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  1. Compile Errors (again)

    Yay! It's working now! Thanks teh banned 0n3na.
  2. Compile Errors (again)

    err... yah, I meant that the I/O errors occured when I tried to run it. So where do I get e3dlist.txt? Should I modify anything else?
  3. Compile Errors (again)

    Hi again all. So, I'm trying to compile the client again. From CVS. And also--I'm trying to do this on Linux (it's a lot easier) Here's my current script for building el from the CVS. Assume that I'm in my home directory, and that the elc directory doesn't exist. ~/el/ is my eternal lands directory (extracted from the el v.1.00 zip for linux) #!/bin/sh cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.elc.berlios.de:/cvsroot/elc login cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.elc.berlios.de:/cvsroot/elc co elc cd elc make --file Makefile.linux cp el.x86.linux.bin ~/el/el.cvs.bin And so then, when I try to run it, I get several lines like this: I/O warning : failed to load external entity "languages/en/strings/console.xml" I/O warning : failed to load external entity "languages/en/strings/console.xml" So I searched around on the forums, and managed to get a languages with en and de. But NOW when I run it, a window flashes open, then closed. There is no command line output. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?
  4. Run Bot Program From A Webserver

    To do what Leeloo said, you would need either root access (or direct access) to a server, which is ~$50 a month for your OWN server. Most hosting plans ~$5 only cover HTML and file hosting, not PHP or direct Apache module loading configuration; you can't execute programs. They are on SHARED servers. This server is not all yours. So, in the end... it's easiest to leave your computer always on and have the program running. Sorry. --keknehv
  5. Can't Connect To Server After Initial Installation

    put the patch in your el directory, run it, then tell us what errorlog.txt says
  6. Compile Error

    Hmmm... maybe I should have said "How do I link with SDL" *gasp* How do I link with SDL? Better yet, what is everything I need to link to?
  7. Compile Error

    dang... now it's giving sdl errors... Help?
  8. Compile Error

    Errr... was I supposed to? How do I do that? (I'm using Dev-Cpp)
  9. Compile Error

    Ok... so I finally actually got it on my XP and it compiled it all into o's... and then....: ../elc/weather.o(.text+0x2f1):weather.c: undefined reference to `glPushMatrix@0' ../elc/weather.o(.text+0x2f6):weather.c: undefined reference to `glLoadIdentity@0' ../elc/weather.o(.text+0x302):weather.c: undefined reference to `glEnableClientState@4' ../elc/weather.o(.text+0x329):weather.c: undefined reference to `glVertexPointer@16' ../elc/weather.o(.text+0x338):weather.c: undefined reference to `glEnable@4' ../elc/weather.o(.text+0x34f):weather.c: undefined reference to `glBlendFunc@8' ../elc/weather.o(.text+0x37a):weather.c: undefined reference to `glColor4f@16' ../elc/weather.o(.text+0x39a):weather.c: undefined reference to `glDrawArrays@12' ../elc/weather.o(.text+0x3a9):weather.c: undefined reference to `glDisable@4' ../elc/weather.o(.text+0x3b8):weather.c: undefined reference to `glDisableClientState@4' ../elc/weather.o(.text+0x3c7):weather.c: undefined reference to `glMatrixMode@4' ../elc/weather.o(.text+0x3cf):weather.c: undefined reference to `glPopMatrix@0' ../elc/weather.o(.text+0x3db):weather.c: undefined reference to `glMatrixMode@4' ../elc/weather.o(.text+0x3e3):weather.c: undefined reference to `glPopMatrix@0' ../elc/weather.o(.text+0x3ef):weather.c: undefined reference to `glMatrixMode@4' ../elc/weather.o(.text+0x3fe):weather.c: undefined reference to `glEnable@4' ../elc/weather.o(.text+0x40d):weather.c: undefined reference to `glEnable@4' (That's just a segment, I got that on almost everything) It gives me this crap when it gets to the .o-->.exe thingy. WTH?
  10. Compile Error

    Hi all, this is keknehv again. So today I was attempting to compile the old source code (v.100)-stable, and I got it to compile everything correctly into .o's... And then, there was the problem. I was compiling this on an old Windows 98 (333MHz... so slow), but there is a limit to the length of DOS commands, so the huge list of o files got cut off, and it basically died. So this is my question: can I have gcc combine .o's in separate parts? Or do I need to just get Dev-Cpp on my Windows XP?
  11. El Demo

    Umm... Do we have to register? (I can't see a 'news' button.)
  12. We DEFINITELY need a better way to look up stats in-game. For now, I think you could have the command #info [name] It would then give you a list similar to the #storage command. Also, like pming, you could enter the first few letters; kek=keknehv. Also maybe a #rawinfo [name] for interfacing with the client. Just an idea. If it's been suggested before, sorry.
  13. "el Movie" Making

    Excellent. And maybe now admins would be able to do #upload [blah] to show abuse. Maybe we could have the program chop it up into sections (session/day?)... MUCH better than a chatlog, now we can SHOW them it Also, maybe Ent could implement this on the server so the server logs everything--(couple megs/day?)
  14. Particle Systems Update

    Thanks Umrion. So could we do percentage of 200% (for a faster system)? Also, I'm still trying to get it to compile, so could someone please post a windows exe? (BTW, why not make a new release of EL? It's been at least a month since the last one and we've got particles and everything... maybe when Roja updates the maps...)
  15. Elmanuals.com

    did you know that google's a VERB? GO GOOGLE!