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  1. Im in need of help, Again :-/

    Yes, i was wandering if i was banned or not :/
  2. Im in need of help, Again :-/

    Ok i'm trying to log into El, My Ip is banned but im on the whitelist..... i got rite password and everything else but i cant log in, when you enter a wrong password it comes up as "Error: Wrong Password" for me it doesnt say anyhitng just blank like when a character has been banned. Sir_Reynolds
  3. Good'day to you all I am in need of help :-)

    Well, Could I get the Ip range unblocked please? if you can reply with a message saying yes :-) and if no Please reply No :-( Thanks!
  4. Good'day to you all I am in need of help :-)

    And yes i have a wireless router and i have an Ip ranged ban that is not my fault! So why should i be lumbered with something that some one else did.
  5. Hi, My ingame name is Sir_Reynolds and I cant do what i want to do on EL, i want to make another account, BUT i cant cause some one who lives near me and was very naughty, and we got a ranged ip ban And i have a half static half dynamic ip , so all of the ip's in our area are banned so even when i Unplug my connection and then replug it, it comes up the same, so can i get my Ip unbanned? This is the most common: xx.xx.xx.xx So if you could I'd be dearly greatful! :-)