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  1. EL Chess

    Oh yeah. Forgot! Well you could still scale the exp gained by the record like that. I dunno though, probably wouldnt work. I doubt a 10-0 would want to play a 0-0 then.. Probably best just to ignore my idea all together.
  2. EL Chess

    Hmm... Say you start out with a rating based on your record. 0-0 gets the start amount of exp. Say 500. so if a 0-0 beats a 0-0 then that person gets 500 exp. (the actually exp is irrelevant right now). But of a 0-0 beats a 0-1 then he only gets 450 exp. and if a 1-0 beats a 0-1 then he only gets 400 exp. Yet if that 0-1 beats the 1-0 then he only gets 500 exp. That way someone cant lose like 20 games then win all that expirence off of one game. Just make the starting amount the max amount. So even if you created 10 mules. Eventually you would only get a small ammount of exp. Say a 10-0 beat a 0-0 he only gets 100 exp. (The exp ammount and the scale should probably be modified to function right.)
  3. Vermor Castle

    Aight, I want to start of by saying that its 1 in the morning and Im a bit on the high side. I dont feel like going through all these stories to see if someones already written a story for Vermor Castle. I decide to write this story though cause I'm listening to Jimi Hendrix's song Castles Made of Sand. So there was this evil dude. He was the most insane dude ever. He was brilliant though. He could take stone and turn it into living creatures. He called these creatures 'gargoyles'. (heh, had to ask Ent how to spell gargoyles. :mrgreen:) He loved his creatures, but they had a flaw, during the day the sun would turn them back into stone. So he started to develop a chemical to fix this problem. He needed something to test the chemicals on. He couldn't test them on the gargoyles because he loved them too much. Instead he decided to use his son. He despised his son and looked on him as a failure. So he administered the chemicals to his son. Something terrible happened. His son was polymorphed into what was later know as an ogre. The son hated his father even more, for making him such a horrible beast. He picked up his father and dragged him into white stone. There he buried him alive. Every night the gargs go out and attempt to find their master. Some adventures wander into the castle. The gargs try their best to defend it. Some say the ogre is still there, in the depts of the castle.
  4. Donating

    Very well, I will wait untill you get your P.O.Box. Untill then I will try to negotiate with my parents on getting a paypal account. After all I only need 100 USD to start right? And I can make the rest of the money off the stash that I get fronted each week.(<-Don't Ask) Plus I need paypal for other things like ebay.
  5. Donating

    How does a person make a donation to eternal lands without credit card, paypal, or checking account?
  6. Steel Shield

    Sure do, the second I sell it I will announce it on the forum.
  7. Steel Shield

    I am selling my steel shield. It costs 90k in the store. I am selling it for 60k.
  8. Frak, if you are selling for that price I am interested, my in game name is Slasher.