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  1. Starting something new! Place orders!

    i need 724 rabbit fur plz i pay 4 each thx Bear
  2. The Good old days

    scarr you got your lvls cut in half i never new that
  3. privacy breaker

    this is a rip off... it says im 3/3 Bear
  4. ~Promose's Animal Items Shoppe~

    this still going on?
  5. Buying Beaver Fur

    im buying 200 beaver fur pm me ingame or just post here
  6. Lots of stuff for sale

    k no they havent yet 6.5 each Bear
  7. Lots of stuff for sale

    ilobypie-500 each s2e duckyo-sry i dont have any he's for sale im keeping them ill get back to every1 in game for the stuff Bear
  8. Lots of stuff for sale

    Terena-sure Bleuren-3.5k Liquid-3.5 each for rubies 6 for water essence each so... 606 for all rubies and 2772 for all water essences so for all... 3378 Bear
  9. Lots of stuff for sale

    200 leather-7 each so 1.4k gc 98 deer fur-3 each so 294 gc 49 wolf fur-8 each so 392 gc 682 thread-.25 each so 171 gc 1000 emeralds-3.5 each so 3.5k gc 1 binding stone-4k each so 4k in all 9757 gc in all Bear
  10. Lots of stuff for sale

    6 Puma Fur 75 Rose Quartz 6 Wood Logs 4 Sapphire 1 Potion of Attack 3 Bear Fur 1 Potion of Defense 27 Brown Snake Skin 50 Iron Ore 1 Potion of Physique 2 Mortar & Pestle 54 Wormwood 2 Beaver fur 434 Sunflower 4 Green Snake Skin 311 Raw Meat 110 Deer Antlers 3 Warm Fur Gloves 5 Needle 5 White rabbit fur 24 Wood Branches 105 Tiger Lilly 1 Potion of Coordination 5 Fox Scarf 2 Leather Gloves 1 Iron Broad Sword 292 Titanium Ore 97 Bones Powder 102 Blue Lupine 4 Mugwort 6 Blue Berries 4 Pickaxe 560 Impatiens 20 Sulfur 1320 Bones 2 Fur Hat 49 Leather 568 White Asiatic Lilly 287 Mullein 724 Life Essence 75 Blue Star Flower 665 Cotton 80 Chrysanthemum 1 Racoon hat 151 Cactus 1 Yellow Rose 32 Poppies 702 Black Rose 578 Gold Ore 49 Potion of Minor Healing 3 Death Essence 1 Fur Cloak 5 Potion of Summoning 1 Book of Advanced Alchemy 1 Skunk hat 1 Leather Helm 2 Potion of Great Healing 2 Steel Two Edged Sword 2 Fox Fur 1 Hammer 1 Potion of Extra Mana 1 Skunk fur 1 Spirit Essence 2 Enriched Life Essence 54 Potion of Spirit Restoration 3 Padded Leather Armor 1 Unicorn Medallion 6 Magic Essence 87 Rat tail 1 Earth Essence 1 Ring Mold 1 Enriched Fire Essence 2 Air Essence 92 Red Snake Skin 173 Ruby 89 Potion of Mana 534 Energy Essence 462 Water Essence 1 Quartz 343 Blue Quartz 451 Silver Ore 1 Polished Emerald 1 Iron Sword Construction 1 Unicorn Medallion Building 1 Naralik Ring Building 1 WhiteStone Ring Building 1 Fur Pants 1 Fur Torso 1 Fur Boots 4 Empty Vial 1 Iron Chain Mail this is most of my sto except for the stuff i want to keep so yeah... just post here and we'll figure out what the pay will be... there will be a 1.5k discount for a purchase of 10k or more Bear
  11. could we make the defence exp we get per fight last longer or get more or take away the limit altogether if there is another post like this im sry Bear
  12. Human, Dwarf, and elf fighting

    sry about this this really pisses me off to but some guy bagjumped me and i lost my iron plate torso so now ill just buy them... Bear
  13. DarkDante

    I was trying out some female orcs after i read the book. So i asked if he or Shadowwalker could save my db and they both said ok. i tried a female orc and i died. and DarkDante took my db and logged off right away after i asked if he had my stuff. i got some logs if you want. Showdowwalker checked the bag afterwards and all it had was some leather. so beware he is a bagjumper. Bear
  14. The gods hate me.

    lol it stop bragging and maybe she'll leave you alone
  15. Three word story

    but they ate