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  1. Hello all, Today my guildie Smoke_BR had luck and got a No More Tears Cape when he was training. This cape gives you the No More Tears Perk, Which reduce the chance of items being damaged or break while fighting to 1/4 of normal chance. I sell it for 450K.
  2. AUCTION: 1 No More Tears Cape

    -SOLD- (Was very fast )
  3. Any 100+ a/d gap?

    agree Agree too.
  4. Sto sale

    I'll take this, PM Me in game please, thanks Riky
  5. Last of my storage

    I'd to take this. Catch me in game please. Regards, Riky
  6. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hello, I'd like to order 2 batches of 20K Red Roses please. TOTAL: 40K Red Roses for 20.000gcs Regards, Riky
  7. YUMI Harvesting Service

    Ok, sorry, I didn't read the first page. Tyvm for all the orders you completed
  8. YUMI Harvesting Service

    Hi, I'd like to order 10K Sunflowers for 6Kgcs. Thanks Riky
  9. Small Storage Sale

    1 Used Steel Two Edged Sword 1 Second Hand Titanium Long Sword I offer 1300gcs for all.
  10. YUMI Harvesting Service

    Hi, I'd to order 10K fruits please.
  11. YUMI Harvesting Service

    Hi, I need 10K Vegetables please. Good Luck harvesting
  12. Auction 10K he's

  13. YUMI Harvesting Service

    Hi, I order 10K Coal - 20Kgcs. Thanks Riky
  14. Hi again, I'll buy 80 Hawk Feathers for 1.5Kgcs (If the offers still count..)
  15. Hi, I'll buy 2K Raw Meats for 7.4Kgcs. PM Riky in game please. Thanks

    TOTAL: 19378gcs PM Riky in game. Thanks
  17. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hello, Riky - 20K Coal (44Kgcs) Thank You
  18. YUMI Harvesting Service

    Hi, I'd to order 10K Coal. Thanks and Good Luck Riky
  19. *** HUGE STORAE SALE ***

    I buy this for 12821gcs. PM Riky in game.
  20. Small Storage Sale

    I'll buy 324 Raw Meat (1296gcs) and 500 Bones (1000gcs) All for 2296gcs. PM Riky in game.
  21. Yeah, it's better to post that on suggestions now I think that Forgiven's idea is nice When you use the icon 'see' on your own char you should be able to see how many flowers,ores,... you have harvested. For example: 22589/50000 flowers (So to get the full achievement you need to harvest +27411 flowers).
  22. YUMI Harvesting Service

    10K Coal please.
  23. AUCTION 10K HE'S

    nvm. (Posted too late)