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  1. Video card OpenGL version

    Video card: ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series Vendor ID: ATI Technologies Inc. OpenGL Version: 4.0.9901 Compatibility Profile Context But UVP: 0 because when I use the animation program...I and others disappear.
  2. *** HUGE STORAE SALE ***

    Let me know if any of the titanium short books are still available.
  3. Instance for Mixers

    Just a few thoughts... Max 6 players: Allow anyone to join. You don't need skill tiers like instances. Each task gets harder...therefore, early mixers would only be able to complete a few tasks. A reward would be given each time you complete a task. You don't need to lose rostos...it's doesn't have to be huge risk/reward. If you fail, you *can* offer a rosto, but don't have to. Think about it, you're doing lots of work, but you're not keeping the items...that already seems to be a loss. The rewards will vary, depending on chance and the tier level. You can keep items from each tier (only in the instance) Therefore, immediately after your team enters, you will all scout around, harvesting and gathering basic supplies (such as HE ingredients, food, ect) You can only enter the instance 1 per week or every few days...this gives more incentives to win and to offer up a rosto to continue playing. Really, it's like an old arcade game...you die or don't beat the level and have an option to put 50 cents in the machine...just with rostos.
  4. huge storage sale

    I would like all your wormwood (10944) @ 1.2ea = 13133gcs pm me in game: Anjoran
  5. Storage On For Sale!

    Blaze1, if you still have the greaves, I'll offer 7.5K
  6. Storage On For Sale!

    Hey, how much for the damaged iron? You can also PM me ingame! Ingame name: Anjoran.
  7. Buying damaged iron plate/greaves

    Added some selling items: 2K raw meat 1K bones --Sold! 1 ELE --Sold!
  8. Simple contest

    Hello Infamous, This contest looks like fun. I doubt I shall be able to get too far (considering the best pkers will probably be there), but I will try to make it anyway. Thanks!
  9. Contest

    I, Anjoran, found the first bag near the NPC Baostas. You are in [126,68] It contained a Jagged Saber. There is still a rosto. Thanks Xanthus for the contest and happy birthday.
  10. Buying damaged iron plate/greaves

    I will also consider buying undamaged iron armor. (Torso + greaves)
  11. Hello ELers. I'd like to buy a few things: 1 damaged iron plate 1 damaged iron greave --- Trading my steel greaves + some gc for your steel cuisses. --- Selling 20 augmented leather pants 1 MM cape! (will also trade for mirror cape) SOLD! --- Post below for selling/trading/buying price offer. Thank you! Ingame name: Anjoran
  12. Storage sell

    1 white tunic please
  13. Flower sale

    Price for the Mullien/Blueberries?
  14. Storage cleaning

    Fire arrows, training bolts, and vials! Thank you.
  15. War against =HC=

    If I'm home and it's in KF, I'll join for =hc= ! Not that my skills will merit much, but perhaps I'll send a few arrows through the air