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  1. Special armors for sale

    Hello for sale: Titanium Greave of Mirroring @ 600kgc Titanium Cuisses of Cooldown Removal @ 150 kgc Post here, PM on forums or contact Sheitan ingame If u want both, price is 700kgc
  2. a little Sale :)

    20k for Wolfram bar+ tit bars? Sheitan ingame
  3. Weapons & armors sale

    Wooden Serp swords, best against vampires (garlic free if u buy 2)
  4. Weapons & armors sale

    Hello, time for some spring storage clearing Thermal Serp - 400kgc Dragon blade - 79k Halberds - 41k Spears - 31k Radioactive titanium long - 25k jagged sabres - 27k orc slayers - 27k cutlass - 27k rapiers - 27k eagle wings - 27k sunbreakers - 27k emerald claymore - 27k 900 S2E swords - 960 ea (or 950 ea if buying 500+) 100 titanium short swords - 30k bulk Serp swords - 14k Ice dragon set (plate+cuisses+greaves) - 390k Black dragon sets (plate+cuisses+greaves) - 290k Steel greaves / cuisses - 25k ea Steel sets - 112k Titanium Sets - 160k Titanium shields - 29k pm/gossip me ingame (Sheitan) or post here.
  5. Sapphy's spring sale!

    3 bindings +EFE for 34k? ingame Sheitan
  6. Storage Sale

    all steel bars and all bindings pls 260052+126000 = 386052gc ingame Sheitan
  7. Radioactive tit long bug

    "mix one" button works as "mix all" in this case, mixed few other weapons/armors same temple visit, worked fine. Ingame Sheitan
  8. Black Dragon armor set

    Hello, im selling Black Dragon set (plate+cuisses+greaves) Start price 280k Buy-now price 300k post here or PM Sheitan
  9. Auction 25 Enriched Fire Essences

    195k Sheitan
  10. Manufacturing strike!

    *I think the Rare's that Manuers get are quite fine. Also, you can use other skills for teh gcs. Just because you're a manuer doesn't mean you can't pursue riches in other ways.* Isnt that what u said before not as joke? And its true, rares are fine, and i can use (well, have to sometimes) other skills for gc I cant afford spending 90% of my time with my main skill.
  11. Manufacturing strike!

    Try watching how many non-manufacturers are buying steel bars in huge amounts. There are plenty of "professional hydro miners" that are providing hydro bars to EL, mostly to high-level fighters, and making nice profit with it (well, less profit now as steel bars price jumped again, 52-53 now), and thats were most of still bars go. Happened to me to sell some hydro bars too, but 90% of hydro i've mined i used myself (yes, thats some work from me to reduce costs ;P) And increased hydro bars price is 100% not manufacturers fault.
  12. Manufacturing strike!

    EFEs arent used for swords btw Dragon armors and 10 binds per dragon set is what made binds harder to get, and more expensive. Bigger demand, bigger price, nothing strange here. I wish, but i dont expect ings prices to drop significantly, so only thing i can do for myself, is either stop producing swords at all, or just selll them at higher price. Even if wolfram bars amount coming into game is constant, they have more uses now than they used to, and that makes them more expensive. Same with serp stones, same with EFEs (alembics/vial molds), same with hydro bars (nexus), EMEs (dragon armors/saving stones). If more ppl need them, and are trying to buy them its natural price will go up.
  13. Manufacturing strike!

    Nothing to do with luck here. I dont have to make swords/armors. And IMHO fighters will need luck if ings (and swords) price will reach NPC price As i said before, my main exp source are s2es, mixed both for myself and for other ppl, just for ings. In this case it works great all the time. And im not that lazy, i wish i could spend even 50% of my time with manufacturing. But if id be doing that, id be broke in less than month. 104 alch isnt bad for someone who isnt an alcher, and is lazy, no? (it probably came from those hundred of thousands of hydro bars i mixed to make those thousands of armors sets to flood the market) PS. yep, thread is getting funnier all the time. At least for me.
  14. Manufacturing strike!

    Irony - u know that term? Im not asking u to pay more Just dont be lazy, harv your own ings, and bring them to manufacturer to mix. I (and many others) will do it for free. You will earn free sword, ill earn exp, its only little bit of work. Simple as that, isnt it? Ill be more than pleased if ppl will do so (can u see? im getting no profit at all here)