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  1. Hello, I was wondering if I could possibly have my account unbanned as I would like to start playing again. Username in game is UIA
  2. Banned

    What point is that? How can we submit the picture? If we cant login?
  3. Banned

    Eaterofsouls....is me..name change to uia. look at your "records" you quote. And yeah, i have wireless and my child lives with me, so of course you can play at same time. multiple computer logged in from same dhcp is still assigned same ip address...
  4. Banned

    I am UiA. Used to be eatofsouls, "Name Change" anyways. I recently started playing again, not often but have. My son took interest in the game and has been dedicated to the game. Mystika, "Mother" also plays when time allows. Muffassas is my Son, muffassass is my daughter. My son is 10 years old. He did not understand the consequences of his actions. My daughter is only 5. She wanted an account because her older brother played. Yes, His mother lives in another city, but when divorced you have that... But she does come to visit the children and can and has logged into her account here. Not that it matter but I have played this game as long as most of you and even was here when the servers would crash and lose out stats and nothing could be done about it. (auto rollbacks) Anyways, I do not know who them other account are and/or care. So, 2 ip address is "Home" and his "moms home" of course her account shows up here because he begs her to play when she is here. Make sense?
  5. Bot payments

    Atomship paid UiA
  6. Server Crash

    Same problem here. Test server loads, no main server connection FIXED
  7. Go PK!

    It could be because alot of it still isn't based on how hard you work and pure skill in game, it is because alot of people don't want to lose to a jsoc and other items like that :/ Not complaining just throwing out an idea. UiA
  8. Reloging bug

    Tested the code for logging in during combat, I was able to successfully login while fighting a fluffy. Removed different armors and was still successful. Everything appeared to be the same with the #arm command. Adding/Removing items changed all the #arm command details. Hope this helps. UiA
  9. Reloging bug

    Well it never used to be like this. I used to be able to reconnect asap if I lost connection with server. Until 1.5.0
  10. Reloging bug

    exactly scorpius
  11. Reloging bug

    So basically if you grue you die unless you win, I used to be able to relog back in.
  12. Reloging bug

    lol you don't log out. The person can keep you there. You just can't relog back in..... Not as if Im saying logout to get out of a fight :/
  13. Reloging bug

    If you are involved in combat you cannot relog into the client until the person/monster either releases you or you/it dies. I have tested this and as soon as partner released me I was then able to relog back in. Eos
  14. Go PK!

    They will never take it out of the game, it is a way to balance economy. Besides, I don't think it is all about the armor, it is about people's ego. This game needs guilds to actually work together. Get people to actually have a purpose in a guild. You know how easy it would be if people actually took time to use mage/invisibility at same time to take down a high level fighter scoping out kf? That is the problem in game. The "I can't Die Syndrom".
  15. Go PK!

    1) Cost of Rosto? 2) Broders? 3) cost of new armor? My guess is people take this game way to serious. and never want to die. Even on ndd people stand outside the arena.... I guess they have the fear of death, to bad this is just a game...