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  1. First off...If you are this great hacker you say, you and your friends should know there is a huge difference between a hack and a website hyjack.


    Think about all the trouble you just got into because hacking is a Federal Crime. Now, since your decided to threaten the people and creaters of a website/game your ISP has no choice but to turn over all information about you to Eternal Lands and the appropriate autority.


    Now, I cannot imagine a "great" hacker like you wasting your time on a game like Eternal Lands, wouldn't you be hacking ohhh say google? Or is that out of your league?


    Ohh by the way, next time you use a video off youtube at least make sure your isp and the isp it was submitted from are in the same time zone.'


    Take Care.



  2. How about putting in an NPC that sells the Rostogol stone, but this one has a fail rate. Say this NPC sells the Rost for 5k gc however, it has a fail rate of 1/7 or something, This enable pkers to get a better chance at drops yet fighters have a rost on them and not knowing if it will fail or not, save money and take the risk?


    Just a thought.



  3. I think that is pkg allows this in their guild then they are no better than the offender. Just a personal oppinion though.


    Muf, why do you always need to try to show your dominace by pointing out I will look for you? Most people in game already know your looking for them because you take take most in game.


    Pookies just do the right thing and get rid of the scammers and pkg wont have a bad name.



  4. I don't think it is anything like that. The last scholars day was late night U.S.A. We get just as many bad days as good. Besides the day is picked random, no way they are going to code " Give americans best days" think about it.



  5. I have been tracing this issue. It seems to happen mostly to broadband and it is a server issue between us.above.net and the eternal server. I assume this is a usa area only issue since we would use the same traceroute to get to Paris.



  6. In my opinion there is to big of gap between Fluffy Rabbit nad Desert Chim. Now this may sound like a joke but I think they should add a monster called the JackaLob.


    Have it have high attack and lower defense. He could look like a fluffy but have antlers. "Jackalob"


    Now I know your all going to laugh, but I think it would be a funny addition to the game.



  7. I have been having trouble with game server for 2 days now, I will be online playing, then no reason gone. Other networks (ie webpages ect.) About 3 mins and it lets me come back... Anyone else?