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  1. selling steel bars

    48 each
  2. ELG Alchemy Shop

    Id like 1k iron bars pls ingame Sheitan
  3. Selling training stuff

    For sale : 200 Augmented Torsoes+Pants @250gc per set 50 leather boots @ 75 each 20 steel shields @400 each 20 iron helms @200 each or 65 kgc for a lot And im always buying steel bars @48gc (up to 20k of bars), EFEs/serpent stones/enrichment stones
  4. Auction and Selling St00f

    110k for stones package
  5. Enrichment Stoes and EFE

    25k for 3 stones and EFE
  6. Steel Bars

  7. Selling Red dragon set

  8. Buying Warlock Cape

    got 1, close pls
  9. Get Your Nexus point Here!

    Ill take bars ill catch you online Greedyhead
  10. Selling some "cute" black dragon set, including 4 parts (torso, cuisses, greaves, helm) Starting price 950k gc. Buy now price 1,5 million gc. Wanna be pr0? need to be rich first happy bidding. Post here or PM me ingame (Sheitan)
  11. gladiators gear ;) - black dragon set for sale

    Tried to be pro Markus, and failed again, huh? You can save other people from overpaying, and buy it yourself
  12. Buying 40 bindings

    Buying 40 (maybe more Binding stones @7k each If you want to sell any, post here or PM me ingame (Sheitan) Also always buying: EFES @6,5k Serp stones @3,5k Steel bars @48
  13. 700 s2es for sale

    Selling 700 s2es @900 each. Post here if interested or PM me ingame (Sheitan) SOLD, close pls.
  14. Buying manu ings

    im looking for: up to 20k 10k of steel bars @48 each 2k 1k iron bars @37 each 50 EFEs @6,5k each 100 serpent stones @3,5k each 30 binding stones @6,5k each 30 enrichment stones @6k each Post here or PM me ingame (Sheitan)
  15. Serp stones

    3,7k each and all
  16. Serp stones

    3,6k each, and ill take all.
  17. Selling Cutlass of Mage

  18. Selling Steel bars, SRs, Iron ore

    Ill take steel bars
  19. NMT cape for sale

    350k ^^
  20. As topic says, special Orcslayer is for sale. Stats can be checked HERE Price 500kgc, first post gets it. I prefere gc, but i can accept : EFEs @6k Hydrobars @9,5k Binding stones @6k Serpent Stones @2,3k Enrichment Stones @5,5k steel bars @48 iron ores @3 If you dont like above prices you can sell for more ingame and offer gc Of course you can PM me ingame too - Sheitan Have fun
  21. Orc Slayer of Mana Nullification

    SOLD, close topic pls
  22. Special armors for sale

    Hello, i have few spare items for sale 1. Steel Greaves of Ubber Defense : starting price 270k , buy now price 350k SOLD 2. Titanium Cuisses of Cooldown Removal : starting price 200k , buy now price 260k RESERVED 3. Titanium Plate of Freezing : starting price 130k , buy now price 200k SOLD 4. Titanium Shield of Life Drain : Starting price 130k , buy now price 200k SOLD Stats of all items you can check here Im accepting gc, EFEs @6,3k , Enrichment stones @5,7k, binding stones @6k, Serpent stones @2,3k and any anount of steel bars @48 each - also buying all those items. Close topic pls
  23. Special armors for sale

    Shield sold Greaves sold still 2 items for sale
  24. Hi, i want to buy up to 20000 of steel bars @ 48 each. If you have some and want to sell please post here or PM me ingame ( Sheitan )
  25. EFE Auction