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  1. Best Death Message

    <playername> thought he could fly............... clouds
  2. Signatures

    \O/ thnx cs99
  3. Signatures

    hey can u use this background and put cloudstrife99 on it or the other one if it is to big background; background thnx in advance cloud
  4. top 10 scariest video games

    you forgot project zero,system shock and eternal darkness they scared the crap outta me *cloud*
  5. Haloween Cloaks

    no problem:) great idea though cloud
  6. Haloween Cloaks

    i tried it with the fr cape and it just goes black cloud
  7. selling -

    how much for the fr cape plz cloud
  8. Selling some stuffs.

    ill give 2.5k for the second hand plate? pm me ingame
  9. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    akon-smack that busta rhymes-touch it lloyd banks-hands up papoose-the stakes are high p-diddy-come to me
  10. Football: English Premiership 06/07

    go chelsea
  11. Iron Ore For sale

    invis pot book and 1k les for all of it:) pm me ingame #Edit: nvm
  12. http://www.aninote.com/

    ok i found this website out from a college freind hope u enjoy http://Robert.Blake.JustGotOwned.com u can edit the name to put ur own freinds there aninote click the link on the side and u can make ur own from youaremylove to you are mighty
  13. De-cluttering my storage.

    ill take the raccoon furs,skunk and 5 invis pots for 1.5k? pm me ingame
  14. Buying/Selling

    how much ea for the iron bars ? plz
  15. Guess the player name!