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  1. Need a little help...

    Hey hey, how's it going guys? Glad to see a lot of the old crowd still hanging around! =) so, uh, last time i was on, i was surprised to see a bunch of guys considerably shorter than me running around... weird names, too...something like "cakes" or "brownies" and "pixels" or something... So yeah, besides that...what'd i miss? =P
  2. Need a little help...

    hey all, i've been playing this game for a little while now, its AWESOME!! but ive got a question...how do i mine for food? i know this is probably in the wrong section but i really need to know thanks! ~Tumie
  3. Identify the Altered Photo

    Contest #1 Can you correctly identify the person in the (horribly done, humor me) altered image below? Winner gets a free fur hat (How's that for incentive? )
  4. Anyone like Green Day?

    O_O That's like asking me if I like girls... That's like asking me if I play Eternal Lands... That's like asking me if I'm actually wearing a green day shirt in my avatar... ( <----- ) I've got all of their albums except for one, and a whole poopload of commercially-endorsed merchandise And yeah, one of the best bands ever (arguably "THE" best, but knowing the sh*tload of n00blets around here, this'd turn into a flamewar in mere seconds) So...yeah, they rock
  5. Tired of oldbies?

    A picture is worth a 1,000 MB chatlog. Then: http://img74.imageshack.us/img74/8444/t10jd.jpg Now: http://img234.imageshack.us/img234/8631/t31ee.jpg Also Now: http://img234.imageshack.us/img234/1989/t20cy.jpg
  6. Eternal Lands: Eternal

    Sweet mother of Entropy...it's Heretik O_O How's it going?
  7. I don't care what you say, this is the best thing you're gonna read all week. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers [EL Edition, 12.26.04]
  8. Eternal Toon

    Ah...been a long time since I saw these... Classic Now make another, slayve (heh, slayve, slave + slayton...)
  9. Whats the hardest you have hit a monster/player

    2 with fists on a tree, but then I died...
  10. what the hell is pleteretherhter?

    I thought it was the sound of someone bashing their keyboard, making a bunch of random keys appear to test out the AFK message... ...oh.
  11. Monster Magnetist Strike

    MM not working 100% of the time? Okay...hold up... I'm not normally one to complain (hah) but...er...without MM, I've lost almost all of my will to explore...which means less surprises and glory of discovering new things...which comes up to about 75% of the reason I play (the other 25% being roleplaying, chatting, and...um...socializing) ... In other words...what the hell?
  12. Whats your favorite map?

    Treesoar Village.
  13. Pwnage

    Why...why did it have to be so @!$#@% hard to get here... >_< AAAHAHAHAHA eat that LOSERS!!!! http://img160.imageshack.us/img160/5287/untitled10zg.jpg booyeah
  14. Start of the EL Green Party

    Blame the ants! They shall be our Downfall! As the local representative, mayor, merchant, artisan, inkeeper, resident, and Village Idiot of Treesoar Village, I offer the following statement: "It's not my fault. Now buy a mug o' ale, yeh stinkin' dwarf, or get out."
  15. Everyone, please PREPARE for update

    ...wow, hell did freeze over... j/k Anyway, hope I can manage to stay up late tonight...5 hour download ahead. Sweet.