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  1. Cultures in EL

    The Gnomes seem to me to be sort of like the ancient chinese, always inventing things. I also have heard (I dont know if this is true) that they were also somewhat short. The main area where gnomes are from, also seems mysterious, unless I am forgetting something, just like China to the Europiens. Hope that helps.
  2. Life in Palon Vertas, RP as we know it?

    Pulling out his bow, Flea waited for a sudden move from one of the Ferans, expecting a pounce were he could fire then run. He watched intently, with cold unerving eyes at the beasts. The door was right behind one of them, and the other one circled and growled.
  3. Life in Palon Vertas, RP as we know it?

    ((Killing him would be forched roleplay, so no)) Flea punched the dwarf and leaped over the oncoming Feran. Jumping onto its back, he stabbed it behind the skull and it dissipered. The rest retreated and started slowly circling at a safe distance from his dagger, and he tried to figure out a good way to escape.
  4. my new keyboard

  5. Oracle

    darn, I cant make it. Great contest though!
  6. Economy help?

    Its a good suggestion, but should be put there instead of general chat. Also, your npc being there would just make people make generic armors to bring to them, instead of making each type themselves, which isnt quite what you wanted.
  7. country flags

    Yeah, that would be cool!
  8. The start of mortos

    ((Whats wrong with changing posts?))
  9. The start of mortos

    ((Lets just change this to his son, who wants to keep his father company, or somthing. Name him like Martas or somthing similer to Mortos.))
  10. Oracle

    Wow, great idea foran event! If the time fits in with my schedual I'm there!
  11. Life in Palon Vertas, RP as we know it?

    Flea woke up slowly, and groggly, yet he didnt move a muscle. He could feel the cold steel of his dagger, and could smeel much dust. The ground was hard, and it was also damp, so he concludede it was either a deserted house or a basement. One, two, three...He leaped up with lightning elven agility, yanked out his knife, and slid around the dwarf that had captured them. He held it to the back of the dwarf's body, and breathed,"Talk, and talk fast dwarf!"
  12. The start of mortos

    ((I'll come, with Mortos)) Mortos touched Sodut's shoulder in the middle of the battle. "the leader leaves, we must follow," he said. Sodut obeyed, and followed him after Scullsyk. They were eventualy able to hack their way through the mele, and reached Scullsyk. "I am under your command," Mortos suluted. Sodut followed behind, hopping he would be able to follow Mortos, and learn from his immense battle skills.
  13. War Of Mynadar

    Fela heard Scullsyk yell at him and imediatly began making the orc warriors drop around the dwarves.
  14. Potion jobs

    I want to know about FPs too.
  15. Life in Palon Vertas, RP as we know it?

    Flea saw the man run away, even though there were no ferens around, and thought yep, he was a stupid blundering idiot.