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  1. Bot SPAM

    Atlantis Are you seriously suggesting that guilds with trade bots don't post on the market at all? Atlantis how did you get that idea from my post? The topic was about the number of ads being posted on the market channel. I tried to point out the huge difference in the number of ads a player would see and the source of the ads. Tradebot - 2 ads per hour. "Real players" - 180 ads per hour. I unsuccessfully tried to show that the number of ads a player would be subjected to by the tradebot is the more preferable. Sorry for missing the mark.
  2. Bot SPAM

    The ONLY thing that is happening here is that players are complaining that market channel is not able to function as it was intended to. It is supposed to be where players come together to buy and sell. Players. Bots are not "real players". This is true but the bots do represent "real players". Consider this... a guild with 15 members has a tradebot that advertises on the market channel once every 30 minutes. The total number of ads is 2 per ingame hour. If the guilds' "real players" advertise on the market channel the same items once every 5 minutes as currently allowed then that would be a total of 180 ads per hour. As for having a preference of trading with a bot or a player well... The number of times cheated by a "real player" is 1 The number of times cheated by a tradebot is 0 just my opinion on the subject edited because of bad math...oh well
  3. New Death Messages

    xxx should have gone for the end without teeth! we dug as deep as we could for xxx
  4. Day of Joule

    less items required to manufacture?
  5. I believe the majority of the changes entropy made were to help out the new people (myself being one of them) - from the tutorial npc healing at ip to the boost in health and mana from the minor potions. I passed through ip last night and a new player ran up and just said help me (his health bar was almost empty) i introduced him to the npc and he grabbed his stick and went right back to punishing the denizens of ip. I thought to myself as i watched that this was excellent they don't have to beg anymore -not to belittle the efforts anyone has made to heal everyone at the beam- you have done much good. The boosted minor potions will ensure they spend more time fighting and summoning or practicing magic. As for the magic system any change which would make it a more potent is welcome and the resources to use such force should increase. I don't think anyone playing EL would enjoy it nearly as much if this world were static. I mean no one griped when new armor, swords and ores were released this is simply another change accept it and adapt.
  6. Selling

    I would like to buy the Rose and Blue Quartz mining books.