop

    i'd like 3k silver, 1k iron and 1k diamonds please. gossip/pm revenga ingame when i can collect it, ty
  6. City building

    I like the dictatorship way of running the city, as it is the same as the guild system which runs nice in my opinion, however, instead of giving one person all the money, why not make an npc for it? So: everyone can send in a request at this npc to start a city, then he can ask all his future citizens to donate their money to his city-request at this npc. when the needed amount of gc is met, the city becomes reality, people who have donated become citizens automatically. maybe it would also be good that the starting person has to approve all the donations to his project, so he can decide who can live in his town and who cant from the beginning. People who have donated should also have the right to withdraw their money as long as the city hasnt been initiallized. this would prevent the loss of their money when the starting person would quit playing or just is an ass. Basically this is the second method, but with some safeguards for the donating players
  7. PK arenas change

    very nice idea, but i think a cap at 60 would be more intresting, because of the magic lvl's. People at 60a/d usually have decent magic lvl's already, but at a 40 cap the newer players will have little chance as they won't be able to restore (in time) or even cast magic immunity, which is rather essential.
  8. Summoner Related Changes

    Then maybe there is some tweaking to be done Spell to give summons ts would be fun too i think.
  9. Summoner Related Changes

    so use some teamwork and bring a mage of yourselve? Why should you be able to defend your uber AC army on your own? Smite/Heal spells are spells.. that's magic, if you need it in pk, bring a mage. This might actually improve teamwork in pk.
  10. In-game references

    i thought i saw lenny saying some phrases from maiden (killers) and system of a down songs. the highway to hell is an AC/DC song and 'found the meaning of life' could be another monty python reference :-)
  11. unolas blessing

    just fill up with AE's, get your unolas blessing, then teleport quickly to TD or any other pk map with your MD buddy. you'll be able to MD for a few minutes, then tele back and start over. it's much faster then using LD/MI to lvl up to lvl 35. and if you would LD one someone else its cheaper too.
  12. Dragon armor, and some new weapons contest

    I found a dragon helm at 44,21 thanks alot, it's awesome \o/
  13. Steady supplier for coming next 4 weeks.

    count me in :-) at least for the 4 coming weeks
  14. Campfires, let's make them lightable! :)

    fireplace in Hurquin cave (168,29) cold fireplace in kusamura (417,13) cold
  15. Yet another school shooting

    So you guys want more guns on the street to defend yourself? o.O really, i'd rather hand over my wallet then shoot someone and be a murderer. The only reason to carry a weapon is to hurt or kill another person and that's not ok with me.