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  1. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I'd like to order: 20k emeralds = 60kgc ign: Beol Thanks a lot
  2. daily quests

    Why should i do the quest and become a serper too ? >_> And i dont whine. I just say my opinion. Finally i am part of EL too, so my opinion counts as much as yours. Just see things a bit more sophisticated. Not everything that shines, is gold. I dont care if radu destroys my favorite training place. But at least i hope that he won't do more those mistakes. Greetz Beol
  3. Find the new NPC contest

    Zyrilik - looks very similar to Blaze Bayley, the Iron Maiden singer 1994-1998 :>
  4. Todays Invasion

    Solarstar: i went skf and nrm too. here my screenshot: http://beol.hostzi.com/screens/defexp_full.JPG ok, Snowghost got more ;< Best invasion (because of best experience) I ever got! THX!
  5. No Ermabwed. So you will get in both skills the same amount of experience, nevermind if you do skill1 on scholars day and skill2 AFTER that, or skill2 on scholars day and skill1 after that. I assumed that so i could compare better which skill should be done on scholars day. The difference after that is not in the skill experiences, but in the overall experience. Edits: Here a screenshot for it: @Solarstar: what dont you understand yet? :>
  6. Scholars Day On Scholars Day you get in any skill the normal experience times p. That applies even for overall. So overall is the normal experience times p². 1) What skill to train on at this day? (measuring the experience) I abbreviate exp1 = normal experience in skill1 and exp2 = normal experience in skill2. Let's assume you have to decide between to skills: skill1 and skill2. The relation between both is a = exp1 / exp2 -> exp1 = a * exp2 To compare the exp you get, i assume that you do the one skill at scholars day, and the other skill after that until you get the same amount of experience like you would have goten when you did the second skill at scholars day. So in any case you will get p*exp1 in skill1 and p*exp2 in skill2. The interesting thing now is the different overall experience: 1. Possibility: When you do skill1 at scholars day and skill2 after that you get: oa exp(1) = p² * exp1 + p * exp2 oa exp(1) = p² * a * exp2 + p * exp2 2. Possibility: When you do skill2 at scholars day and skill1 after that you get: oa exp(2) = p² * exp2 + p * exp1 oa exp(2) = p² * exp2 + p * a * exp2 Let us analyze the relation s (for smartness :>)between both: s = oa exp(1) / oa exp(2) s = (p² * a * exp2 + p * exp2) / (p² * exp2 + p * a * exp2) s = (p * a + 1) / (p + a) Let's look at the different cases: s >= 1 <=> p * a + 1 >= p + a <=> p * a - a >= p - 1 <=> a * ( p - 1) >= p - 1 <=> a >= 1 So s < 1 implices a < 1 Conclusion: 1. When a >= 1 (exp1 >= exp2), you should do skill1. 2. When a < 1 (exp1 < exp2), you should do skill2. Now i try to determine the range of s. Therefore i look at the border cases of a: a = 0: s = (p * 0 + 1) / (p + 0) = 1 / p 1/a = 0: s = (p * a + 1) / (p + a) s = a * ( p + 1/a ) / a * ( 1/a * p + 1) s = (p + 1/a) / ( 1/a * p + 1) = (p + 0) / (0*p + 1) = p/1 = p => s in [1/p;p] Conclusion: 1. s and 1/s are maximal p (that's the case if you are specialist in 1 skill) 2. s = 1 <=> exp1 = exp2 (that's the case if you are generalist). This means you have no benefit of this article because you get the same experience. 3. Specialists have a greater benefit of following this article 2) What skill to train on this day? (measuring the costs) I abbreviate cost1 = costs for 1 exp in skill1 and cost2 = costs for 1 exp in skill2. The relation c is cost1/cost2. At Scholars day you get p*exp1 in skill1 with only cost1*exp1 costs. That means you 'earn' (p-1)*cost1*exp1 if you do skill1 and (p-1)*cost2*exp2. The relation between those both 'sallaries' i gonna call e: e = (cost1*exp1) / (cost2*exp2) = (c*cost2*a*exp2) / (cost2*exp2) = c*a Conclusions: 1. Look at the costs AND the experience/hour. Exactly informations about your personal exp/hour and costs/exp are necessary to decide well :-) Feel free to complain Beol
  7. EMU

    Will is attribute which gives lowest combat lvl. And compared to e.g. instinct, it helps even if you are far beyond the recommended lvls for a creature. So it is not useful for 'normal' fighters. But ii think that some fighters have use for will =) Greetz Beol
  8. a/d gab

    48/101 here. I think MiiX is still a bit better. Like 39/97. But attack experience is 'ok' for me since invasions/instances are fun and they give attack exp :> Here my little photo collection: http://beol.hostzi.com/screens/ Greeetz Beol
  9. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    aravinth - 10k diamonds, 10k emeralds thx
  10. Looking for Training Advice

    I agree with Dipi. Just look at the a/d lvls of the next training mobs: Female orcs: 50/30 -> more def exp Male orcs: 60/40 -> more def exp Polar bear: 55/50 -> more def exp Trolls: 60/25 -> more def exp Grizzly bear: 65/30 -> more def exp Ogres: 70/50 -> more def exp ... Ah wait, of course you can do uber-training on: Hobgoblins: 36/40 -> more att exp But forget this one, they are quite strong for their lvl (and have almost the same ignore lvl like ogre) Well, all training monsters give more def exp than att exp. And if you get more def exp, that would mean you get even more def exp because you reach higher def lvls earlier. The only way out of this cycle is to get too high coordination or too high reasoning, and both (especially coordination) destroys your training
  11. Looking for Training Advice

    In my opinion you should go to female orcs (since you have enough def for it). In 1-2h you have that level to fight them easily .. so dont care about the few more essences you need -> free magic exp And in my opinion it does matter much much more how much exp / hour you get. Resources (like HEs) are very low cost compared to the saved time :-)
  12. Trading strike

    It has nothing to do with Holar/pepa imho. I think only those gold farming attack nerdz are responsible for that because they are almost the only source of gc (or have you seen someone lately harvesting BL in PL??) And the only thing those mob killer need are weapons+armor (--> stones). So it is quite logical to see the price raising for those things. And i understand why YOU want that price to be lower, so that you have more coins left to buy pp's or whatever. Distribute Holar! Go sell him everything Greetings Beol
  13. City building

    Instead of paying gc, you could require the "builders" to pay ressources which are mostly used to build a house: Nails, Yew, Gypsum, Steel bars, ... But this in large quantities so that it is really something worth to own a house. I think that there is not even a mayor necessary for the city. After some time there might exist even some little bigger buildings, like walls and towers. As long as only special persons have access to "their" doors (and maybe the buddys of the door-owner), you could implement even some real advantages for house-owner: like an own cave with diamonds, or a range where you can quick-cook meat, ... Of course all this advantages have to be VERY expensive and the advantage shouldnt be more than 1-2% compared to normal players. Ok, that's my cent to this nice idea of player-built cities
  14. New Combat Level formula

    Ok, i misunderstood it. Out of these words i read following: 1 reaction = 1 defence 1 defence = 2 toughness 1 reasoning = 1 attack 1 attack = 2 might According to this you would have to weight 1 Attack(/Defence) like 2 Might+1 Reasoning (/2 Toughness+1 Reaction) So my point is still the same =)
  15. New Combat Level formula

    Korrode, as far as i know, 2 reaction would be equal to 1 defence level and 2 dexterity is equal to 1 attack level. BUT Defence and Attack provide also extra armor / damage. With your calculation (PvE) 2 reaction = 1.5 combat lvl's 1 defence = 0.75 combat lvl's (although it should be even higher than 1.5!!) So my suggestion is to calculate 1 reaction = 0.375 (as well as dexterity). You might say that 2 reaction is equal to 1 defence, but just with the advantage of NOT getting less experience. (1 defence you know = 1 less def exp) But you want to indicate the strength and not the "training value" of those attributes and levels And if you want to start to give "damage" also some value, you should continue with counting armor + weapon too, what would be really good imo!!