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  1. Its a world cup of cricket, happens every 4 years. You can find some great links to watch it live at http://live-cricket-streaming-worldcup.blogspot.com for those who are interested, enjoy
  2. Guild Website and API!

    Like lab, I also created an eternal-guild site soley based in PHP/MYSQL. For the pvp function players are cached every 2 hours or so via fstream by their stat page. And you can also determine whose online, by loading the online page into fstream memory, and sorting through it. you can check out the pvp function: http://eternal-guild.freehostia.com
  3. Ok so the earlier functions had some flaws with security and time issues! They have all been resolved! Get a list of pvp matches within maximum of 10 radius in a/d/c/p! (this is used to avoid a tool for scamming/pking) It auto sorts to closest matches, and tells if their online/offline! Also it gives your/their stats so you can compare yourself. These are cached stats that are updated periodically. check it out. http://eternal-guild.freehostia.com click on pvp to begin!
  4. elguild banned.

    elguild This player did nasty things and is locked hes been banned for 4 days now, and i thought it was a programming error. Can I please know why that bot got banned? He is an approved bot -_- http://www.other-life.com/el/bots/botsGrid...ots_Page=5#bots
  5. PM substring named player

    ah i see ok thanks.
  6. PM substring named player

    You cant do it, If you try, it will auto pm to Night26 instead of Night, and then reply the same thing back. For example. My game name is Night26 I typed /Night Hi It showed on top: Pm to Night26 Hi Pm from Night26 Hi bug?
  7. Elguild

    ok, sorry for the down time, it seems to be up now and running (hopefully) Just realized this the wrong section for, it can someone move it to general chat?
  8. Elguild

    Correlates with http://eternal-guild.freehostia.com First of all, pvp train is different than gossips, its a subscription based. After your register your name in the pvp database (/elguild regme) it will add your name, and auto update your stats, to unsubscribe (/elguild delme) It returns all players in a max range of 5 in a/d/p/c. (the range can be customizeable to be less.) Guild management, so the major functions such as add player/delete player from guild, and increase rank/decrease rank are availaible to players of Rank 19 and above in the Eternal-Guild page. You can also view the guild info, their website, their eternal-guild page, and their members sorted through ranks (with online/offline detection) with the /ginfo guild-name command. Finally the recruit command is pretty much a list of players that want to be recruited, and links you to the eternal-guild page to get indepth details, such as their preference, and their skills. Hope you enjoy, Night26
  9. guild stats page

    Jun 12 2005 lol outdated...
  10. pvp detect

    ok thanks, please post if hourly is good, ill start to work on it then.
  11. pvp detect

    ok thanks, if he has problems with this prog, he can contact me im going to take it down. As for atlantis, dont worry this was the last "stupid" thing im going to do to help the community. If any mods have a problem with the badwidth for players online stats, contact me or post here and ill take it down.
  12. pvp detect

    ok so some of you may know eternal-guild, for guild uses, and now im glad to bring you a brand new function in eternal-guild! pvp detection, find your closest a/d/p/c person currently online! Must have a/d/p/c greater than 10, and less than 100. If you do not want your names to be in the search results, just turn on privacy mode, but in order to use pvp you must have privacy disabled! I hold no responsibility if your pvp partner does not return your stuff, hard luck, sorry. Anywayz it takes 4 pages to solve (=/) and every page takes around 1 min 30 - 3 mins to solve, so you have to bear with it. Click the continue buttons only once, its solving it, it takes time to do. here is the link: http://eternal-guild.freehostia.com
  13. Eternal-Guild

    Although I did think about organizing with css, the site is in xhtml to convert, (maybe except doctypes), the css will make the color system too structured, and I plan on to add options of custom colors for every guild. As for the images/website I can fix that in a little. Thanks for the suggestions. And I also need an opinion on members bio, such as every member has his/her page with information about themselves, their contact info, and their guild link. And also how about guild-to-guild events? Like guild war, or guild help event. Tell me what you think.
  14. Looking For A Guild

    hi, I know that this hasnt been the easiest thing to sort through, so why not try eternal-guild? where it will be easily viewable table structure, where guilds viewing can have a look at you. Look under players section to apply. http://eternal-guild.freehostia.com p.s.(I hope i havent broken any rules, since this is eternal-lands related)
  15. Eternal-Guild

    the idea of online detection was inspired by cel-mates in elcel.com, and works by loading the whose online page of eternal lands into fstream memory, and then sorting it out player by player, so it detects whose online in eternal-lands. -Updates im working on (major- Setting guild allies, and enemies (ones that have registered to eternal-guilds) and have a direct link to their pages. (minor- putting up a help page of site, adding give ownership function to another member(although this could be tricky, since people other than a gm might know the clan pw)) Night