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  1. I've paid for a colour change..

    Yeah, sorted
  2. I've paid for a colour change..

    I'm lifetime Draegoni, so shouldnt I be allowed to change draegoni?
  3. Kill the post above

    Oh well done you burnt the curtains.
  4. I've paid for a colour change..

    I cant get back ingame though... It says when I try to login "You need to update your character, due to the new models! Go on new character screen, type your existing username and password, update your character then press done. * YOUR STATS AND ITEMS WILL NOT BE AFFECTED" So I cant get into game therefore I've come to the conclusion hes set it up for me to colour change.
  5. I've paid for a colour change, and I went for tea and when I come back on I see a PM from radu saying Hi. Therefore it must be time to change my character, so I rebooted EL, and I made my perfect new character and it says once I;ve typed my name and password in "Error: You cannot create this character, this is a pay to play race, which you must pay real money for in order to have it" But I'm Draegoni lifetime, so whys it messed up?
  6. Leprachauns.

    That'd be really fun
  7. Underwater City

    Liking the idea, how would you get underwater? Would you simply jump into water and start swimming? I think it'd be hard to make the action of swimming? But keep up the good work
  8. Buying 50k Diamonds; 50k Silver

    erKA will be more than happy to do it for you.
  9. The erKA Harvesting Store.

    Thank you for choosing the erKA Harvesting Store as your choice of Harvesting Services!
  10. The erKA Harvesting Store.

    50k Cotton Completed. All other orders are on their way.
  11. The erKA Harvesting Store.

    Okay updates! The 50k Cotton order is almost done, we have 6k to go and Zathras has volunteered to completed that tomorrow so we'll be delivering that soon. Diamond Order is well on its way, I think we have around 10k+ so far, so now we can put our attention fully onto that order we should get through it in the next few days. The first Iron Ore order should be easy compared to the Diamonds so hopefully not a long wait. Toadstools, have already been started and should be completed soon also. All Orders after this should be completed within 4-5 days. Sorry for the delays.
  12. Artwork Updates

    Woah, thats alot lot better. Well done
  13. TommyKnoocker Spawn serper

    Hmmm AFAIK no one owns a spawn, so if you serp it, you serp it. First come first served in my mind.