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  1. lanterns

    thanks for ya input guys! hehehe. would it be possible to have the lantern light only show up to yourself? then would it be ok to have 8 people with lanterns on, but each one only being able to see their own? cos that might only count as one light source, im not sure. i hope this can work! it would be cool
  2. Racism

    POST IT! POST IT! POST IT! just to show everyone :lol: bubsyneo
  3. auto clicker for harvesting

    thanks marĀ©!! i finally found an autoclicker that works for linux! FINALLY! i haven't been able to use it in EL yet, but i have used it! thanks so much! you said using alt+c started and stopped it. it doesn't work for me. but i dun care! I FINALLY have an autoclicker! hahaha :lol: bubsyneo
  4. joining a guild

    i like the idea, but if someone wanted to leave and didn't want to pay, then they would just deliberately be annoying until they got kicked. i don't think you should have t pay that much to be in a guild. it would be good cos it would mean commitment but for soem people it can take a long time to get that much gold and probably wouldn't be worth it. that's just my opinion bubsyneo :lol:
  5. Suggestion for bag window

    that is a REALLY good idea to have the button to pick up all the items! it would save time continually pressing the item or having to press the number of items then the item. I think this 'button' should be above the pics of items in the bag and would have something like 'pick up all' on it. it would be very handy. also having the inventory window not appearing would be very helpful because it's annoying when you're hunting and collecting something like fur and continue having the click the cross before you go after another animal :S. it's a great idea! bubsyneo :lol:
  6. i think it's a REALLY GOOD idea! when the trade fails, the window should stay there, but the crosses (you press to agree with the trade) go away and you change what you are trading, or you open up your inventory and put some thing into a bag so then ypu can trade, and the bag of stuff you got rid of would still be under you , so you could retrieve what you got rid of if you want to take some back. i don't think there would be anything wrong with the idea. good thinking fred! hehehe. :lol: bubsyneo
  7. i like the church idea is good. or some other type of building with beds in it, and we could click the beds and go to sleep, but not get hurt. sounds complicated, but it has been done in another game. i know we want eternal lands to be different from other games but it might wrk . maybe the sitting idea would be good. and only heal you a LITTLE bit faster, not heaps. or... (unless this already happens) the higher your food level, the faster you heal, and as your food level drops, you heal a bit slower. just an idea :lol: bubsyneo
  8. lanterns

    hmm...im glad you guys responded :lol: . maybe, because hacking might require extra time etc., it might not be worth hacking the lanterns if they weren;t EXTREMELY expensive. they should be reasonable easy to purchase if you are a newbie and haven't got much money, but, i don't think it would be that bad if someone hacked it either. i hope it is possible to have a light source like a lantern, it would just be like the whole world being brighter but only in certain places.(where there were lanterns that were turned on.)i'd rather not use sigils as light sources, i've never used sigils and i think it would be a good idea to always have the equipment for light. Maybe at a tavern there could be oil for sale to fuel the lamps, therefore making there a reason to not use the lamps continuously, because they would run out. But then there is more reason for hacking the light, hmm, i don't know. lol bubsyneo
  9. lanterns

    i was just thinking it might be a good idea because it can get pretty dark and hard to see at night time, to have lanterns available to buy for a reasonable amount of money from certain shops. Then if they could be equiped like armor and weapons they would then become on when equipped, and there would always be a circle of light always around your character. I hope you like my sugegstion. bubsyneo
  10. ~AFK Icon~

    I think your ideas are really good!maybe just a asterix or something that isn't already used in usernames could be the sign.I don't think there would be a problem with it because if the sign appears above someone and they're not moving because they have left their computer or somehting, then we won't think they're cheating because it doens't matter if they're not doing anything..cause it will be obvious. also the standard pm message is a really good idea!!maybe instead of a sign their name changes colour, obviously..cya guys!! bubsyneo
  11. ~AFK Icon~

    i agree with youlearner but then afk people would choose not to have the flag..but i think that anything you do like typing or looking in your inventory should get rid of it for the allocated time. we could have a button in the settings screen to show or hide the flags. because some people that didn't mind seeing flags all the time could check for afks. even if not many people are seeing the flags, it would still be a good idea because if any player moves with a flag, it would be obvious! cya!! bubsyneo :D:D:D
  12. Eternal-Lands 1st birthday "tavern crawl"

    what time is australia when the tavern crawl is happening? bubsyneo
  13. ~AFK Icon~

    what's auto harvest?!?!?i didn't know you could do that!!arrgghh!!u mean iw as doing it the HARD way!!!?!???crud!!lol..cya! Bubsyneo :P:P
  14. killing boars ALASTRIA

    sorry alastria!! i didn't know how to email it to you...i tihnk i tried what was on the site but there must've been some reason why i didn't just email ya!!lol...sorry again!! cya!!