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  1. Client update test

    getting preaty much the same effects as everyone,..but no crashes...leg disapear when i use the #set_neck, and the horse sometimes rides a bit away from me..here are some picks... at least it saves on the saddle sores ;P http://s723.photobuc...elscreen019.png http://s723.photobuc...elscreen015.png http://s723.photobuc...16.png&newest=1 oh..and 1 more thing...when i leave the coal cave and enter ws,..my screen momentarily goes white,..but only for a second. then it goes back to normal. ok..just tried ...#set_neck 0 ...the medallion went away,..but my legs didnt come back......dont know if it helps,..but just thought i would mention it here are some pics fighting from horse...seems ok if you call it from outside, and you are standing still http://s723.photobucket.com/albums/ww236/tagid/?action=view&current=elscreen024.png http://s723.photobucket.com/albums/ww236/tagid/?action=view&current=elscreen025.png http://s723.photobucket.com/albums/ww236/tagid/?action=view&current=elscreen026.png http://s723.photobucket.com/albums/ww236/tagid/?action=view&current=elscreen027.png http://s723.photobucket.com/albums/ww236/tagid/?action=view&current=elscreen027.png
  2. New and updated trade bot list

    hi..i have a new bot... Stub...loc nc 117,7 owner Tagid....Thanks
  3. book of fire sword

    starting bid is 25k bin is 50k minimum bid amount is 1k it is 2:00 pm GMT now ends sunday around the same time.. ty SOLD!
  4. if these ideas have already been posted,..then my apollagies. 1st. when hunting skunks, there should be a good chance that you get sprayed...this can cause you to have the unsocial perk for 1 el day. (unable to trade with npc's) to reduce the chance of being sprayed,..you must wear skunk hat as a disguise so you can sneek up on them 2nd. during a harvesting event like a cavern wall falling, or a radon pouch. it should affect all players in like a 10 foot radius. the player triggering the event will get the full damage, while the other players can recieve half damage. while harving flowers, there should be a chance to arouse a swarm of bee's affecting all players in the area (harvesting or not) 3rd. now for some good stuff ..hyper bag of holding. this is a bag that you can carry in your inventory that gives 5 extra slots. however...you can not use item that are in the bag..those item must be taken out of bag and placed into inventory in order to be used. item place in bag will increase the emu of the bag by 1/4 the emu of the item. (its magic ) this bag does not drop on death, because there is a rosto involved in making it. suggested recipie: 1rostogal stone, 1 enriched magic essence 50 magic essence 50 matter essence 10 leather 10 thread, 1 skull key, 1 skeleton key. skills needed to make. manufacture 35, crafting 35. nexus needed artificial 4, magic 4. as you can see, this will be tuff to make and should not be overwhelming in the came. you can not place a hyper bag of hold into another hyper bag of holding. this will cause a rip in the fabric of space destroying both bags and their contents, and sending you to the under world. ther can be a slight chance to make a hyper bag of extra holding giving a bag with 10 slots. (very rare) these are just some ideas, and you can change them however you like ...hope you like them. enjoy
  5. cant get in game :( [SOLVED]

    YES!!!!!....the vidio card was the problem...downloaded the catalyst, and it worked..thanks for the help i am in el once again Thank you.
  6. cant get in game :( [SOLVED]

    a couple of weeks ago, my motherboard fried...i was sad baught a new system yesterday.... 3.33 ghz 512 mb ram 120 gb hd windows vista home basic os radeon express 1100 grafics i was happy downloaded the client,...i can log in, but as soon as i enter the game i am cast out....i am sad again is this due to windows vista not being supported yet?...or graphics not good enough?...if it is a vista problem,..when can i expect an update to fix it?...if there will be one.
  7. EL's 4th aniversary

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY EL and what a great game it turned out to be... thank you guys for all your hard work, and dedication. I love it
  8. Test server chars updated

    perk gone 7pp's added.......sigh........
  9. Artificer broken?

    just an idea... i reset awhile back, and took arti. perk...i wish to keep it. but it seems that i will not be able to. if the cape is a rare drop from monster, (unless i missed something) it will be dificult for me to get. how about giving us an oppertunity to recieve the cape, and enough nexus to use the cape in exchange for the perk being removed. if the person does not want to have the perk, they can sell their cape to someone who does. they will have nexus, and gc for their trouble. i worked hard to get this perk, and it will take a great effort to get it back again. just an idea
  10. Buyable nexuses

    this is just my opinion, ...but,....pp's are a result of experience. if you are able to purchase pp's for a nexus, isn't that defeating the purpose of experience points? i understand, that it is very hard to gain lvls after a certian lvl,...but hey,.....thats what you get for being so good
  11. Day of Joule

    no food loss when making items....... i win
  12. didn't work for me

  13. didn't work for me

    ok...i uninstalled, redownloade,(from link) same thing...when i click on error detals, this is what i get error signature Appname: el.exe Appver: modname: el.exe modver: offset: 000212sec i tried your link entropy, but when i click on run i get the above measage about wrap_oal.dll these file are in my el folder. i dont understand why it wont work.
  14. didn't work for me

    oh....that thing....sigh.....it is there......back to the drawing board
  15. didn't work for me

    hmmmmm.....don't see it in there....where can i get it