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  1. Simple Bot Framework

    What exactly "didn't work for you"?
  2. Simple Bot Framework

    A new version of SimpleELBot is available. ChangeLog: click Download: click Enjoy.
  3. Simple Bot Framework

    pathfinder.c does
  4. Simple Bot Framework

    For that you would have to implement a pathfinder, what I really cannot do.
  5. Simple Bot Framework

    Depends on what you want it to do
  6. Simple Bot Framework

    unsigned char str[5]; str[0] = MOVE_TO; // be sure to copy the value from client_serv.h *((short*)(str + 1)) = x; *((short*)(str + 3)) = y; SendToServer(str, 5);
  7. Simple Bot Framework

    Well there is, if you want to customize it and stuff
  8. Simple Bot Framework

    Ehm, I'm not sure what you mean by C++ so here what's you do to compile & run this bot: 1) Download Visual C++ 2005 Express here. 2) Install Microsoft Platform SDK following the tutorial here. 3) Download "src.zip" from here and extract it to a folder called "src". 4) Open Visual C++, choose File->New->Project->Visual C++->Win32->Win32 Console Application, name it SimpleELBot and click OK. Now in the Win32 Application Wizard click Next and tick "Empty Project" in "Additional Options". Click Finish. 5) Go to Project->Add Existing Item, head over to "src" and add all the files from there. 6) Go to Build->Configuration Manager and set "Active solution configuration" to "Release". 7) Go to Project->Properties->Configuration Properties->Linker->Input and set "Additional Dependencies" to "wsock32.lib". 8) Hit F7 and run it! The rest you have to figure out yourself
  9. Simple Bot Framework

    With Visual C++ it's actually wsock32.lib.
  10. Simple Bot Framework

    Okay, I've been playing with bots for quite a while now, so I've decided to create a simple bot framework in C++, completely object-oriented: Simple Bot Framework In C++ Enjoy. P.S.: Thanks to LabRat for hosting!!
  11. How to make colorized GMs?

    Woot, that actually works, thanks guys!
  12. How to make colorized GMs?

    Hello guys, I'm creating a simple guild bot and wanna know how to make colorized guild messages. It doesn't seem to be anywhere: I have searched the entire ELC source code and found nothing. Could you please point me the right direction? Thanks P.S.: Examples in C/C++ preferred
  13. What's your desktop?!?!

    freeone why would u use gimp on windows isntead of ptohotop cs o_O
  14. do YOU love RolePlaying

    roleplaying sux i like good pk system and strong monsters better ;> and lots of weps/stuff/magic ;> like in mu =))
  15. Test server bugs

    guys I dont know why you just dont put new version on port 2000 so people would test...cause whos gonna waste time testing when his account is not there and ur work is gone on main port ?? u would find all the bugs much sooner...