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  1. My IP is banned for no specific reason

    I found out that we have a dynamic IP address, so that means we haven't done anything wrong, thankyou anyhow!
  2. My IP is banned for no specific reason

    My cousin has internet access at his house. There is where we play Eternal Lands almost everyday. His IP has been banned, but he hasn't broken any rules at all. His name in the game is mega12. Please help me!
  3. I can't connect anymore!

    What about my stuff? All of my skills and things I bought? Will I get them back?
  4. I can't connect anymore!

    Today, I was playing EL, then the game made me read the rules about character naming. I read them and put accept, however it logged me off the game and showed me how to close it (press alt-x to exit). I tried to log back in, but it wouldn't let me anymore! My name in the game is omega_34, does this have to do with anything? What should I do? Please help me!
  5. The League of Warriors is now recruiting

    However, I still have to get a little bit farther to start the clan (I haven't put any info yet in #guild_info!)
  6. I tried to play Eternal Lands on my cousin's computer, but the IP is banned! I don't know what to do! He hasn't even played te game, so I know he hasn't done anything wrong. Please help me solve this problem.
  7. My name in the game is omega_34, I have just started this clan. Anyone can join (newbies as well as experts). We have meetings whenever someone's online. Anyone who wants to join should post their "resume" here before joining or attending the clan as well as the meetings.