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  1. Missiles

    That should be as easy as repositioning the camera... but i said missiles should be easy too...erh
  2. Missiles

    I wouldve just implemented a sketchy algorithm (straight line raycasting?) that checks if the missile would hit anything before you fire. Then if it was gonna hit something, put a message saying "target is not in line of sight" or something... Is it really that important that we have missiles flying over fences? I think we should just implement a basic method first see how it works...
  3. Missiles

    Yeah that kinda thing
  4. Client Programming needed

    Guess your right, it was just an un-thought out idea thats all...
  5. Missiles

    Well kinda but i had my own idea... You cant shoot a missile, unless its aimed at a target (like in combat mode), you then calculate whether the missile will hit the target before its actually animated. Then you move the missile with the coordinates, basically think of attacking with a melee weapon from a distance with a missile animation. This would be much easier to do than letting you shoot missiles at anything, cos no collision detection code will be needed, how? Well you take the enemys position and your position work out the time the missile will take to hit the enemy from a given speed and acceleration (equations of motion), and show the missile for that time only...then show a hit decal or something as soon as the time is up. Most of the mmorpgs ive played dont let you use projectiles/missiles unless they are aimed at a target, mainly because of the reason above.. Also should i try to write the code in previous files or make my own files? Never used CVS before so im kinda worried if ill be doing something im not allowed to do... -Thanks- _alias
  6. Missiles

    Just got the cvs and checked out the TODO file, by missile support you mean support for arrows, fireballs etc? If it is ill have a go... Should i just write a feature that moves xyz coordinates and allow other developers to attach textures and effects to these coords? Or do the whole thing :/ Someone enlighten me!
  7. Client Programming needed

    If the codes set out nicely, why not slap on a new front end? Theres loads of open source 3d engines out there that natively support shaders, realistic water, animation, xml parsing and virtually anything you could think of. Crap idea? Maybe.. but check out this link http://www.ogre3d.org/. Suppose it would take a while...but it would completley transform the game.