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  1. Manufacturing strike!

    one more thing about rares - when u harvest, u can find stones, including 400kgc worth nexus ones. Does that mean that u should sell ores cheaper? Or give your 100k iron ores for free cause u've found one? If someone has made 3 EFEs in 10k FEs, would he sell them @1gc each. He wont be at loss then, EFEs will pay for it, right? Btw price on Luxe ive set are STILL a LOSS, just not as big as they were. Its 1-5kgc per item now.
  2. Manufacturing strike!

    About my counters: with some items i was very lucky recently indeed, but before that "run" started, i havent made ANY special for over 10 months. About chances: Once had 2 SGoUD in a row, once had 2 OSoMNs in 5 tries. But for example had only 1 JSOC in about 1k JS (most of them made when ings were cheaper, so there was no big loss on each), and never had special version of some other items. I do not make 5,10,20 of same items at once, i only make what i need to restock bot and to have 1-2 spare sets in storage About exp: I do not get my exp with those items, I level with s2es (probably more than 80% of my manu exp) When someone was arguing about high prices (low, but higher than some sellers), i offered possibility to trade for ings. Less than 10% people is willing to do that... So now - pay fair price, or buy elsewhere. Or make your own
  3. Manufacturing strike!

    rank 2 in for this too. that means both me (Sheitan) and Luxe.
  4. New and updated trade bot list

    Luxe owner - Sheitan
  5. Auction for 20 EFE

    8k each , Sheitan ingame
  6. getting rid of a few things

    red set 180k binding, enrich, CotU too ingame Sheitan
  7. Steel Cuisses of Mana Drain

    Hello Selling Steel Cuisses of Mana Drain (just like the normal ones + 4% chance to do mana drain when hit) Starting price 500kgc Buy now price 750kgc. post, pm, gossip ingame Sheitan
  8. Rapier of Death

    Hello im selling Rapier of Death (just like the normal one, but with a small chance to do 150 dmg ) Starting from 350k buy-now price 500kgc Auction ends Thursday, 10 pm GMT Ingame Sheitan
  9. Rapier of Death

    sold, close pls
  10. Rapier of Death

    2h until end of auction
  11. Rapier of Death

    added buy-now price, and ending time
  12. Rapier of Death

    I see no problem. U dont trust - u dont bid. Some ppl want it just to shout "loook, i have it! i have it!", and some to be a possible surprise for an opponent. Should i guess which kind of buyer are u? So please stop wasting your time and go buy it elsewhere.
  13. Rapier of Death

    Private bid 365k
  14. Rapier of Death

    Private bid of 350k
  15. Storage Sell!

    222 iron bars -8,4kgc 56 steel bars -2,6kgc 4.6k silvers - 9kgc Sheitan ingame
  16. Auction for 8 EFEs

    61k ingame Sheitan
  17. 10k Steel Bars

    Buy now, 510k ingame Sheitan
  18. Steel Greaves of Ubber Defense

    Hello brand new, hot Uber Def greaves up for sale Starting from ingame 700k offer buy-now price: 1,2kk gc. have fun with bidding Auction will end in 48 hours from now or when buy-it-now price is reached. Post here, PM me on forums, or PM me ingame for anonymous bids - Sheitan
  19. Steel Greaves of Ubber Defense

    and as a bonus, some screenie ^^ manu session hint: see "session" numbers
  20. Steel Greaves of Ubber Defense

    Auction finished, gtz Yaser
  21. Steel Greaves of Ubber Defense

    1 minute
  22. Steel Greaves of Ubber Defense

    5 minutes until end.
  23. Steel Greaves of Ubber Defense

    anonymous 835k
  24. Steel Greaves of Ubber Defense

    anonymous bid - 830k
  25. Steel Greaves of Ubber Defense

    4 hours until the end of auction - top bidder atm, Lothar with 820kgc bid