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  1. looks like liquid's on a scam spree
  2. Guess Who

  3. What other MMORPGs do you play?

    Well he IS only 11, look at his profile info, but then Im only 12
  4. The newbiest thing you ever saw

    lol I did that this morning
  5. Another siggy and avater thing

    actually that one was done on photoshop I'll have you know, Ive upped my skills
  6. Kings of choas game

    generally I dont really go for browserbased games. And I make no exception on this one, becuase it does look....pretty crap
  7. Another siggy and avater thing

    Oooh Oooh do me and I'll give you a magic handshake! because I made this one on paint and it's not worthy and here's one for craig....I mean scotland1
  8. Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

    thnx, will do yay it works, Ima coming and I go by teh fearsome name of jollyGeneral beware.......
  9. Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

    Coverts alright, you cant beat medic though EDIT: Deary me, cant connect the loading screen comes on, then it goes back to the main menu and a msg pops up saying; ERROR: Protocol Mismatch between client and server. The server you're attempting to join is running on a incompatible version of the game. You, or the server may be running on. Press the auto update button if it appears on screen I can play on the other servers, so Im guessing its you
  10. The newbiest thing you ever saw

    Thats between me and that five...and probobly the mods
  11. Crazy :D

    b, b, but his mouth moves! a..a....and he screams! eeeek!
  12. Lotr Video :D

    lmao, never seen that before funny though this ones good too, sorry bout the quality http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3777596751111900112
  13. The newbiest thing you ever saw

    Too many to think of, so here's just two When I hadnt played EL for a while I came on and saw a brownie, and started chasing it around IP trying to get a screeny thinking it was some really rare creature and on my first char I got about 5 friends to all sit the steps in the underworld saying, "Hahaha, Give up your good or remain trapped forever in the underworld" I think my char was banned lol
  14. NoFear2

    the reason your powerranger friend cant post is probobly becuase forum admin havent acepted him yet, get him to pm aislinn or some other mod and ask her to accept him
  15. bagjumped by Crazyffrey

    well maybe you should have told us that before you agreed to get our bags, and if you believed we were in the wrong why would you log off once you had our bags? sounds like a crappy excuse to me