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  1. Contest, win a Cutlass of the mage

    Not sure about this one but I noticed that there is an entrance to Aluwen's temple in Desert Pines
  2. Where do I say that me and my bro plays? [SOLVED]

    OK ty
  3. Help me please, I saw it somewhere before but now I can't find the topic where I say how many people play on my IP
  4. IP banned...then not banned...why?

    Earlier on it said my IP was banned and either me or someone else done something stupid so I couldn't play. I looked around forums and kept trying to log in for an hour before I restarted my laptop and I could play again. Why did this happen and did I do anything wrong? I don't remember breaking any rules
  5. My character is banned and unbanned :S

    This happened to me earlier on too, I got the same message for an hour and when I restarted my laptop a few times, I could play again. I didn't do anything wrong