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  1. Removal/modification of rule 5

    Voted yes. Why? As Piper said macroing should be illegal, but if someone has a will and time to play 4-5 chars and are able to multitask them, they won't be a problem cause there are not many of them to affect economy.
  2. Cancel Reading option

    Not quite, u start reading book is gone, u cancel u need new book, unless someone is willing to spend a lot gc. And there can be a cooldown if u cancel, so u need to wait 1-2 ingame hours to start reading new. Or disable cancel option on "Print day".
  3. More Zoom-out level

    Or put option where you choose do you want extreme zoom or normal as it is now.
  4. Trade Store

    Why not implant in game idea of post office. If u are selling something and someone want to buy it but he is on other continent, sleeping or whatever, you just go to NPC send him what he bought and write how much gc he owes, once he pays he receives package and pays posting fee depanding on worth of package (gc sink).
  5. changes to the interface

    Alt+h then Alt+b you will have number of your HP above your head. Know about that, but to remove unnecessary things. Example: Original are as they are, but u can arrange it as shown on picture or as u like, that could be useful in fight cause it's more focused.
  6. changes to the interface

    There should be different font color of #gm and moderator's and GIWS msges, when more than 2 ppl write in #gm and GIWS or mod's msg pops it's easy not to notice it. Someone mentioned mini-map button, that wouldn't be bad. New players won't notice it for long time, but if there is button... Some kind of filter in console or when u highlight some chat channel you only see that channel msges in console. Custom UI, so you can put health/mana/emu/xp bar where you want it, so you don't need health bar under char name.
  7. Eternal-Lands first look

    Pretty sure this guy is not going to make or break EL. Shame he didn't come. It would be that shining example you think EL needs of how to take criticism, I am sure U can't broke something that's already broken. Yes players have quit. However there are plenty of new characters. (Oh wait, how do I know that? I see each and every one that enters the game as it happens. How might YOU know there aren't many?) And in case you haven't been around long, a lot has changed in EL based on player input and radu's own wishes. It IS his game afterall. As i said u get very few new players i never mentioned char's. How many players has multies? Or how many players has more than 2 multies? I would say that about now u don't have more than 350 real players. Hmm, changes....players quiting, but: server update - new npc, server update - new npc, server update - new npc, server update - new npc.... He wants game with NPC's instead of players? Well, i can only say that those decisions in last few years weren't so good. Did lil bit tweaking.
  8. Eternal-Lands first look

    No wonder that EL can't get new players. Good for EL that mmohut guy didn't take a look on this forum... Well, wouldn't say that I have feelings for EL, but it's shame that game with so much potential is going to ruin. From your eyes I'm clueless and misguided, but didn't quite a lot players quit playing and there are very few new?
  9. Eternal-Lands first look

    That wasn't only to Korrode, it was to all mods/devs.
  10. Eternal-Lands first look

    To be straight, you just described yourself and others in charge of EL. Main problem of EL is EGO. You are in charge of something and you think you are freaking god and world revolves around you. As i wrote before, none of you cant take any bad critic about EL. Behavior of mods on this forum is like they are special/chosen by god, but they are only ppl like everyone else. Has any of mods, devs in those years of EL taken any notes when others complain about this and that, and tried to made list and see what could be problem/problems? Guess not, cause when someone wrote something should be changed or whatever, you label him as whiner, bitcher or idiot. Ppl who write any suggestions or complain about something are only trying to make game better, it's true there are some stupid ideas, but at least they try. P.S. If you cant relate to ppl on forum in decent manners , find some PR who can.
  11. Eternal-Lands first look

    So you mean that only your opinion is valid, and those who disagree with you are implicitly wrong? No, I'm only saying that ppl in charge of the game should use things like that to learn something. If u do something and someone says it doesn't have this and that, than you'll take a look and try to figure what u can do to make it batter, not to criticize almost every person who said something bad about game, IMO. I admit that I didn't watch the video, I just got back from my vacation. So I can;t talk much about it for now, although when you start a char you are greeted by a message telling you to start the tutorial. If you don't start the tutorial, the game will obviously be a bit awkward. Video was just to let ppl know what kind a game EL is in short time. Didn't created new char for long time so don't know about msg or not, but if player has freedom to roam around of course they won't bother with tutorial. Limit players actions when he creates char until he solves few of tutorial quests and learn something about game.
  12. Eternal-Lands first look

    One of problem of EL is that it can't be criticized, if it is it's some nub, idiot, etc. IMO this video should open eyes of devs. I's first impression video, not how to play EL video. Who would watch first impression video longer than 15 minutes? For example, some guy/gal is at home and bored, that he/she decide to look to kill some time by playing mmo. He/she goes on some site about mmo and bounce on EL, download it, create char and start playing. IMO they would have same opinion as the guy who made that video. How many of you google about some free game before u start to play it? U should be thankful to him for promoting EL.
  13. yes but pls answer the question how the exact rate is determined (like 7k gc per $ for example). AFAIK, current price of rosto is 32k and shop price is 5$. Now 32000/5=6400 and you get gc to $ rate. no, just compare cutlass to COLs. even now, all COL ingreds together are cheaper than NPC price and that is so for a longer time already. The rare ingredients are distributed from the players to all the things you can make or do with them. So if you buy cutlass cheaper from NPC, then rare ingredients are saved for other items. But even if you start to sell COLs from NPC for 60k tomorrow, the players will have 'too few rare ingredients' - thats intentionally, they ARE MEANT to be rare. That doesnt mean at all that they fly through the roof with their prices. after all their prices is kinda fixed by shop price in real $. Even if they are rare doesn't mean they need too be freaking expansive. Shop doesn't have anything with cost of rare item in game, cause gc to $ rate can change, except if u have $ to spend in shop then current price of cutlass doesn't affect you. no, neither the inflation nor the recession is a vicious circle, they just have selfsustaining tendencies. You are just favoring a recession while i prefer adaption to inflation. regards You are not adapting to inflation you are trying to stimulate her by trying to raise NPC prices. If u raise cutlass NPC price to 60k, you'll be able to sell it for 50-55k and that leaves space so that prices of rare ings goes up.
  14. Infamous just stole words from my mouth.
  15. lets do the same for all skills and thats exactly the point. we dont have NPC selling COLs for 80k, but we have NPC that sells cutlass for 40k. My 'solution' to raise NPC selling price was NOT a recommendation, it was only the solution to how to sell more handmade cutlasses if wanted. That isn't solution.. No one said you can't sell handmade cutlasses, it's only if u want to sell them cheaper than ings cost. As i said NPC defines the highest price of item that was meant to be. If NPC prices stay as they are, even rare items prices will have limit on how high they can go. If u raise NPC price, market price will go up again and again and it wont solve anything. Problems like this need to be solved by players. If we can't make agreement on some prices, then let it be as it is and buy cutlasses from NPC.