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  1. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Disturbed-Pain Redivined...... and umm.. I'm Alive all catchy rocky beginnigns alwasy get me
  2. Free Signatures!

    pfft... teabag... snowflake is the way to go scarr...
  3. Gah.. pls People.. concentrate more...

    yah.. fabi sounded like a trade bot when i first met him happens to me a lot.... some person PM's me another language looking for Scyth lol
  4. funny pics

    he looks like his shitting himself loll... lol heres one...
  5. family guy ^^

    lol ty hardcore, scarr have u been living in a rock family guy is te best..try and watch an episode
  6. family guy ^^

    family guy is awesome!!, giggity giggity goo...................what the deuce? their was one episosde where they got robbed, and the robbers got meg, and thye say we have ur son, then loius is like... megs our daughter... really? try and get a video of that
  7. Warcraft 3

    waht monthly fee lol....
  8. Warcraft 3

    nah BloodSeeker ownz!!
  9. command & conquer

    Dota 4 life!!
  10. Draw your EL character contest!

    lolz elvrag and fabi fiting over a girl..... shes mine!! im an elf too!! i got one im ognan try and scan today or tom, its kinda ebul it has some EL content but its pretty nice
  11. funny pics

    lol poke fun at americans........ i didnt find that funny at all sorry to ruin the moment lol
  12. Club as a new Weapon

    call it elephant bones, just like in the movie the protector elephant bones pwnz!!
  13. Draw your EL character contest!

    oh.. then taht screws up my whole picture...
  14. Draw your EL character contest!

    ive got one, but one question can we add in the pictures things that arent in EL? like a mask, or ninja outift???
  15. Music :D

    lol, id also love to see spoon tapping