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  1. Art contest results

    Congratz SmoomS, Cycloon and Cyprom! Unfortunatly, Photobucket rezises your image. Btw, what did they won??? I wanna know if they made those wallpapers for five fruits
  2. New art contest

    Third Version!
  3. New art contest

    Current Wallpapers: 1st Wallpaper A bit crappy 2nd Wallpaper Better one.
  4. New art contest

    Lets try... My Wallpaper Note: ImageShack turned the original name (elwallpaper_nordicwarrior.jpg) to elwallpapernordicwarriogq6.jpg.
  5. New Death Messages

    xxx went to Satan's party. xxx is now sleeping forever. xxx destiny ends here. I love this topic
  6. Day of Joule

    No food subtraction