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  1. I just asked radu if he could check my progression on this quest since yeah I had EL uninstalled from my PC for a long time and quest log is not showing up. He said [PM from radu: ask the npc] and I felt like okay I'm stupid. Does it really say what you need next? But no, doesn't say. Now I'm searching and this happened to all of you already. Pls add that list.
  2. I liked them when they were ~20kish to 30k.
  3. Agreed with everyonw who say yes. Nothing to add.
  4. Guess the player name!

    bearmcbear (cus of the McDonalds simbol) (just random guess, so you can give hint )
  5. Guess the player name!

    MichelAngelo ?
  6. Guess the player name!

  7. Guess the player name!

    ow that was fast, congratz and your turn ^_^
  8. Guess the player name!

    edit: shadowstepper
  9. Guess the player name!

    IShadowI ?¿
  10. Input on a ~70 to ~110 a/d PK tournament

    I voted for 1. Equipment restrictions 2. Korr's Showdown Equipment restrictions 3. KF And nice idea the weight classes Hope I can be online if the event goes on successfully
  11. Bronze sword adjustments

    Voted Yes and Decreasing its damage. I like SenZon's idea. edit: spelling.
  12. name change

    If it's possible I'd like to have my forum name changed to my in-game name: "FanG" please. Thanks in advance.
  13. name change

    Thanks again Aislinn
  14. Guess the player name!

    NoobPL?¿ dont think so would be too easy
  15. The TURK Guild are bag jumpers

    and the whole world will end up blind (Buddha)
  16. The TURK Guild are bag jumpers

    Did you really expected to get it back? dreamer :/ We all know what kind of ppl is everyone, don't we?
  17. EL is like glue.

    oh nooo who am I going to pvp now?!?! well I hope you have fun IRL and wish u the best see u on facebook <3
  18. Guess the player name!

    E_mc2 ? (dunno, it's another formula, no )
  19. UFC

    I watched WWE some years ago I gave up watching it cus it was too theatral ^_^ And no, I never heard about UFC :/
  20. Guess the player name!

  21. Thanks herculese!

    yes, he checked forumz :D
  22. Gold membership

    As other ppl said we're not living good irl economy times so paying in gc is the only way I could pay that fee. I dont really like the idea because it would split the comunity, etc etc but if implemented I'd be fine with all benefits but "buying exp".And i dont really think it's necessary a different color tag. ~Zk
  23. AUCTION: BroD

    I'm selling a Branch of Destruction Starting Price: 190kgc Minimum Increase: 4kgc Buy it Now: 215kgc [i reserve myself the right of not selling it if I consider it appropiated]
  24. AUCTION: BroD

    Just start the auction at the price you wish then. omfg stfu dont you understand how action works? STARTING PRICE: 190k MIN. INCREASE: 4kgc (which will be increased to the starting price first, then to the last bid) If I reserve myself the right of not selling is because I won't sell it if price is too low or I decide to not sell it in the last moment so stfu, dont post useless posts noob