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  1. If You Want To Have A Bot

    Well... I am starting a bot, just for fun and C learning... for now he is in north of IP, and his name is Birk, and he just talk...
  2. Bugs in the Encyclopedia!!! Post here!

    Hmmm... I already fixed that in the firist update after the game release ;-D
  3. Bugs in the Encyclopedia!!! Post here!

    Thanks for all replys and bug fixings... I just ask you all to be pacient because I realy dont have much time now... next week, PROBABLY, I will put all that fixes and the new pages sent! Thanks! Birkoff
  4. Bugs in the Encyclopedia!!! Post here!

    EDIT: The firist 2 bugs are fixed, thanks! About the cloacks, are they monter drops or can be buyed? And what are the colors of these cloacks? (Ow, and I fixed the bugs that Lyanna reported in PM, sorry Lyanna, I forgot them in this release...) The updated package already is in the homepage.
  5. I upgraded from CVS and my digital clock is in the wrong place I use Linux Screenshot:
  6. Ok, I fixed the bugs in the EL Encyclopedia that players reported and the fixed package is in my homepage (click in the image in my signature!). Please, post bugs here to be more easy to me to find the reports! As I said in my homepage, dont expect BIG upgrades in the Encyclopedia for the next one (or two, depends on my grades) weeks.... I need to study a lot for the final tests of the semester... Oh, and thanks to every one that reported errors!!! (Hmmm... Mods, I was wondering... This thread can be Sticky???)
  7. Minor Error

    It is fixed now, thanks! Btw, I am sorry but this last weeks were very hard to me, many things to do, and the next week there will be more things.. thats why i am not updating the Encyclopedia... I cannot prejudice my undergraduation course :-)... And bug reports in encyclopedia can be put here in the bug forum, no problem with that... I will check it every one or two days... Birkoff
  8. Wrong price in the encyclopedia

    Thanks, fixed!
  9. version 0.99 client - icons problem

    Did you used the upgrade package or upgraded from cvs? Because in CVS the images, maps, etc are not downloaded... you need to download the upgrade package in el page... If that is not the problem... well, than i dont know what that is... i have no problem with my upgrade.
  10. trade suggestion

    I think is for that channel 3 is made..... I dont know if you suggestion would help... i dont think i would use that, i would not click on every one trying to find if anyone is selling what I need... Well... but anyway, that is my opinion, nobody need to agree with me :lol:
  11. ... and dropping bags

    Yeah.. I Agre! I think that is the best solution!
  12. About godless

    Hmm... I take GodLess not because I am a Pagan, but because my player is Christian and the EL gods that are pagan gods and my player will not serve them!!! (Lol... before anyone starts to flaming me: Yes, I am a christian... but that i said before is joking, that is not the reason i took the godless perk.. but anyway, could be :lol:) Anyway... I think it affects a lot taking the goless perks. gods can give you many things and help you delevop your char faster... so i dont think we need more penalities...
  13. Multiple Doors from Hell

    yeah, that is why onlye think Underworld could change if we have random spawns, so you dont know where you will spawn... Maybe including pkmaps could be spawns!!! If we have many doors, it would be just a portals room.
  14. Multiple Doors from Hell

    The random spawn is interesting... But many doors is a facilitator, remeber underworld whould be punishment. What about many doors and just one or two random doors actually works (changing every hour, for example?) That would make Underworld be a good punishment, because with autowalker it will be too easy to get out...
  15. WSC arena suggestion

    I dont think we should make thinks easier for fighters... I would like to be a fighter too, but it need to be hard and also dangerous... Well, that is my opinion. ;-)