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  1. The next update

    some1 buy meh Col's so i can donate some moneh
  2. buying thermal tit long

    Will pay 70k or trade CoL for one pm me ingame or post on forums.
  3. Draw your EL character contest!

    why doesnt anybody like mine? try doing it in microsoft paint for yourself, its hard. for me anyways. dont make fun of me for being unable to draw well!! btw sistema nice drawing
  4. Draw your EL character contest!

    here is my my pr0 fight plz post your comments even if they are rude or mean lol
  5. Draw your EL character contest!

    here is mEh pr0 picture... laugh at this plx...my picture was very hard to do. i suck dont make fun of me it was my best i could do :S. my pr0 picture i used microsoft paint btw
  6. Odin

    this is not a scam
  7. Odin

    Ok. it all started as i was harvesting coal and odin walked in and started harvesting to. then a few minutes later a guy named zl0nline walked in and started harvesting coal then he got attacked by a garg and got killed. so i reacted quickly and sat on his db then i kep on harvesting more coal and i got overloaded, so i asked some1 to sit on db real fast while i run to sto. odin volunteered. so i come back and i sit on bag and all that was left was wine and some ale... here is my chatlog [20:24:25] zl0nline has entered the realm of the unliving. [20:24:28] You stopped harvesting. [20:24:32] [sirrich @ 3]: pc binding stone [20:24:34] rip: omg [20:24:38] [Faolin @ 3]: topic? [20:24:42] You started to harvest Coal. [20:24:45] You stopped harvesting. [20:25:04] rip: can some1 save his db for me? [20:25:09] You started to harvest Coal. [20:25:17] Odin: sure [20:25:21] rip: kk [20:25:24] You stopped harvesting. [20:25:26] [Emporium @ 3]: Selling 2 body piercing cloak(s) for 3000 gc each. PM me with INV to see my wares. Service with a smile [20:25:28] You started to harvest Coal. [20:25:35] [markusweck @ 3]: yes we have made cyprom blushings....hehe 6k collected and we still buy all bones and you get freebee inv pot [20:25:43] [PM from berningdesire: i am just harvesting on my alt my oldest daughter is here to pick up my granddaughter will be on soon] [20:25:44] [PM to zl0nline: hey, i let odin hold your db ] [20:25:50] Odin: by 'save', you mean take the stuff I want, then deny it? [20:25:50] [Cycloonx @ 3]: Don't spam markus plx [20:26:02] While harvesting, rip upset a radon pouch, and was hit for 30 points of radiation damage. [20:26:03] You stopped harvesting. [20:26:06] You started to harvest Coal. [20:26:08] [PM from zl0nline: thnx ) i come] [20:26:17] [PM to berningdesire: so who is your alt?] [20:26:25] [PM from berningdesire: duh] [20:26:39] [PM from berningdesire: the one pming you] [20:26:45] [PM to berningdesire: who is your other char. i mean -.-] [20:26:52] [PM from atoth: dang i got muted] [20:26:57] [PM to atoth: haha] [20:27:05] [PM from atoth: this sucks] [20:27:13] [PM to atoth: xD] [20:27:18] [PM to atoth: roflmfao] [20:27:20] [PM from berningdesire: randi said you said to get back in the game lol just letting you know] [20:27:21] [PM from atoth: hey what is your name???] [20:27:25] [WarMerchant @ 3]: Greetings! I am selling 1 Iron Cuisses for 4250gc each, I'm located in Nordcarn, near the arena. (88,115). [20:27:52] [PM to berningdesire: ohh yea your selestious randi told me lol i forgot, its been so long lol] [20:28:11] Too heavy, you are overloaded. [20:28:11] You stopped harvesting. [20:28:15] You started to harvest Coal. [20:28:17] You stopped harvesting. [20:28:22] You are too far away! Get closer! [20:28:42] [PM to Odin: you might have to take his db to him outside cause of the gargs] [20:28:44] Welcome to Nordcarn [20:29:10] [Richery @ 3]: I am selling 1 Titanium Axe for 12000gc. Pm me with "loc" to find me, or "inv" to see my goods. [20:29:19] [bernie @ 3]: pc iron helms and iron chainmail [20:29:32] No player is in the game with the name of berningsdesire [20:29:34] You entered the Nordcarn storage [20:29:46] [PM from Odin: easier to just take the deathbag period.] [20:29:52] [suBZer0 @ 3]: selling Steel Helm. PM me plZ [20:29:56] [Charn @ 3]: Hi, I am selling 500 Water Essences for only 5.25g each. Pm me with "loc" to find me, or "inv" to see my wares [20:30:03] [Guresh @ 3]: buying tit chain 3.5kgc pm me [20:30:07] [PM to berningdesire: get on sel only 1,130 more coal to go ^^] [20:30:07] [PM from berningdesire: Automessage: I am off to my happy place leave a message if u like] [20:30:18] [PM from Odin: I mean, what deathbag? ] [20:30:28] No player is in the game with the name of selestious [20:30:33] [PM to Odin: lol] [20:30:46] [cloudo @ 3]: selling 85 tread 85 gcs [20:30:54] [PM to Odin: dont take his db man] [20:30:57] [PM to Odin: he is a n00b] [20:31:07] [PM to Odin: and thats not right] [20:31:10] Welcome to White Stone [20:31:29] [PM from Odin: lol, you're in a scammers guild mate, don't tell me what's right and wrong] [20:32:02] [PM to Odin: you took his db, im gonna put u on outlaws(when i get time)] [20:32:07] You see: rip [20:32:08] You started to harvest Coal. [20:32:08] [PM from Odin: kk.] [20:32:13] [Kramxel @ 3]: Sselling 5k sulfer, pm me plz [20:32:30] [Nera @ 3]: Selling 1643 titanium bar(s) for 42 gc each. PM me with INV to see my wares. Service with a smile [20:32:42] [PM to zl0nline: you know that guy i let save your db? well he took your db] [20:32:49] [PM to zl0nline: im so sry man] [20:32:56] [PM to Odin: give it back man] [20:33:00] [PM from Odin: I left a few things] [20:33:04] [PM from Odin: the unstorable stuff ] [20:33:11] [PM to Odin: wine and ale] [20:33:17] [PM to Odin: whoopty doo] [20:33:18] [PM from zl0nline: one minuts, i come vry fast ))] [20:33:23] [PM to zl0nline: dont bother] [20:33:25] [Guresh @ 3]: i am buying a tit chain for 3.8kgc and 400 hes and 140 srs pm me [20:33:33] [PM from Odin: Oh, I'm sorry, I took the 1 vial and 4 minor healing potions] [20:33:38] [bigman94 @ 3]: selling eagle wing pm me [20:33:47] [PM to zl0nline: the sun of a bitch took your db, and im reporting him cause i have so much proof] [20:33:56] [PM to Odin: no im reporting you, i have so much proof] [20:33:56] Kickey has logged off. [20:34:12] [the_antiroot @ 3]: buying s2eoi book, 10k [20:34:20] [PM from Odin: \o/ haven't outlaws in a while] Once again another desperate =Hc= bagjumper. how dumb am i for letting him sit on bag?
  8. Ftw!

    evalin what picture do you want in your avatar? lol
  9. Ftw!

    Scarr likes those little pink teddy bears
  10. selling a lot of leather

    Hi. I am selling 6,270 leather for 6gc each, or 37kgc for it all. Please pm me ingame cause i do not check the forums often so it would be appreciated if you pmed ingame. Thank you. SOLD
  11. Storage Clearout

    55k for all
  12. selling ibsoi

    selling ibsoi pm me ingame with your offers
  13. Making Essences On Order

    I'll buy 750 matter ess wait nvm
  14. S&R is reqruiting. Must have a/d at or above 25/25 and another skill at or above 20 (not harvest or overal). PM shydenaya, rip, or achmos to join
  15. The Eaf Championship 2

    well i know i cant fight in this, my a/d is to low rofl