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  1. Imagine..

    That's a great idea.lol i would make mine blue Just a thought,but if this did work out maybe it could be when u read your grave it tells you how uyou last died
  2. Empty vials problematics

    Why not just set them on the ground and let them dissapear.Just saying
  3. Mirror Image

    Yes i understand that much,but how will the monsters act to it.Will it effect them.Or will they just know wich one is you and kill you.scence they are NPC's
  4. Couple thoughts

    Not what i really meant but whatever lol
  5. Mirror Image

    Yes I like the idea,But can it be used to confuse monsters and how.
  6. Helpful Idea for map items

    K thnks for the help
  7. New negative perk, permanent death

    sorry I am a little tired,but my point was why not just make a perk to whare you have a 25% chance of losing everything when you die.Also thats was kinda cruel i'm not trying to just score points.
  8. New Rosto Usage

    I like the idea to ,but if it dosent work out why dont you make it to whare it keeps just your 2 best items, or just 2 items of random choice.Also if u get high enouph in a certain skill iti''l allow you to hold just 1 more item.Personally i think the max would be 3.
  9. New negative perk, permanent death

    k scratch all that.Why dont u make a perk thats simullar to what he just said except u dont die permanatley and u don't lose things from storage.U just have a 25% or 50% chance of losing all your stuff in your bag.Also you only lose it when it happens if u die.When u attack the monster not when a gargoyal or something like that attacks you and kills you instantly.That would suck.So what do u think about that.
  10. I got an idea if any of this does happen.Or if it dosen't I put this as a suggestion.Why dont u put diffrent kinds of stats,levels,or certain kinds of books for each type of creature
  11. Couple thoughts

    We could make are players jump in the game. Also why should harvest stand for everything.I mean its used for mining and fruits and flowers.Why not have seperate skills for that. Then just to be a little bit more realistic why not make it to whare u can actually cut trees down for logs and it turn into a stump.Then later on iti'll appear again.Other than just mining little logs on the ground or twigs that u can just harvest none-stop. One more thing.Nature whats with that.U get hurt by nothing.Why not make it to whare a strong monster or something appears when u have bean doing something for awhile.It would be just random and it would start attacking,but just you.Know u should be able to run away ofcourse if u don't want to fight it.Thats all im thinking of for right know.
  12. Helpful Idea for map items

    Just thinking but why cant we see the pictures of the items in the folders when we put it in thumbnails form.Is it just not possible or can we fix that.So it's easier for us to decide wich item we want.Not having to go back and forth untill u pick the right tree u like for example.
  13. Map Editor Tutorial

    Thanks for this map_maker tutorials it really helpd me.Especially the pictures
  14. Why was i banned plz help

    Hi i'm regarding to my characters slicer3 and dicer.I just wanted to know why i was banned and if i may be unblocked, if i can be unblocked.I'm srry if i did something wrong.I have gotten in a little trouble for making to many simullar accounts in the past, but I have talked to moderators about it and got it undercontrol. I completley under stand all the game rules and forum rules Thank u for the help.