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  1. about sunnyd

    OMG Candi Im so sorry hearing this My sympati goes with you all the way, loosing dear ones is a stroke beyond words My condolances RIP SunnyD
  2. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Greetings GenX Sir_Megatron W&W I would like to make an order for 10 K Sulphur please Blessed be all
  3. SirJuan the man that never returns your gear

    Blessed be Nathan Troubles me hear the loss you had. We gets filled with discouragement when peoples do things like this against us. much of our gear we worked our arses of to get, and then loose it in a snap be course an irresponsible person finds it funny. The only words which summons in my brain is a mix of impotence and discouragement Sinsirely Megz
  4. Eternal Limericks!

    *** The shadows in the mist *** In the mist i sees you dancing Memories strokes back, a walk in pale moonshine Never we was afraid a mysterie exploring Gratefull I am for you handed me your time Beleave me some things just never leaves ones heart In the fog i still sees things manifested massively On that beach i now, prints my view over ocean Carriad in the mist i still sees you dancing *** The pillow of clouds *** Proud and strong as noone else i sees you The things which takes shape in any size You with a magic stroke pets to pure bless The demanding crowd takes nest with you You finds time and space where such not are Love and tenderly care you most willing hands out My life you filled with light and conformable joy I ask myself is this something i can ever repay enough The pillow of clouds to me you are Blossom
  5. Auction

    Panzerfaust is the winner of the Aucion Congratzz
  6. Auction

    Auction Wil stop in 10 mininuttes
  7. Auction

    2 and 1/2 hours back
  8. Auction

    24 hour to auction ends and highest bid wins
  9. Auction

    This an bonus add: For the highest bid on end date there will be a saving stone to in top of that Magic Remove Megz
  10. TinkerBelle

    And she looks like a million, the hols really did her good Welcome back sweet Tinkerbelle
  11. Auction

    Blessed be all Fortune smiled at me, and handed me a Magic Removal Stone. wil be sold for highest offer. auction wil go from (today) wedensday the 6. to tuesday the 12. time 8 pm both day included. Post offers here/ or send me an ingame which il post then Nb Starts at 500 kilo (was taken out from Trinity which was 400 to 600 went in the middle of it) It wil go for highest bid This an bonus add: For the highest bid on end date there will be a saving stone to in top of that Magic Removal Auction i s over, Panzerfaust was the winner Thx for your interest Megz
  12. EdNovel and PrincssTitanium to Marry

    Congratulation to you both I ould have loved be with you at that wonderfull happening, the time is though sadly to late for me. I wish you both all the happiness and luck in time to come. Hugz to you both Megz
  13. Mini Harv Events

    Yea i tryed see fun in harv stopped 34 times in two harvs, it was no succes. I like harv events, but then again not in each 1 or 2 minnut. surprices is nice, but when u get surpriced each minut the exiting starts fade a lil out. i must admid i liked it better before sensirely
  14. PK poll

    Why i don't PK There Will always come one which is stronger than you, in war there is no winers only loser's; and thats how i se PK'ing a battle which was born lost before it even was started. When it comes to respect, i don't respect peeps from their Att/Deff; rather their personality and backbone to reach their goal. This don't mean i don't respect PK'eres, i will say I do if they prove them selves worth respected as all else. there is quit a lot i know which practices that sport, which i respect. Bottom line is, its my convincing all skills are like respectful and honorable; Pk'ing is just not one of myne personal choises. Be wel all
  15. Client 170 release, I need some testers

    Video card: GeForce 8400 GS/PCI/SSE2 Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 2.1.1 Testing Client 1.70 Installation no prop offered me fps on 56+ but i like force it to 25 Rotating and other video functions going perfectly sofafere no prop at all looking good