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    Disciple of Mephistopheles. Minion of Gort (Lord of Hellfire and the like), quester of the Regalia.
  1. Fighter Character - looking for opinions

    Thanks for the replies! Good knowledge! I don't intend to PK right away, maybe after a reset, and more Mag and Sum levels. Now that I look at it, keeping my Coord low is a bad idea.... As soon as my Def is up in the 20's, I'll reset and get rid of some Neg Perks, then I can start on some gods.
  2. Why dont people PK anymore?

    In my case I don't know how yet! But I'm a really mean and nasty guy, yah, you betcha!! I've got a post here in General Chat asking for advice on turning into a fighter, all suggestions welcome!
  3. My evil Drow character here is a master at double-sword slicing and sensing danger in any environment, but has no idea how to become a mighty killer of Fluff and Stuff in EL! I'm currently at 18/18/18/14 (a/d/p/c) and bash away at anything from rabbits to wolves without armor or weapons. This is my first character to use fighting as the main skill and although I know EL well, I'm not savvy to how to level as a fighter with only some Summoning, Magic, and Harvesting. What are my options to build up badness? Should I mess with Pot'ing and Alc'ing for cheap healt? Should I hang out in arenas naked and take my lumps? Should I just slowly build A/D on boars til I'm boared? What are the opinions??
  4. Guess the movie

    Looks like a baby Pee Wee Herman....
  5. Harvesting Frequency Irregularity?

    Lag and vid card. I'm on dial-up with a 16mb card, trust me. The numbers are all over the place! Also whatever else you have running in the background.
  6. Special stones

    I found a stone in one of my kidneys.